Things We Love This Week: 5 Seconds Of Summer, Dua Lipa, Father John Misty

Hello one and all! My name’s Sophie Williams and I am now in charge of Things We Love This Week, the lovely little section of Stereoboard that you are viewing right about now. It’s here where I am free to wax lyrical about the best musical releases of the week, and if all else fails, natter on about upcoming artists that I’ve been keeping an eagle eye (and pair of ears) on — lucky me!

Well, to start, it has been quite the week, hasn’t it? With the country now under lockdown for at least three weeks, music may be acting as a refuge for a lot of us in this current state of crisis. I, for one, have been finding some comfort via the boy band that I grew up with: 5 Seconds Of Summer. Throughout my early teenage years, 5 Seconds Of Summer (or 5SOS, as I still affectionately call them) became the grid by which I learned music fandom, social networking and the ways of a subculture. Given my personal history with the band, you could call this comfort listening, perhaps, but if 5 Seconds Of Summer have sonically matured into a watertight pop-rock crossover outfit, should I even be ashamed? Let me elaborate…

5 Seconds Of Summer – ‘C A L M’

Okay, so hear me out — *clears throat* — 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER ARE A GOOD BAND. A very good band, in fact. Now that they have parted ways with their questionable pastiche of post-adolescent, angsty pop-punk in favour of sleek, synth-laden power pop stompers, 5 Seconds Of Summer in 2020 are a band renewed.

Today (March 27), the Aussie rockers have released ‘C A L M’. It stands out as their most polished work to date, complete with syncopated drumbeats, flourishes of flashy synths and psychedelic guitar leads. The album’s fourth single, No Shame, marks a particular highlight; lyrically, it satirises self-obsession and toxic fame chasers atop a thumping bassline and falsetto-laced vocals, which work together to make a memorable, yet addictive chorus. Elsewhere, Wildflower offers a fun, choose-your-own adventure style refrain and the echoic Easier plays up to the band’s newfound penchant for dark, gothic synth-pop.

‘C A L M’ is a confident step forward for 5 Seconds Of Summer, and it begs for the attention of their many naysayers. Go on, give them another try. You know you want to.

5 Seconds Of Summer will support ‘C A L M’ with their No Shame World Tour, which is set to hit UK arenas in May 2020. Tickets are on sale now.

Now, if 5 Seconds Of Summer are (still) not quite your cup of tea, here is something that we can both agree on: Dua Lipa has just set the benchmark for pop music in 2020. Actually, scrap that. Dua Lipa has just set the benchmark for pop music this DECADE. 

Dua Lipa – Break My Heart

If you haven’t heard already, Dua Lipa’s second studio LP, ‘Future Nostalgia’, dropped earlier today. Prior to its official release, Lipa had already enjoyed great chart success via a string of disco-inflected singles, including the chart-topping Don’t Start Now. The cream of that crop, though, is relatively easy to identify; Break My Heart is the fourth single to be taken from ‘Future Nostalgia’ and it recently arrived in a blaze of pink neon.

Break My Heart works tirelessly to prove that it owns the dance floor, sneaking in a sample of INXS’s 1987 smash-hit single, Need You Tonight, on the way. Over streamlined, slinky synth breaks and bursts of disco shimmy, Lipa delivers punchy vocals as she demands answers from a potential lover. “‘Cause now there ain’t no letting you go, Am I falling in love with the one that could break my heart?”, she questions, marking out a party-ready, anthemic chorus. The track oozes euphoric confidence of the highest order, and quite frankly, is the best thing that Lipa has released to date.

After listening to Break My Heart at least 30 times on loop, I’m about to get my teeth stuck right into the rest of ‘Future Nostalgia’. I suggest that you do the same, even if it is the only thing that you achieve in quarantine today.

Dua Lipa is set to tour the UK and Ireland in January 2021 as part of her Future Nostalgia World Tour. Tickets are on sale now.

Throughout the week, I have found myself going back to Father John Misty’s ‘Pure Comedy’ many times as I’ve been working from home. If you haven’t given it the time of day prior to reading this, I urge you to do so. Revel in all 75 glorious minutes of it. I mean, given the current situation, you know you’ve got enough time to spare…

Father John Misty – ‘Off-Key In Hamburg’

Earlier this week, Father John Misty dropped the transfixing ‘Off-Key In Hamburg’, a surprise 20-track live album. Recorded last August in Hamburg, Germany with his band and the widely acclaimed Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt orchestra, the career-spanning tracklist traverses through the finest cuts from all four of Josh Tillman’s studio albums. The best part? He manages to squeeze in his magnum opus, the 13-minute Leaving LA, taken from the seminal ‘Pure Comedy’.

