Things We Love This Week: Panda Bear, James Blake, Christine and the Queens

This week, I learned what krumping is. Why, you ask? I’ll get to that. Patience, young music lover.

Panda Bear – Buoys

I’m not entirely sure why, but I can’t stop looking a French bulldog with human teeth. It’s an image that will haunt me for probably about an hour. The latest video from Noah Lennox, otherwise known as the experimental pop musician Panda Bear, is an… interesting watch.

We all love dogs. There’s nothing new there — but dogs hosting game shows? Someone call HBO! You’ve got yourself a hit TV show.  Beatrice the Frenchie is looking for love in the Danny Perez-directed video, which is full of wacky, ‘70s inspired graphics and colours.

Panda Bear plays Electric Brixton next week. Head here for tickets.

James Blake: ‘Assume Form’ Tour

James Blake kicked off the UK leg of his ‘Assume Form’ tour this week, and I was lucky enough to nab some tickets to the second Bristol show. With songs galore from his new album, as well as audience favourites like Retrograde, The Wilhelm Scream, and Limit To Your Love, he took the O2 Academy’s breath awayI had never felt bass vibrations in my nostrils before, but goddammit James you made it happen.

Although the record has a what feels like hundreds of collaborations on it, Blake didn’t bring anyone on tour with him. He did an excellent job with vocal samples instead. The vibe transcended expectations, ranging in mood from intense and brooding on Mile High, to club-like trance toward the end of Voyeur and back down to earth again with Lullaby For My Insomniac, performed solely on loops, to close.

Blake finishes off the tour with two London dates next week. Head here for tickets.

Christine And The Queens – Comme Si Video

As promised, here is your lesson in krumping. A horrible word that sounds like something your stomach might do after eating something out of date, it actually has a more wholesome definition. It’s a form of street dance popular in the US as a way to express emotions in a non-violent, but equally as powerful way.

So why all the krumping talk? Christine and the Queens can explain through the power of motion picture. Héloïse Letissier is an impressive dancer, and in her latest video, Comme Si, she performs a routine inspired by Orphelia, a painting inspired in turn by the Shakespeare play Hamlet.

Check out the superb video here, then, it’s pretty much a given that you’re going to want to purchase tickets to her All Points East show.

That’s all for now, folks! Tune in next week for another episode of Things We Love This Week, where I’ll be discussing more gigs, videos and tracks. #FridayFeeling


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