Things We Love This Week: Free Money, Brittany Howard, Squid, Idles

Hello! Firstly in this week’s schedule of quality content is the news that Stereoboard are doing a competition to win £100 worth of vouchers to spend on gig tickets, concerts, festivals, theatre, or whatever else you can get your dirty paws on. I like to think of £100 in terms of actual experiences: potentially one arena concert, two academy-sized gigs, and possibly a few tiny venue shows. Or, if you’re not selfish like me, the chance to take all your mates to see your fave band. Imagine! That, my dear, is what they call the DREAM. Enter here!

Brittany Howard

You know Brittany Howard from Alabama Shakes. You know, that song that goes “I don’t wanna fight no more, IIIIIII don’t wanna fight no moooreee” in an incredibly high pitch? That’s her. 

Howard has gone off in a solo direction with a new album, ‘Jaime’, due for release on September 20, which she’ll accompany with UK, European and North American live shows. One of the record’s first singles, Stay High, dropped this week. It’s a lovely, easygoing song that sounds like the soundtrack to a really good mood. Happy days.

The video features actor Terry Crews (who, BT Dubs, is great in everything he does) playing a factory working father and husband, and singing along as he goes about his suburban life. 


The Cleaner is the latest track from the band that brought you HOUSEPLANTS! HOUSEPLAAANTS! It’s funky, punky, and all round… crunky? Clunky? Anyway, it’s a new one from former Brighton resdients Squid, who got inspiration for the song upon moving to the Big Smoke.

It comes from the group’s upcoming EP, ‘Town Centre’, which arrives in September through Dan Carey’s Speedy Wunderground label, which is hands down one of the best record label names out there (aside from maybe Handsome Dad, Fierce Panda or Fat Possum).

Squid have several summer festival dates remaining in the diary, including Bluedot this weekend plus sets at Latitude, Green Man and End of the Road, to name a few. They also have a handful of headline dates confirmed for the autumn.


Ever wanted to know what Joe Talbot would look like as a cartoon character? Same, dw. We’re in luck though, as their new video fulfills just that. Never Fight A Man With A Perm comes off their 2018 album ‘Joy As An Act Of Resistance’ and they have Al Brown, Russell Taysom and Stella Belle-Hex at the Fluffer Records team to thank for its vibrant accompanying video.

Complete with his plethora of tattoos and ready-to-pop blood vessels, it’s a take on a classic arcade game that gets a distinctly Black Mirror-esque twist at the end…

Idles will release their latest track Mercedes Marxist as a 7” single on August 2, backed with another new song, I Dream Guillotine.  It will arrive ahead of their North American and UK tour dates, with the latter run including a massive show at Ally Pally on December 7.

See ya later, crocodile.

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Things We Love This Week: Bombay Bicycle Club, Frank Turner, Bonobo

Hey hun, u ok? Glad to have you back with us for another exciting edition of Learn To Cook With Coriander. This week, we’ve got some interesting recip… Oh wait. I’m at the wrong class. You’re here for music you say? Well I’m sure I can rustle something up.

Bombay Bicycle Club

This iconic indie band are back from a five year hiatus, and it’s the best news. They’ve been relatively active since January, teasing new music and announcing various shows all very far away from the Stereoboard office — Who’s got time to go all the way to Cork? I wish!

Fortunately, this year also happens to coincide with the release of their debut (and in my opinion, best) album. ‘I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose’ is a lesson in emotional guitar playing while still leaving the listener absolutely hooked, and varies from delicate finger picking to almost grunge-like distortion at times. That combined with Jack Steadman’s vulnerable vocal style is what makes their record one I hold dear to my heart.

I can imagine your excitement when this week the Bombay gang announced they’d be playing the LP in full on tour in November. Tickets are on sale now, and you should definitely get one,  or two, or seven. To get you in the mood for the long, long wait for the concerts, listen to some rare demos and previously unheard material that’s been shared to coincide with the announcement.

Frank Turner

Frank Turner’s latest album is inspired by women who’ve been overlooked throughout history. Right on!  He worked solely with female musicians to record it, and production comes from 2018 Producer Of The Year winner Catherine Marks, who’s worked with the likes of Wolf Alice, Foals, the Wombats, the Amazons, the Big Moon, Manchester Orchestra, St Vincent, Frank Carter and the Rattle Snakes… the list goes on.