‘Off-Key In Hamburg’ may leave us wishing for the times where we were able to safely attend gigs, but in this current climate, it works as a balm to help these days pass by even quicker.

It must be noted, however, that some of the tracks here, particularly those taken from ‘Pure Comedy’, feel more apt than ever during this global pandemic. Though the record was unveiled in all its glory back in 2017, when listening in 2020, its prophetic and intricate premonitions about the human condition translate to insightful reflections on the current crisis that is taking place all around us. To leave you in the words of Mr. Tillman: “I hate to say it, But each other’s all we’ve got…”

‘Off-Key In Hamburg’ is available to stream or purchase via Bandcamp. All proceeds will be donated to the MusiCares COVID-19 fund, which aims to provide relief to those in the music industry that have been drastically affected by the coronavirus pandemic.


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Things We Love This Week: Sufjan Stevens, Girlpool, Glastonbury

The time has come young (and young at heart) music lovers, for this is the final instalment of Things We Love This Week by me, your trusty and silly provider of musical news and fun, as I am moving on to the faraway shores of the Bristol music scene. Maybe I’ll see you at a gig there?  But fear not! The lovely Sophie Williams will be taking over the reins from here on in, so you’ll be in good hands.

Sufjan Stevens

Oh Sufjan, can you do no wrong? His latest work, ‘Aporia’ is due to arrive on March 27 via his own label Asthmatic Kitty. It’s a collaboration with his stepfather, Lowell Brams, the eponymous latter half of Steven’s 2015 LP, ‘Carrie and Lowell’.

The latest cut arrived this week in the form of Climb That Mountain, a truly magnificent instrumental with mountainous highs and needle-thin lows. The duo put it best themselves when they said: “‘Aporia’ approximates a rich soundtrack from an imagined sci-fi epic brimming with moody, hooky, gauzy synthesizer soundscapes.”


Girlpool have dropped a new single! But it’s not like their normal output. Like I’m Winning It is a little darker than what we’re used to, with layered, breathy vocals and some meditative guitar lines. Its video is a bit of a wacky one too. Set in a nightclub, everyone is dressed in Renaissance-inspired outfits, before Avery Tucker heads out into the spooky, smoky abyss outside.

Girlpool’s latest record was last years ‘What Chaos Is Imaginary’, and they don’t have any tour dates lined up for 2020 (yet!). That’s probably a good thing for now, what with all the coronavirus cancellations going on. Fingers crossed we get some more soon!


Despite seemingly every event around the world being cancelled because of this inescapable coronavirus, Glastonbury, at the moment, is going ahead. The legendary festival is celebrating its 50th anniversary (yes, 50!) with some massive names this year. Emily Eavis said:No one has a crystal ball to see exactly where we will all be 15 weeks from now, but we are keeping our fingers firmly crossed that it will be here at Worthy Farm for the greatest show on Earth!”

And what a show it will be, with some top names having joined the bill only yesterday. Aside from your mahoosive headliners and mainstream stars like Kendrick Lamar, Camila Cabello and Dua Lipa, we also will be treated to the likes of Phoebe Bridgers, Brittany Howard, Big Thief, Laura Marling, Caribou, Confidence Man, Metronomy, Nadine Shah and Thundercat, among many, many more. Check out the full line up here, and Bridgers’ latest single, Garden Song, below.

Over and out, FOR GOOD!

**Silently weeps**

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Things We Love This Week: Waxahatchee, Benjamin Clementine and Flo Morrissey, Stormzy

Hello once again young Padawans, how are you this fine day? We hope your week has been full of awesome music and general musical things. If it hasn’t, we are here to help. Read on!


Katie Crutchfield is back! We were graced with the latest cut from her new album this week. Lilacs is a delightful number perfect for taking your mind off that horrible Storm Dennis bloke that won’t leave anyone alone.

Lilacs is a folk-tinged indie-pop song with subtle elements of country melodies, reminding us of warm summers with a twinkling guitar line recalling the reflection of sunshine on water. Its video is a DIY profile of a dancer practicing in a huge warehouse. Despite the large space, the wonky close ups give the whole clip a really intimate, loving feel.

