This Week’s New Releases: Nine Inch Nails

Right up until the end of last week we were sure this blog post would not be happening due to the lack of new records being released two days prior to Christmas. However, last Friday it was announced that Nine Inch Nails would be putting out a new EP on December 23.

‘Not The Actual Events’ is a five song affair, put together by Trent Reznor with his long-time soundtrack collaborator Atticus Ross, who has now joined Nine Inch Nails in an official capacity.

“It’s an unfriendly, fairly impenetrable record that we needed to make,” Reznor said. “It’s an EP because that ended up being the proper length to tell that story.”

Reznor, meanwhile, has also confirmed vinyl reissues of the band’s back catalogue and the arrival of a new version of ‘The Fragile’. ‘Deviations 1’ will only be available on vinyl and will feature 37 “instrumental, alternate and unreleased tracks”. He added:

“’The Fragile’ occupies a very interesting and intimate place in my heart. I was going through a turbulent time in my life when making it and revisiting it has become a form of therapy for me. As an experiment, I removed all the vocals from the record and found it became a truly changed experience that worked on a different yet compelling level. ‘The Fragile: Deviations 1’ represents Atticus and I embellishing the original record with a number of tracks from those sessions we didn’t use before. The result paints a complementary but different picture we wanted to share.”

Head here for full details.

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