Turner suspects that if these stories had male protagonists they’d probably be more widely known — his heart is in the right place, but some still aren’t happy with him. Addressing these critics who posit it’s not his place to be writing about such topics, he stated: “It’s not telling anyone what to do or how to live or how to be. If there was a crowded field of people writing songs about Princess Kassiani then I would see the argument for me bowing out, but there isn’t. No-one else is writing these songs right now. That’s why I want to share these stories.” 

While I’m not fussed about the actual song, I like the sentiment. Such influential women need to be celebrated, even if one of them is a murderer… maybe let’s not celebrate that one. But women in general, hell yeah!

Frank has UK tour dates planned this month. Find tickets here.


Lastly, it’s FRIDAY of course! So it’s time to get your club on, courtesy of my main man Simon Green, who you might know better as that musical magician Bonobo. The Los Angeles-based producer has shared a new track, Linked, that is his first new material since January. It could soundtrack a montage video of the wild night out you’re about to have this evening. I know what you’re planning. Where was my invite?

A six-minute long build up transports you to a place of hedonism and revelry, and its laser synths and ethereal vocal flourishes makes you want to lose yourself in darkness and dancing.

While you may not get a chance to see him in the UK any time soon, Bonobo does have a long list of festival sets planned for the summer, including OUTLIER, Mad Cool and Shambala, as well as various other shows dotted around the US.

Alas, dear reader, I am off next week. Good news for me, but how will you cope without your weekly dose of music news?! See you on the other side. 

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Things We Love This Week: Fleetwood Mac, Thom Yorke, Frightened Rabbit

Hey there reader. How are you? We are so close to the weekend that I can almost taste it. Mmmm. Oh wait, no, that’s the taste of my mid afternoon snack. Woops. Still got a little way to go. Hang on in there!

Fleetwood Mac

As I may or may not have mentioned already (I have definitely mentioned it far too much), I went to London last weekend to watch an up and coming band. You might not have heard of them, Fleetwood Mac? They’re not that popular, maybe you don’t know them…

PSYCH! One of the biggest rock bands of the 1970s — nay, ever — headlined Wembley Stadium, a 90,000 capacity venue. An epic performance from Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Christine McVie, Stevie Nicks and more, the masses were treated to hit after hit, reminding you quite how many bangers they’ve actually released over the last five decades. The only thing missing was Lindsay Buckingham.

Thom Yorke

While in London, we naturally spent a good portion of our time there riding the tube to get around. The underground is always full of adverts, but one in particular caught my eye.

Do you have trouble remembering your dreams? It’s a feeling we at ANIMA know only too well. You’re deep in a surreal world where you can be anybody you like, where you can do anything. And then you wake up, and the dream fades. It’s gone, like smoke on the breeze. Or is it?
Here at ANIMA we’ve built something we call a Dream Camera. Just call or text the number and we’ll get your dreams back.”


CREEPY, RIGHT?! But kind of enticing. I was hooked, and immediately wanted to get my dreams back. On the other end of the phone was a mysterious message: “Anima Technologies has been ordered by the authorities to cease and desist from undertaking its advertised business.” We were given the option to leave a message after the tone, but the tone morphs into a track, Not The News, by Thom Yorke. Oh Thom. Always trying to one up Black Mirror, aren’t you! But bringing this mad dream-like world into reality might be a step too far.

Either way, Thursday saw the official announcement of Yorke’s new album, curiously titled ‘Anima’. It’ll be released on June 27 with an accompanying film made in collaboration with award-winning American filmmaker Thomas Anderson.

Frightened Rabbit

This band hold a dear, dear place in my heart, and caused great excitement for many when they announced that a new LP of covers will arrive next month. ‘Tiny Changes’, sharing its name with the mental health charity set up in honour of the death of lead singer Scott Hutchison last year, will contain 17 versions of songs from the band’s seminal LP ‘Midnight Organ Fight’, to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

The first cuts come from none other than  Julien Baker and Biffy Clyro, both taking on versions of The Modern Leper. Baker opts for a slower pace than the original, letting it build up into a triumphant climax, whereas Biffy Clyro’s Scottish accent doesn’t bring the vocals too far away from their Selkirk roots, but makes good use of dynamics with some heavily distorted guitar chords and a half-time chorus.  The album will also feature tracks from Wintersleep, Peter Katis, Craig Finn, Daughter, Aaron Dessner and Lauren Mayberry (from Chvrches), and Manchester Orchestra.