Waxahatchee will support the album with a previously confirmed spring North American tour, and newly announced summer European and UK shows. Tickets are on sale now.

Benjamin Clementine and Flo Morrissey

There ain’t nothing better than a couple making music together. It’s a life goal that’s dear to my heart, which is why Benjamin Clementine and Flo Morrissey’s new project really **ahem** strikes a chord.

Calm Down by the Clementines features vocals from both wife and husband, with the former providing a smooth, agile voice and the latter taking on vintage recording effects. The song as a whole continues this retro production in its melodies and arpeggios, which sound like something taken from the 1950s.

The track will be part of a larger body of work, but no further details have been revealed. However, we can resolutely confirm that so far it’s really, really nice.


Lastly, the biggest news story of the year so far. Stormzy has been awarded a Greggs Black Card. What does this mean, I hear you cry? What does this symbolise? Well, mainly, pastries FOR LIFE. The bakery chain’s Black Card service allows next-level VIPs to order Greggs whenever, and wherever they want with an exclusive concierge service. It’s strictly invite only though, which is bad news for us mere mortals.

This all happened after the Brit Awards earlier this week, at which the grime artist won the prize for Best Male Solo Artist, and received nominations for British Album and British Single. Check out the full winners list here.

In other news, Stormzy has just deleted his entire social media presence… Spooky. We hope you’re all good, Michael. For now, watch this epic clip of his performance at the awards on Tuesday. Fancy some tour dates, too?

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Things We Love This Week: Girl Ray, Stella Donnelly, VASA

Happy Valentine’s Day young lovers! And old lovers, and non-lovers, and animals and single-celled organisms. Whether you agree with the heartfelt sentiments or think it’s a mostly commercial trickery, there’s one thing we can agree on: today is just another excuse to gorge on chocolate, really. This week we are feelin’ the  love, and our hearts belong to awesome music.

Girl Ray

Firstly, we’ll hand the reins over to Girl Ray, indie-poppers with a funny streak. Their latest single takes our love theme and gives it a platonic twist, focusing on the strength and solidarity that comes with your pals. “In music, friend love is often overshadowed by romantic love and IT’S JUST WRONG. This one goes out to the mates of the world,” said the trio.

We feel ya. Friend Like That, from the band’s recent album ‘Girl’, melds a variety of synth styles,  including elongated spaceship sounds, organ tones and a bouncy bassline to prove this love, while its accompanying video finds the band stuck in the ‘80s and being tricked by nasty high school boys. At least you’ll always have each other! Girl Ray are touring the UK this month, and tickets are on sale now

Stella Donnelly

We love it when an artist’s effervescent personality comes out in their work. Stella Donnelly has smashed this time and time again since her EP ‘Thrush Metal’ and further on full-length ‘Beware Of The Dogs’. Today, she covered John Paul Young’s Love Is In The Air. Yes, this really happened, and yes, it’s as great as it sounds.

Performing for Triple J’s Like A Version, Donnelly and her band bring a summery, beach-pop aesthetic to the crooner classic. Her incredible (and let’s face it, flawless) vocals take centre stage, reaching the high notes with such ease that it’s like listening to a walk in the park. Absolutely gorg.


Finally, we’ll round off this post by proposing the motion that everyone should love each other. Scottish post-rockers VASA today released a new single, Mini-Boss, which takes a stand against bullying. Well, kinda. It doesn’t actually have any lyrics, but the sentiment still stands.

Drummer Niall MacRae said: “Mini-Boss is, at its core, about overcoming personal hurdles, where the term literally means your first ever bully—that miniature tormentor who would seem totally laughable to you now. It’s a representation of those small moments made huge in your adolescent life, where your decisions allowed you to overcome strife.” The group are set to play ArcTanGent this summer and are on tour with Thank You Scientist this month.

Au revoir, my friends, and remember to be kind to people! Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

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Things We Love This Week: Things We Love This Week: Hayley Williams, Gorillaz, Tame Impala

Hello! Welcome back to another edition of what I can only assume is your favourite blog. You made it to the end of January! For that, I salute you. Let’s take 10 minutes out of another hectic day to get lost in some fabulous new music videos together.

