Staff Picks: Milly McMahon

The sexiest tracks of the year…

Into You – Ariana Grande

Certifiably the most delectable woman ruling 2016.  Earlier this year Ariana unleashed her own fuchsia flavoured take on a musical utopia with Into You. Writhing in her regular, sultry style throughout the track’s motel/roadtrip music video, this damn sexy anthem looks as good as it sounds. Ariana’s ability to innocently suggest the most adult of activities whilst wearing a ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ expression monetises with mad earning prowess. Sensational, mesmeric, talented and effortlessly adorable, there simply aren’t enough adjectives on offer.

Starboy – The Weekend

Google Starboy x Victoria Secret. The next four minutes unravel with mesmeric intrigue, themed to a succession of the world’s most beautiful women strutting down a runway to the soft soundtrack of The Weekend. Collabing with epic French electro duo Daft Punk this fidgety, flickering lullaby is sensationally smooth in sentiment and polished in production. The track explores the pitfalls of revelry and hedonism exaggerated by ego, vanity and excess. Check out Kygo’s remix too.

Rae Sremmurd – Black Beatles feat. Gucci Mane

Previously Rae Sremmurd was the kinda cute Atlanta wannabe act that had people interested but not invested. Cue the release of Black Beatles. A perfect combination of the seedy and the sexy, Rae’s Black Beatles video features a front of fine women getting turnt with the trap duo. Produced by Mike Will Made It, the winding, smokey single landed the number one spot in the US. The music moves with a feline elegance in its understatement and originality.

Rihanna – Needed Me

Sex personified, no one oozes sensual superiority quite like Rihanna. Coming together with filmmaker Harmony Korine to present a visual representation of her killer track Needed Me, some brutally hot, brilliance came to life through the pairing.  Bassy and badass, lust grinds out from the backing instrumentals, complemented with finesse by Rihanna’s purred, sultry lyrics asserting feminine power and domination. Women everywhere making the New Year’s resolution to stay away from THAT guy, add this sass to your power moves playlist.

Giggs – Of Course

Grime owned its own moment in 2016. Propelled from the periphery to mainstream, Giggs, Skepta and Stomzy finally garnered the respect they so readily deserved. Taken from Giggs’  most ambitious album to date, ‘Landlord’, Of Course speaks with lustful assurance about the rapper’s uncontrived ability to pursue a woman who he desires and admires.  Of Course is sexy in its ability to feel intimate, vulnerable and sensitive. Sensual in character and bold in delivery this track represents everything we seek from one another in the early stages of first attraction.

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