Record Store Day Reveal Full Release List

rsd 2015

So, which side are you on? Are you sweaty-palmed and anxious, just desperate to get your mitts on that Metallica tape? Or are you rolling your eyes at the commercialisation of it all? Either way, Record Store Day is creeping ever closer, with its full slate of goodies now available to peruse.

As usual, the list is stacked with big names and exclusives of various levels. There’s a new Foo Fighters 10”, a cool J. Dilla 7”, heart-shaped wax from Father John Misty for the romantics, Johnny Marr doing Depeche Mode and Jack White’s Elvis reissue…in other words, it’s looking pretty good whatever your inclination.

Head here for the full, searchable rundown or here for the PDF, if that’s your thing. Also, check out the list of participating stores before packing your sleeping bag/slippers.

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