Things We Love This Week: Self Esteem, Stormzy, BLANc, Francobollo

The heatwave is here to stay! Get out your factor 50 and de-fold your rusty garden chairs, because I’ve got some sizzling hot music news treats just for you. *Tsss*

Self Esteem – Wrestling

The latest track from Rebecca Lucy Taylor beings with some edgy electronic cuttings, before her silky voice slips in, a tone we recognise from her first (Django Django produced) single Your Wife. Rhythm-wise, something she does extremely well, in the chorus are smooth and addictive. It’s a banger, and is going straight on my playlist.

Self Esteem have also announced a London show at Omeara in September, which you can grab tickets for here.

Stormzy – #Merky Project

Stormzy has started a project with Penguin Random House called #Merky Books. The new publishing imprint will give young writers the opportunity to become published authors, or at least get their work out there.

Stormzy said through Facebook:

“Reading and writing as a kid was integral to where I am today and I from the bottom of my heart can not wait to hear your stories, your poems, your novels, your sci-fis and then getting them out into the big wide world. Proper proud of this!”

It’s such a brilliant thing for a musician to take part in, so I applaud his selflessness and willingness to help young writers. There’ll also be an internship scheme available – which anyone in the writing game will know is a huge deal because many publishing internships – albeit in any field –  are so difficult to get on to. Good for you, bro.

On a side note, I just found out Stormzy’s real name is Michael Omari, and I’m kind of disappointed that it isn’t just Stormzy. I’ll get the deed poll form for you now hun x

BLANc – ‘Only One’

Will White is a former touring member and songwriter with the Maccabees, whom I love. He’s started a new solo career under the moniker BLANc, and surprised released a debut EP, ‘Only One’  today. The title track is soft and intimate, and recalls some sort of early Sting vibes with his wispy voice and a delicate underlay that could fit nicely in a soundtrack to a hazy, wistful evening walk.

Francobollo – We’re Dead

There’s a lot of commentary at the moment about the state of our environment. And about time too. But this is the first instance (that I know of) of musicians actively criticising the world’s plastic consumption in video form. Yay for the environment! Check out the video below, which features members of the band eating coffee cups, straws, and other surplus plastic, then throwing it all back up again. Lush.

He’s what they said about it:

“As a band of anxious cynics and surfers, we are concerned that we are all satisfied thinking that putting things into recycling bins is ‘job done’. Us the consumer could reduce our demand for products, but when are we ever going to do that? We love stuff! Can’t get enough of that good good stuff. It will take a massive shift in environmental policies at the top and a willingness to not profit from something to help us all help ourselves. Like your mother kicking you out and into nature away from Heroes of Might & Magic 3. It’s hard. But for the best. This is our attempt to raise awareness and join campaigners who we admire for their ceaseless work in trying to slow down our circling of the cosmic drain.”

Have a nice weekend in the sun kiddoes, and try not to use a single-use straw for your g&t x

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