Excuse me while I weep.

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Things We Love This Week: Julien Baker, Radiohead, Taylor Swift

Hi there friend! This weekend is going to be GOOD. Everyone in the office has exciting gigs to head to, including Fleetwood Mac, Elton John and Clutch! Let’s get in the mood for the weekend with some excellent new releases and news from the music world.


If you were about to blackmail someone, how would you do it? Target someone with lots of money, and something to lose? Probably. A well-loved band would be a good way to go… but Radiohead? Nah bro.

After hacking into the band’s storage files, the offending person managed to nab over 18 hours’ worth of footage, rare cuts, demos and recordings from their ‘OK Computer’ era. Jackpot! Give me £150, 000, Radiohead, or I leak this to the entire world! Mwahahaha!

Instead of paying the ransom, Radiohead decided to release the material themselves, with the proceeds going to Extinction Rebellion. Good on you, guys.

Julien Baker

It’s hard to believe that Julien Baker, save for her excellent Boygenius collab with Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus, hasn’t released any solo material since ‘Turn Out The Lights’, her 2017 LP. So, about time for some more, eh?!

Two new tracks arrived this week, which you may have already heard if you’re a vinyl enthusiast. Originally released as Record Store Day exclusives back in April, Baker has now shared Red Door and Conversation Piece. Both, like all Baker’s material, are extremely emotional and incredibly powerful, while at the same time taking on a poignant and delicate air. Good lord, its delicious. Take a listen.

Taylor Swift

[Snob alert] I know what you’re thinking: “I thought this was a good music blog!? I’m never coming back! [Storms ferociously out, slams door]” Well, yeah. I hold my hands up: musically, it ain’t all that. But it’s the message that rings through.

Tay Tay is calling out the homophobes, internet trolls and general haters, with some awesome lines: “say it in a tweet, that’s a cop-out”, “can you just not step on his gown?”, “Sunshine on the street at the parade, but you would rather be in the dark ages,” and finally the brilliantly blunt , “control your urges to scream about all the people you hate, ‘cos shade never made anyone less gay.” Damn right T-Swizzle.

‘Til next time, when after seeing Fleetwood mac (sans Buckingham, sob) I will be a different human. Good day.

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Press Shots We Love This Week: Cardi B, Iggy Pop, Debby Harry

This week I got told off by the grammar police for using the wrong there/their/they’re. They were wrong. I was right. Thank you, English degree.

Just for that (and because I didn’t find any new music that I truly *loved* this week, and I want to stay as honest with I can with you, my lovely audience), you’ll be getting pictures in this edition, not words. Can’t have a typo in pics now, can you? Here are the press shots that we loved this week. Oh, and they’re all in monochrome, and don’t you just love that accidental aesthetic?

Cardi B

In true outrageous Cardi B style, her latest artwork is a picture of her naked, with just some delicately placed lines for modesty. It’s a good job her hair has such volume. I wonder what shampoo she uses?

The image is for her latest single Press. It’s a horrible song, but listen if you’d like to.

Iggy Pop

Not sure what’s going on at the moment with musicians not wearing clothes, but here’s another. Iggy’s looking skinny as ever (where can I get a metabolism like that?), and ever so slightly surprised that he’s having his photo taken. You think he’d be used to it after all these years in the biz.

He’s releasing a new book this autumn called ‘Til Wrong Feels Right. Find out all about it here.

Debby Harry

The face of Blondie… no longer has a face? Here she is playing an excellent rendition of animal from the muppets, with more hair than features. No need to hide, Debby, we’re all here for you. It’s time to Face It.

She’s releasing a memoir in October, covering her time in NYC playing with the Ramones, Television, Talking Heads, Bowie et al. We. Can’t. Even.

Also this week: Now that we’re in the full swing of the season, check out Stereoboard’s handy lil festival guide to get your juices flowing.

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Things We Love This Week Live Special: The Beths and Oscar Jerome

This week, we’re talking all things live. Not a-live, all things great and small and whatnot, but live music. The feeling of speakers burning out your eardrums. The feeling of being entwined with music. The feeling of experiencing a song like you never have before. Oh, and we’re taking it from pop-punk to free-form jazz. Hold on to your hats.

