Things We Love This Week: Athlete Whippet & Olugbenga, Pillow Queens, MF Tomlinson

Photo: Ilme Vysniauskaite

This week’s blog bits fit into three distinct categories for a little bit of organised joy. Get ready to explore The Fun, The Feels and The Freaky in this week’s music news.

Athlete Whippet & Olugbenga

Finally, it’s Friday! It’s time to DANCE! This new number from Athlete Whippet & Olugbenga (who you may recognise from Metronomy) is sure to get every little bit of you grooving. Be Reborn, while on the surface just sounding like a collection of club-ready beats and spacey vocal samples, actually begs some philosophical questions: Is there a better version of yourself to be found within? Is the person you see the same as the person other people see? Who can we look to for these answers?

The track comes from a new EP, ‘Touch’, out on November 29.

Pillow Queens

Who can resist an Irish accent? Not me. The Dublin-based indie-rock band Pillow Queens have dropped a new single, Brothers, from a debut full-length expected in 2020. Lyrically, it’s about cherishing the men in your life, and the band have explained further that the verses contain “quick snapshots of the aftermath from a loss of a friend within a very tight knit group.” They continue to reveal that, “an element of fear runs through the song as this sudden death makes you look around your group and feel terrified of the chances of another.”

It also comes with a great concept video about stopping time. Watch below.

MF Tomlinson

Friedrich Nietzsche was a German philosopher from the 19th century who wrote on truth, morality, language and nihilism, so, pretty heavy stuff. MF Tomlinson, on the other hand, is a songwriter from London, who believes Nietzsche deserves a day off from all that boring malarkey. How about some magic mushroom tea or an ice cold beer, Fred? A delightful jazz flute is joined by twangs of blues guitar and a casual tone that struts through the park on a sunny day. 

Tomlinson will headline the Moth Club on November 27.

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