Things We Love This Week: Lucy Dacus, Queen Kwong, Heavy Lungs

IT ISN’T HALLOWEEN YET, GUYS. CAN WE PLEASE STOP WITH THE PUMPKINS? But… if we must continue on this godforsaken path, I have collated a bunch of ghoulish and *almost* scary tracks to darken your week. Have fun, darkness, my old friend.


Lucy Dacus can do no wrong. She could skin a puppy alive and we’d still love her. Actually, now I think about it, probably not! Anyway, Dacus has experimented with auto-tuning for her latest cover, and embraces the spooky season with some eerie backing synths and double-tracked vocals on her version of Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight. It’s even got that drum fill. Check it out below.

Dacus will put out the ‘2019’ EP on November 8. You should buy it, then go see her on tour.


Aside from their brilliant band name, Carré Callaway and co, aka Queen Kwong, have a great song under their belts. Oh Well, the title track from the group’s forthcoming EP, is a hard-hitting banger made up of flourishing dynamic changes and a delicious guitar tone. Callaway’s vicious, biting vocals make this song perfect for your raucous Halloween party. Oh, wait, the party’s not going to be raucous? It is now.

‘Oh Well’ is yet to have a release date, but keep your eyes fully peeled.


Skeletons, ghosts and dismembered body parts are all part of the fun on Halloween. Why not lungs, too? Bristol noise-punks Heavy Lungs, led by frontman Danny Nedelko (where have we heard that name before..?), have released a new EP this week, and IT. IS. HEAVY. Give it a spin below as it’s definitely worth your time, then check out our recent chat with Nedelko about the band’s plans to perform an entire set of Lighthouse Family covers on their upcoming tour and wanting to be bigger than Oasis.

Their headline UK tour starts TONIGHT in Reading, and keeps going until Bristol’s Thekla gig on November 16. See you at the back, to avoid the tinnitus. Tickets are on sale now.

That’s it for another week, my scary friends. Sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite!

(PSA: if you actually have bed bugs you really should get that sorted.)

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