Tame Impala

Have you heard Tame Impala’s new bop yet? Lost In Yesterday dropped a few weeks back, but today has got a video. Like its name suggests, the clip is very much stuck in the ‘70s, complete with some particularly dated outfits. Huge collars, lots of polyester, you get it. Watch below to see the band perform in some fetching cream dinner suits. Phwoar.

Kevin Parker and Co. have a busy summer planned, with headline slots at Bonnaroo and All Points East, as well as embarking on a North American tour with support from Perfume Genius. ‘The Slow Rush’, their fourth LP, is due on Valentine’s Day.

Hayley Williams

Have you heard? Hayley Williams’ is putting out a solo album. She shared the first taste of ‘Petals For Armor’ last week, and today we’re treated to the second. Leave It Alone is a neat, intimate piece of down-tempo pop that places her iconic vocals among some really interesting instrumentation that includes congas, dainty synths and even a string ensemble, all of which you can hear if you listen really closely.

The video displays Hayley in her true form, which couldn’t be anything other than part-butterfly, as she emerges from a chiffon chrysalis with chives protruding from her lower eyelids. And you thought you knew Paramore! Ha. Think again! ‘Petals For Armor’ will get a full release on May 8.


And finally, it’s something new from Gorillaz! They announced a new project this week called Sound Machine, which finds the primate gang working with a range of artists in the studio and dropping hot new tracks as soon as they’re finished. No promo, no album cycle faff, just music as it happens!

The first result of this process is Momentary Bliss, which mixes the anarchic punk of Slaves with the chaotic rap of Slowthai. The accompanying scenes are shot in-situ, with the cartoon characters interacting with the real people. How DO they do that?! Check it out!

You are welcome. Happy Friday!

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Things We Love This Week: Thundercat, Big Yawn, Cheerbleederz

Hello young soul! I presume you’re here because you want some GREAT music in your ears on this fabulous Friday. Welcome home.


Thundercat’s back! Not that he’s really been gone for that long, but it does feel like a while since 2017’s ‘Drunk’. The R&B artist will release a new LP, ‘It Is What It Is’, on April 3 through Brainfeeder. Oh, and what’s more? The record will feature collabs with the likes of Ty Dolla $ign, Childish Gambino, Kamasi Washington, BADBADNOTGOOD and loads more. Sweeeet.

The first cut comes in the form of Black Qualls, a smooth-landing piece of soul that takes inspiration from 1970s harmonies and guitar licks in parts, but structure-wise is surprisingly all over the place and so, so enjoyable. (Also, check out his distinguished outfit in the pic above. So chic.)

Big Yawn

I mostly included Big Yawn in this week’s blog because I was in the middle of doing a big yawn when I saw it pop in my inbox. That, my friends, is what they call fate. As it happens, the experimental electronic band’s new single Skin Rat (ewww) sounds a bit like that moment in a dark, underground cocktail bar where you get lost on the way back from the loo and can’t really hear anything except some pretty trancey beats. It’s woozy, trippy and rhythmically very interesting.

Skin Rat is the first single to be taken from their new album, ‘No!’ which is due on March 6. The album’s title comes from the frequent use of the word in the studio, the band eloquently say. “The louder, the looser, the more laconic it’s said, the bigger a laugh it gets. The joke is that NO actually means a yes. It’s an expression of camaraderie, a refusal to take shit super serious like”.


We all love anthropomorphism. That’s why Cheerbleederz’ video for Disco gets a mention this week! Their adorable stop-motion video was created by Jono Ganz and tells the tale of a lonely plant — who over the course of the clip grows eyes, wears a checkered shirt and gets licked by a snail — trying their best to fit in, and in the end embracing their differences, growing into a huge vine and making friends with the other plants.

Wholesome, lovable fun with a great message, the track is the second from indie-pop trio’s second EP, ‘Lobotany’, which is due on February 7. In addition, they’ll play Wales Goes Pop in April, so you should get some tickets for that. Although I cannot promise any dancing plants, I’m afraid.

Smell ya later, alligator.

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Things We Love This Week: Celeste, Fontaines D.C., Peaness

Congratulations! You made it through the first full working week of the year! It was long and painful, but you got there. Nice one! To celebrate, treat yourself to a sprinkling of music news that happened over the past seven days.


