Video Of The Week: The Dirty Nil Live The Dream In That’s What Heaven Feels Like

The Dirty Nil have unveiled a ridiculous video for That’s What Heaven Feels Like.

The grunge-infested track is lifted from the Canadian rock trio’s excellent second studio album, ‘Master Volume’, a love letter to old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll, which arrived last month via Dine Alone Records.

Directed by Victor Malang and Mitch Barnes, the new visual finds the band riding around on Segways, ripping guitar solos and eating ice cream with dogs. The dream, right? A stark contrast to tearing your way through the world’s grimiest basements and loudest clubs for years, something the were familiar with before the follow up 2016’s ‘Higher Power’ multiplied their sound to stadium-filling, nosebleed-reaching dimensions. Head here to find out what guitarist and vocalist Luke Bentham had to say about the band and the record prior to its release.

“A lot of it is the music we grew up on: the Who, the MC5, and Refused videos. Most of my favourite rock ‘n’ roll bands have that grin to them, even the dark stuff. I always connected with that. We came from a scene where there were a lot of sad pricks on stage trying to be Nick Cave. It doesn’t work unless you’re Nick Cave. There are a million different ways to have fun, but that seemed the most natural one to us. We love being up there.”

The band were in the UK last month for tour dates supporting the album’s release. They hit the road in North America later this month for dates throughout the autumn. Tickets are on sale now.

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