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Pony Pony Run Run

Pony Pony Run Run - Walking On A Line (Single Review)

French three-piece Pony Pony Run Run, released the single 'Walking On A Line' on the 7th June, following a pretty amazing past 12 months, which has included supporting Katy Perry, sell out tours in their native France and award for Best Newcomer at the French Music Awards. The group’s debut album, 'You Need Pony Pony Run Run', is on sale now and there are plenty of UK tour dates to be announced.

Written by: Adam Simpson | Date: Sunday, 20 June 2010

Vampire Weekend

Rockness 2010 - Sunday Review - Blondie, Vampire Weekend, The Strokes...

It's not rain, it's barely irrigation, it's just damp air. A weak drizzle constantly falls over Loch Ness on Sunday morning. Poorly camped tents collapse under the weight of the previous night's rain and almost everyone seeks shelter under tents in either the Go North tent or the Clash stage or any other pick of a myriad of roofed venues. Having seen Hadouken! on their previous year's excursion to the Loch and attempting to stick with my resolution to see acts I have never clapped me peepers on, I gingerly negotiate the mud outside of the arena to viddy Pearl And The Puppets and their attempt at a rain dance. The sunshine 5 piece from Kirkintilloch put on a fair showing early on the main stage but their middle of the road, innocent folk-rock feels flat against the meteorological backdrop.

Written by: Louise Henderson & Ross Gilchrist | Date: Friday, 18 June 2010

Alabama 3

Rockness 2010 - Saturday Review - Dan Le Sac, Plan B, Alabama 3, Leftfield...

Clouds roll off the hilltops and the grey skies don't truly break either side of the horizon and a guy in some tent near me shouts, "'Mon the sun!" at a minute gap in the homogenous grey. 'Mon the sun indeed. The Saturday line up is more dance orientated allowing those who have not been to bed to continue the dance-a-thon all day and into the night. On my way to get breakfast I wander through Clash tent only to see Killa Kella perform his profoundly layered beat boxing and for all it's prowess and technical ability I know I cannot bear to listen to this for a full thirty minutes. It's not that I find beat boxing to be a lesser art form... but in my heart I know it doesn't speak to me more than coffee and crepes do right now.

Written by: Louise Henderson & Ross Gilchrist | Date: Friday, 18 June 2010

Fatboy Slim

Rockness 2010 - Friday Review - Crystal Castles, Enter Shikari, Fatboy Slim & Pendulum

The A9 is one of the least loved and most dangerous roads in Blighty, 117 miles of schizophrenic scenery commentated by milk toast radio warning the fearful natives on the hour that 'revelers' are descending in a Khan-like wave upon Inverness. "The Revelers... are coming!" they scream into the car speakers, "Hide yer wives an' yer bairns! The Revelers are coming!" As farmers collect their canned foods and pitch forks before descending into storm cellars. Maybe...

Written by: Louise Henderson & Ross Gilchrist | Date: Friday, 18 June 2010


Download Festival Scoops Best Event Award at Metal Hammer Golden Gods

Download Festival has won Best Event at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards for the second year running. Only a day after this year’s festival came to an end, the organisers of Download have collected the prize, which is voted for by Metal Hammer readers. The event was up against other rock festivals Bloodstock and Sonisphere, as well as the recent Rage Against The Machine free concert in Finsbury Park.

Written by: Rob Sleigh | Date: Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Humour

The Humour - You're Gonna Pay (Album Review)

After reviewing The Humour live a few weeks ago, I thought I knew what this Yorkshire band had to offer, but I was wrong. The band’s debut album, ‘You’re Gonna Pay’ is a short, 6 track blast of hard hitting pop rock. Very American in sound, but very, very well produced, showing a different side from the group who played live a few weeks ago. The music is of course very similar and there are still the same influences in the music, however, I was concerned that without the groups huge on stage presence, the album may be a damp squib, but my concerns are wrong. This is a wonderful collection of brilliant musical talent, huge vocals and a display of heavy rock for the masses.

Written by: Adam Simpson | Date: Tuesday, 15 June 2010


LIVE: AC/DC - Download Festival 2010, Donington - 11th June 2010

It was a weekend where most of the UK were donning red and white for the opener of England’s world cup campaign, however it was back in black for a massive crowd who had collected in a field in the Midlands. AC/DC were back in town!

Written by: Jon Stickler | Date: Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Detroit Social Club

Detroit Social Club - Existence (Album Review)

Existence is the debut album from Detroit Social Club, it is an indie anthem filled ten track record which impresses from start to finish. After already supporting some great acts and with some fantastic festival sets coming up, there is no doubt that this group have big things ahead of them. There are some fantastic influences in the medley from the psychedelic experimentation of Kasabian to the wonderful vocal talents of Kelly Jones from The Stereophonics, hints of The Verve, Melodic talents of Primal Scream and Rock and Roll attitude of The Rolling Stones.

Written by: Adam Simpson | Date: Monday, 14 June 2010

The Drums

The Drums - The Drums (ALBUM REVIEW)

Let’s begin with a little story about a record label, Factory Records, a pioneering label set up by Tony Wilson and Alan Erasmus, in the 70’s, which was all about Manchester, all about the groups, the passion, the desire, the class, the art and most importantly the music. Factory Records was a pioneering label which was not about profit margins or number 1 singles, but about great groups and great music. It is because of Factory Records that we have Joy Division, Durutti Column, The Wake, A Certain Ratio, James, New Order, Happy Mondays and so many more who were influenced by these and more.

Written by: Adam Simpson | Date: Saturday, 12 June 2010

William Gray

William Gray - None Of The Above (Album Review)

Those familiar enough with the Leeds music scene to know who The Smokestacks were will no doubt be pleased to hear that former singer/guitarist William Gray has released his first self-produced solo mini-album in the wake of their split.