If you’re feeling a bit dull and drab at the start of a new decade, here’s something to make you feel even worse! Some people in our vicinity are absolutely smashing 2020, and it’s only January 10. You could have been this productive too, had you not been sprawled on the sofa snaffling extra large Galaxy bars for the last two weeks (guilty!). Celeste, a soul and R&B singer from Brighton, won the BBC Sound of 2020 award this week. What a way to start the year! She’s also got tour dates planned for April. Have you?

After the announcement on Thursday, she revealed a new single, Stop This Flame, as if to further confirm everyone’s already solid opinions about her amazing vocal talent. Opening with a Brubeck-inspired piano riff, the song transports the listener to a pop-inflected piece of contemporary soul that I’m sure will soon attract the fans of Emeli Sandé.

Fontaines D.C.

Our favourite Irish punk poets have shared a new video! The clip for Liberty Belle, a track from the album ‘Dogrel’ that dominated 2019, gets a mention this week because it highlights the incredible year that these lads have had.

The video is simple — footage from gigs they’ve played on a massive world tour, from festivals stages to sweaty underground venues, and of course, at the iconic Vicar Street in their hometown of Dublin. If all this footage is giving you serious FOMO, you’re in luck. They have more UK tour dates in 2020, including a massive show at Dublin’s Iveagh Gardens, in July. Is it too real for ya?


These guys love an unusual chord, and so do we. Peaness are an indie-pop trio from Chester who have been involved with the BBC Introducing scene for a while now, but have been relatively quiet since the release of their second EP ‘Are You Sure?’ in 2017. Kaizen, their newest bop, is sure to give you all those positive Friday feels.

Tight, summery chords à la Phoenix take control in the verses, and the title itself is a Japanese word that translates to “change for the good”. If that’s not something to pop on your resolutions list, I don’t know what is. Check out the lighthearted and upbeat video below, referencing all kinds of Japanese pop and gaming culture. Oh look, they have live shows planned too!

Woohoo! You made it to the weekend. See you next week for more fun music news. Ciao!

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Things We Love This Week: Phoebe Bridgers, LadBaby, Wille Edwards

Cheer up! There are so many more important things going on in the world than elections and Brexit. There are people less fortunate than you or I, struggling to keep the fridge full, find a roof, or have a doctor who cares. So this week’s blog post is dedicated to the musicians trying to make a difference in this mad, mad world. Cheers!

Phoebe Bridgers 

Last year, Phoebe Bridgers treated us to the beauty that was Christmas Song. This festive season, we’re getting another delightfully gentle holiday song, but 7 O’Clock News / Silent Night comes with a critical twist.

Along with help from the National frontman Matt Berninger and backing vocals from Fiona Apple, Bridgers’ take on Silent Night is a soft performance underneath a depressing news broadcast.

100%  of the profits will go to Planned Parenthood, and the track comes with a statement from Phoebe: “Happy Holidays to everyone whose family has been literally or figuratively torn apart by Donald Trump. And to my racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, hypocritical family members, fuck you. Thanks Fiona, Matt, Simon, and Garfunkel.”


I’m not entirely sure who or what LadBaby is, but I couldn’t escape that name this week. Everywhere you looked, there was something about sausage rolls. More than anything, it was making me hungry.

Lunch over, and it turns out the comedy group, led by parenting YouTuber Mark Hoyle, hit the number one Christmas single spot last year with the charity single We Built This City On Sausage Rolls. They’re back with their love for savoury pastries in 2019.

I Love Sausage Rolls was recorded at Abbey Road (YEP!) and is as hilarious and silly as you might imagine. But it’s all in the name of a good cause, and that’s why we’re featuring it this week — proceeds from the track will go to the Trussell Trust, whose mission is to end the need for food banks in the UK. Watch and enjoy below.

Wille Edwards

It’s a bit grey outside, the rain hasn’t stopped for about eighteen weeks, and everything is cold. We all hate it, but think yourself lucky some people don’t have a cosy warm home to return to at the end of the day.

Wille Edwards (from Wille And The Bandits, who are on tour next year) is trying to raise awareness of the UK’s homelessness crisis with his new powerful, heartfelt anthem, Houses On The Sand.

The atmospheric track uses sparse guitars and the dramatic vocals of Wille to comment on “the system that has failed” and what it’s like to struggle in that broken system.

Do some good over the weekend by buying one of these singles or donating to a charity you believe in. Get in the Christmassy spirit!