THE BETHS – The Fleece, Bristol

Didn’t think New Zealand pop-punk was your thing? Think again. Falling onto the more poppy, indie side of punk, the Beths have impeccably likeable melodies that instantly hook you in, as well as some growling guitars to fuel the fire.

At their sold out show at Fleece in Bristol, the band got off to a rocky start thanks to the sound levels, but after some encouraging shows of “LOUDER!” from the crowd, Liz Stokes and band really got going, capturing the audience’s Friday night vibes and running away with them. 

Treated to a one-two-punch of an opener with Future Me Hates Me followed by Not Running, a personal favourite, the night carried on with their energetic, effervescent songs filling the venue with downright joy. The final blow came from Happy Unhappy, their biggest and best track. A perfect closer, a Beths fan couldn’t have asked for anything more. Sold out, the venue was packed, which made it all the more special. Would 100% see again.

OSCAR JEROME – O2 Academy Bristol (supporting Kamasi Washington)


That was the general impression from the evening — the world is lacking in bass solos, and they should definitely happen more often. Oscar Jerome’s band were casual in their performance in a way that seemed effortless, yet was completely spot on. The main man, however, is in a league of his own.

The band came across far more jazzy live than on Jerome’s records. Going in with the expectation of loosely jazz-flecked R&B, from his best known single Do You Really (which had a lot of support from BBC 6 Music, but didn’t make it into this particular set), the performance was far more jazz and improv-focused, perfect for a crowd who’d paid upwards of £30 to see Washington, a hero in these circles.

As well as his guitar playing — made even more delightful with a sunny chorus effect on snippets of melodies, Jerome’s voice was a surprisingly engaging element. Part rapping and part improvised, as he let the fun of performing take over him he was a joy to listen to.

And, while we’re here, his shirt had cartoon fire on it, and now I need to go and buy one. Where’d you get it from, Oscar?

All photos taken by Helen Payne, on a terrible, terrible camera.

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Things We Love This Week: Kojey Radical, Jarvis Cocker, Interpol

Hello there, and welcome to another episode of Things We Love This Week. Today on the show, we take a break from listening to the National’s new album and try to branch out into other bands. Find out how we get on after the break.

Kojey Radical – Can’t Go Back

Two years since his last full-length, ‘In God’s Body’, Hackney-born Kojey Radical has announced a new project, and even shared some new music. Announced via a social media video that shows an honest and open side of the rapper and vocalist, his latest single, like most of his work, is SLICK AF. He teams up with KZ on the production side of things to create a hip hop tune that’s brass heavy, topped up with some gospel vocals in the chorus. Hell yeah.

Jarvi Is – Must I Evolve?

Jarvis Cocker has unveiled a new project. And apparently, Jarv Is… a band featuring his lordship of Pulp, Serafina Steer, Emma Smith, Andrew McKinney, Jason Buckle and Adam Betts. From the sound of the stomping piece of indie rock, it’s going to be a BIG show when they play live at All Points East on May 25. It’s a super, trance-like track to get the crowd going.

Interpol – ‘A Fine Mess’

It’s almost as if Interpol have taken a look at my life and decided to caption it how they want. It’s a mess, but she’s fine. Their new EP (of the same name as my, erm, fictional, now-four-part documentary series, out in June…) sees five new tracks from the New York band, helmed by Paul Banks, Sam Fogarino and Daniel Kessler. If you love Interpol (and who doesn’t, am I right?), it’s time to get a fix of some new music.

One lil thing before we sign off, and that’s an advert on the London Underground for Lewis Capaldi’s debut album. Not the usual sort of thing that ends up on this blog, but I couldn’t not share the genius that came up with ‘Capalbum’ and the accompanying picture. God bless.

The lack of female representation in this week’s post is unacceptable. I’ll make up for it next week, dear readers. Promise.

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Things We Love This Week: Big Thief, Bad Books, Porridge Radio

For the sake of my (thousands of) readers’ sanity, I will forgo listing the National in today’s edition of Things We Love This Week, because you’re probably all sick to death of it. Although, they did release a new single AND announce film screenings and listening events of ‘I Am Easy To Find’, all over the world. Not that you’re interested, of course…

In other news, I found out today that Dan from Bastille shaved his head recently, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Once known for having the tallest/most annoying do in pop, he’s now just a (not so) humble skinhead. Peace at last. They’re touring and you can see it for yourself.