Written by: Adam Brown | Date: Wednesday, 09 June 2010


Stigma - Concerto for the Undead (ALBUM REVIEW)

Concerto For The Undead is Stigma’s second commercial release, since the Italian death metal 4 piece formed in 2000. The relentless, ear splitting 10 track record is a nonstop mass of heavy metal guitar riffs, relentless, skin splitting drumming and horrific barking, shouting and screaming. Give that man a throat sweet.

Written by: Adam Simpson | Date: Wednesday, 09 June 2010

Stone Temple Pilots

Stone Temple Pilots - Stone Temple Pilots (Album Review)

In 2008, singer Scott Weiland left Velvet Revolver to rejoin his former band Stone Temple Pilots for a huge tour of the US. During the five years that had followed STP’s break-up, Velvet Revolver received varied success. Although their debut album ‘Contraband’ was well received, the supergroup never quite achieved any real confidence from their fans. This was largely due to Weiland’s involvement and the apparent distance between him and the other members of the group. Throughout the months following the release of their second album ‘Libertad’, there were numerous reports that Velvet Revolver were not getting on with their singer and it wasn’t long before Weiland confirmed that he was no longer part of that band.

Written by: Rob Sleigh | Date: Wednesday, 09 June 2010

Band of Horses

Band Of Horses - Infinite Arms (Album Review)

2010 isn’t only a year of electro pop and Tinie Tempah urging you to Pass Out. Nah...a series of indie rock bands are casting their own booth in the music industry gaining respect and admiration in equal measure. Seattle group Band Of Horses are one such act. Blending a delicate mould of tender rock and Americana, the five-piece aim to set the year ablaze with their new record label Sub-Pop and third album, Infinite Arms.

Written by: Matt Hamm | Date: Wednesday, 09 June 2010

Spring Offensive

Spring Offensive - Pull Us Apart (ALBUM REVIEW)

Bands today seem to be offering more and cleverer tweaks musically and lyrically, perhaps to stay one step ahead or perhaps this is the beginning of another musical trend, either way this movement is compelling and exciting and it adds another twist to the indie music revolution which has been on the go for some time.

Written by: Adam Simpson | Date: Wednesday, 09 June 2010

Rage Against The Machine

LIVE: Rage Against The Machine - Finsbury Park, London - 6th June 2010

“It has to start somewhere, It has to start sometime, What better place than here? What better time than now?” Lyrics from the Rage anthem ‘Guerrilla Radio’ echoing through my mind while anticipating the start of the victory party that will end all victory parties.

Written by: Jon Stickler | Date: Monday, 07 June 2010


Kele - Tenderoni (Single Review)

London indie scene big hitters Bloc Party have been crawling ever closer into the flashing neon lights of dance music for quite some now. So it comes as no surprise that the man behind their sound Kele Okereke, (now shortened to just Kele) has fired his very own project spinning directly into the heart of the dance world.

Written by: Matt Hamm | Date: Wednesday, 02 June 2010

Harrys Gym

Harrys Gym - Harrys Gym (ALBUM REVIEW)

I think there is something special about the sound that can be achieved when a female vocalist fronts a group, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Florence and The Machine and Garbage to name a few which come to mind. And this band do not disappoint. The progressive pop/electro indie sound and Anne Lise Frokedal’s chilling, eerie vocals, produced by this Norwegian group provide a unique, despairing sound that can break your heart.

Written by: Adam Simpson | Date: Thursday, 27 May 2010

Grand Archives

Grand Archives - Keep in Mind Frankenstein (ALBUM REVIEW)

This is Grand Archives 2nd Album from the band from Seattle, who formed in 2007, as the Archives. They are an American Indie Rock band made up of Mat Brooke, Curtis Hall and Jeff Montano. Keep In Mind Frankenstein is a melodic, soft album mixing gentle music with soft airy vocals. There are hints of country and western and hints of 70’s American rock within this undramatic and unexciting medley of well played, well sung, easy to listen to tracks, which are overall, certainly not bad, but certainly not great. Topsy’s Revenge starts the album with gently played instruments and a nice accordion accompaniment. The lyrics are emotive and sung gently but there is no real imagination or excitement. Witchy Park/Tomorrow Will (Take Care Of Itself) is a nice track, happy and upbeat. The backing vocals and harmonies lift the song and the well played acoustic instruments make this a pleasurable track to listen to.

Written by: Adam Simpson | Date: Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Cha Cha

Cha Cha - We Are (ALBUM REVIEW)

Cha Cha are a relatively unknown London band comprising; Blain McGuigan (Vocals/Bass), Alex Cameron Ward (Backing Vocals/Guitar) and Samuel Garbutt (Drums). Their debut album We Are is a superb demonstration of talent, experimentation and uniqueness which should have been titled “We Are Great!” Their sound is catchy and a subtle mix of many genres and influences, but definitely their own, they describe their sound as “a cross between dirty pop hymns and offbeat disco rock” and I guess that sums it up pretty well. It is an upbeat and funky sound, perfect for the summer.

Written by: Adam Simpson | Date: Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Javier Moreno

Javier Moreno - Bad Woman (EP REVIEW)

This short, 5 track album from the Spaniard Javier Moreno is a blend of striking Spanish folk music and upbeat flamenco. This is Javier’s second release, following the release of his first album Un Tesoro, which was sung in Spanish tongue. This album is sung in English beautifully with small passages of Spanish language, which are used creatively and add authenticity to the Mediterranean sound. Javier has been on the scene in this country since 2006 and this album should definitely give him the credit that he justly deserves. It is not mainstream by any stretch of the imagination, nor is it bound for huge success or popularity but do not let that put you off.

Written by: Adam Simpson | Date: Tuesday, 25 May 2010

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