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Things We Love This Week: Soak, Cat Burns, Adwaith

Photo: Soak Twitter

You – yes, you! – are one of the individuals lucky enough to be reading this blog. Fancy that! As a reward, here’s some laid back tracks that allowed us to have a quick breather away from a stressful and busy week. Have a listen below, then we can all have a nice early night. Aah.


As we come to the end of another decade (where HAS the time gone?!), publications are starting to think not just about their album of the year, but some of the best LPs that have been released in the last ten years. One of those frequently mentioned is ‘High Violet’ by the National, which came out in 2010 and featured the epic track Bloodbuzz Ohio.

It seems Soak has also been re-listening to this cracker, as she’s released a cover of it. The beautiful new version is a simple guitar-and-vocals format, and respects the original by not putting too much of her own spin on things structure-wise. It’s beeea-utiful.

Cat Burns

Helping to keep us going with our soothing, de-stressing theme is Cat Burns, an emerging pop artist who’s just 19, though her mature vocals and sentimental lyricism place her as much wiser than her years. 

A delicately finger-picked guitar teams up with Burns’ distinctive South London accent to add familiarity, while some subtle, early Bonobo-style synths join in for a contemporary twist on the poignant narrative.


The Welsh Music Prize took place on Wednesday. If you’re not sure what that is, I like to tell people it’s the Welsh Grammys, a prize that rewards the sheer talent and creativity of a country thats music scene doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves. Among the nominees this year were HMS Morris, Estrons, Audiobooks, Cate Le Bon and more, but it was Adwaith who took home the prize, following in the footsteps of Boy Azooga, Gwenno, Meilyr Jones and Gruff Rhys.

Huw Stephens, who hosted the evening, described winning LP ‘Melyn’ as, “a very exciting and deserved winner from an exceptional shortlist,” and noted that it’s beautiful music, “captures what it’s like to be young, female, frustrated and bewildered at the world we live in.” Here here. Listen to Fel i Fod, a delightful and calming track from the album. 

Sweet dreams all!

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Things We Love This Week: Singing Dogs, Shoplifting Santa, Anti-Xmas Spirit

The biggest of apologies to the purists who only want ‘cool’, ‘good’ and ‘meaningful’ music from this blog. This week we’re going against the grain and featuring some big name pop and rock acts. Simply because it’s Christmas (kinda). Let your hair down.

Robbie Williams

Yep, you are seeing correctly. We are in fact featuring Robbie Williams in this week’s blog, and that’s for two reasons. The first, you’ll be pleased to know, is because we are fully embracing the arrival of Christmas. That’s final. The second is because we physically couldn’t not feature some singing dogs.

As he goes about his family Christmas, the former Take That member’s seriously cute canines have been put under the seasonal spell in his new song Time For Change, winking at the camera, singing along to the choir, and melting our hearts. Did we mention there’s also a giant snow dog?

Williams continues his festive feels at London’s SSE Arena Wembley for Christmas party shows on December 16 and 17, after a set at the London Palladium on November 24 for the Magic Of Christmas event.

Noel Gallagher

Every Christmas needs a comical robbery. That’s how the saying goes, right? In Gallagher Brother No. 1’s new single, Wandering Star, a slightly groggy-looking Santa Claus helps out a shoplifter by hiding her from a supermarket guard.

Later, viewers change their mind about the shoplifter, realising the pressures and difficulties single parents on the breadline might face at this time of year, struggling to afford presents for their children. Director Dan Cadan points us towards raising a glass to, “those less fortunate but equally as deserving”.

Gallagher and the High Flying Birds will open for U2 at their Australian and New Zealand shows later in the year, and they also play an exclusive outdoor London show at Kenwood House next summer for the Heritage Live concert series.


Mabel is not a fan of Christmas. While everyone else is talking about the most wonderful time of the year and enjoying baubles and tinsel with their loved ones, Mabel is all on her own. “Sorry I’m not so merry,” she sings. “Christmas time isn’t my vibe.”

But you do like sleigh bells, classic Christmas chords sequences and that cheesy, glittery sparkle sound, right Mabes? Lyrically, though, Loneliest Time Of Year takes all the tropes and turns them on their head. Listen below.

Mabel will support her debut album, ‘High Expectations’, with a tour in early 2020 and a short run of UK shows next week.


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