Big Thief

There’s something about Big Thief that I just can’t pin-point – perhaps it’s their luscious instrumentation, perhaps it’s whispered, delicate voice of Adrienne Lenker. Perhaps it’s because their new album cover is just them chilling in the woods. Perhaps it’s just a combination of everything. Either way, they make some darn good music. Their latest album, ‘UFOF’, dropped today, after releasing the single Century on Wednesday.

The track’s  jangly guitars remind me (fondly) of the Isley Brothers, while Lenker’s lyrics touch on the sensation of cool autumn rain. It’s pretty much perfect whatever way you look at it. Let’s hope the rest of the album follows suit, eh? Just kidding. We know it will.

Bad Books

If you haven’t heard of Bad Books, please turn to Manchester Orchestra in your textbooks. If you haven’t heard of Manchester Orchestra, then head here with immediate effect. For those of you who left your textbooks on Musical Perfection at home, Bad Books are an indie band made up of Andy Hull and Robert McDowell from Manchester Orchestra, alongside Kevin Devine.

Today, they announced their third album, the imaginatively titled ‘III’. It’ll arrive on June 21 through Loma Vista recordings. Alongside the announcement, the band have shared two tracks: Lake House and I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Help Me, Thank You. Andy Hull is the best in the biz’ when it comes to making sensational and dramatic albums, and from the sounds of it, ‘III’ is bound to be more of the same. Yipee!

Porridge Radio

I’m all about not judging books by their covers, but what about bands by their name? It probably shouldn’t be the way for a serious music journalist, but how can you not listen to a band called Porridge Radio when it appears on your screen? Is it a radio made of porridge? Is it porridge made of radio?

It’s actually a sort of alternative punky pop band made of chaos and some sort of wooden agogo. They are getting ready for support slots with Ezra Furman at the end of the month and a set at the Great Escape next weekend. Listen to their new single, Don’t Ask Me Twice.

Thanks for reading, kids! You truly would be the light of my life, if it weren’t for reduced price Easter Eggs. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

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Things We Love This Week: Sŵn Festival, We Are Scientists, Stella Donnelly

Oh, hi. I didn’t see you there. You like music? This is the place for you.

Sŵn Festival Line Up

It’s time to flex your musical muscles once again – Cardiff’s Sŵn Fest have confirmed their line up for autumn – and what a banger it’s set to be. The event is set to descend upon Wales’ capital between October 18 and 20, with some awesome up and coming acts set to perform across the city.

First, we’ve got jazz extraordinaires the Comet Is Coming, whose fervent instrumental songs have had us in the office hooked for weeks. Also on the line up we’ve got Rebecca Taylor’s Self Esteem project, whose recent album ‘Compliments Please’ was an immediate critical darling upon release. Oh, and don’t forget all that noise rock from the boys in the Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs camp. Oink.

Also on my radar for the weekend is Nilufer Yanya, and She Drew The Gun, who were featured on the soundtrack to the BBC drama Killing Eve, Skinny Pelembe and Rozi Plain. Check out the full line up, then book tickets here.

We Are Scientists

A press release came through the inbox this week, which at first seemed to look like any other press release. A headline, a poster, some tour dates. But wait, look again at the headline.


We Are Scientists? 50th Anniversary? Wasn’t this the same indie-pop-rock band that I was into when I was 14? The first band I interviewed as a student newspaper editor, about their fifth  album ‘Helter Seltzer’, in around 2016? Even with Keith Murray’s grey hair, SURELY they’re not that old?

Then I read on, to a statement from Muray.

A long time ago our management came to us and suggested we do some With Love & Squalor shows on the 14th anniversary of its release, which we thought was pretty dumb. ‘Come back to us on a real anniversary,’ we told them. Fast-forward to a couple weeks ago, when they told us big 50 was coming up. I’d say that’s worth celebrating.”

In true WAS style, they’re trolling all of us.’With Love And Squalor’ was their debut album and came out in 2005. It’s 14 years old this year. But why not do a 50th anniversary tour? Banter. Check out the full dates and book tickets here. I will probably attend, if these guys are as funny live as they seem!

Stella Donnelly at Thekla

As seems to be a recurring theme recently, the final installment of Things We Love This Week is dedicated again to a gig I attended this week – Stella Donnelly at Bristol’s Thekla. If you don’t know Stella Donnelly – and you do like fingerpicked guitar, mesmerising vocals, cutesy indie pop songs and ramen, then she is the musician for you.

Her debut album, ‘Beware Of The Dogs’ arrived in March, with a firm angle on not taking any shit from anyone. Track Boys Will Be Boys, also featured on her first EP ‘Thrush Metal ‘(“I’ll keep putting it on albums for as long as I have to” said Donnelly), has a clear message: men are trash, but frequently get away with misogynistic and abusive behaviour because they can get away with it with barely any repercussions. At the live show on Wednesday, she’s transparent that no, this isn’t all men. But they do exist, and these topics need to be talked about. TOO RIGHT STELLA.

On a happier note, she performs her excellently written, sarcastic and hilarious song with a huge smile, and even throws in a dance routine. There’s a first. More indie bands should incorporate dance routines into their shows – I think it would let people loosen up a bit.

Better yet: there’s still dates left on her UK tour! Get tickets here.

Bon soir, mon amie x

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Things We Love This Week: Bear’s Den, Lizzo, The National

Another week has rolled around agai- oh no wait, IT’S A FOUR DAY WEEK. Happy Easter, you crazy animal. Thank you Jesus for blessing us with two bank holidays.

Bear’s Den – O2 Academy Bristol

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to witness Bear’s Den live, you’ll know it is one hell of a special occasion. They’ve been touring lately in support of their new record, ‘So That You Might Hear Me’, which is due to arrive at the end of the month. This Tuesday saw them hit Bristol’s O2 Academy, and it was sensational.

Although, yes, incredibly sad, there’s something about Bear’s Den’s folk-tinged, finger-picked masterpieces that can both break and mend a heart, simultaneously taking away your breath and bringing tears to your eyes. What an emotional time. As well as churning out the new material, they still took the time to play fan favourites, including Isaac, Above The Clouds of Pompeii and of course, closed the performance with the foot-stomping, flannel-wearing, banjo-wielding Agape.

This band are at their best when cutting out the synths and their new-found War On Drugs aesthetic, and stripping their gorgeous songs right down to the bare bones. A trademark at their live shows, Andrew Davie, Kev Jones et al turned off the amps and played Sophie fully acoustic. Later on saw them ascend the stairs that frame the audience in the O2 Academy to play a new one. It was pretty epic. The girl behind me cried. 10/10 would recommend. Tickets for the remaining dates of the tour are available here.

Lizzo – Juice

Lizzo doesn’t half release some bangers! Juice is easily one of the best pop songs to come out of 2019 so far, with catchy melodies and a whole load of personality to match. The single dropped in January to widespread acclaim, and got its own ‘70s-flecked video too.

This week a second video was shared — because after all, you can never have too many music videos for the same track. The new release sees the incredible vocalist dancing with some of the competitors from RuPaul’s Drag Race — A’keria Davenport, Asia O’Hara, Detox, Mariah Balenciaga, Morgan McMichaels, Soju, Sonique, Mayhem Miller, and my new favourite, the brilliantly named Silky Nutmeg Ganache.

Among the bright colours, wacky hairstyles, and suggestive dance moves, there is a lot of fruit involved. Squeezing grapefruits, crushing lemons with bare hands, and even *ahem* deep throating bananas. At least they’re getting their five a day, eh?

The National on BBC Radio 6 Music

Oh look, it’s me again, your friendly neighbourhood National-fanatic gushing about our Ohio boys. The National are currently on tour in the UK (despite not heading anywhere near the South-West or Wales, cry), and made a brief stop off at Maida Vale Studios in London for a live set.

Introduced by Mary-Ann Hobbs, the lads kicked off proceedings with Rylan — a song that’s been in the works for a long time, played at live shows for years, and has lots of rumours associated with it among fans on social media. Then came Oblivions, accompanied by vocalists Mina Tindall and Kate Stables. My. Heart. Aches. They closed things up with Light Years, their latest single.

The album, ‘I Am Easy To Find’ is due for release on May 17 via 4AD. On Thursday night they headlined the Royal Festival Hall in London, and I’ve heard some EXCELLENT things. Head here to get tickets for the rest of the shows. You should.

Things start happening about an hour in to the show. Listen here.

Enjoy copious amounts of chocolate, and don’t even THINK about setting an alarm until Tuesday. Over and out x

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