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Ash - Carnal Love - (Single Review)

Ash reach the letter V with Carnal Love, as the groups A to Z series draws near to the end. With a single released every two weeks by the group, each catalogued by a letter of the alphabet, the group will have recorded almost 3 albums worth of material in 2 years. With Festival sets upcoming at Reading and Leeds on the 27th and 28th August and a recent summer tour, the group, who were 90’s Brit Pop sensations continue at a pace, pleasing their loyal army of fans.

Written by: Adam Simpson | Date: Sunday, 25 July 2010

Ana Free

Ana Free - Radian (EP Review)

Portuguese singer/songwriter Ana Free has quickly become somewhat of an internet phenomenon, along with grabbing plenty of media attention with appearances on MTV, RTP, TV1 and SIC. The songbird has a beautiful voice and a lovely compassion to her lyrics, inspired by love stories, both with happy and sad endings. The acoustic, Latin guitar playing and gentle piano keys behind each song on this EP, Radian, sets a warm feel for her voice to work its magic over, however the beauty and magic is in her voice and the tracks are unfortunately lacking in any real conviction.

Written by: Adam Simpson | Date: Sunday, 25 July 2010


Fraser - A Garden At The Top Of The Tree (Album Review)

Fraser are an indie-folk group, based in London. The 4 piece were created by front man Fraser Gregory. Fraser is Scottish born but was raised in Malta, he was the founding member of his last band The Beangrowers (Rough Trade), however the band went their separate ways, a solo career followed, touring Europe and the States, before setting his routes in London and forming the group Fraser, with musicians Stuart Davenport, Josh Bergson and Nick Winters. The group gigged the London circuit last summer and were soon recruited to support Queen Keyboardist Spike Edney and his All Star Band, in December on his sold out tour.

Written by: Adam Simpson | Date: Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Littlemores

The Littlemores - Idol Idols II (EP Review)

The Littlemores unveil their EP, Idol Idols II due for release on the 30th July, to coincide with their headline set at Fibbers, York on the same night. The young, fresh faced 4 piece from York produce a very unique sound that is raw, fresh and as exciting as any unsigned band doing the rounds right now. This group truly are the most exciting group I have seen in some time and there is little wonder why they were crowned Battle Of The Bands Winners in York. Their fresh, genre stretching music will appeal to many a generation and many a taste.

Written by: Adam Simpson | Date: Saturday, 24 July 2010

Seth Lakeman

Seth Lakeman - Hearts & Minds (ALBUM REVIEW)

Vigorous violin-playing and haunting songs about Dartmoor legends and folklore are what fans of solo artist Seth Lakeman know him for best. Everyone else is more likely to remember him for his Mercury-nominated second album ‘Kitty Jay’. ‘Hearts and Minds‘, the fifth album from the Devon-born musician, finds him shifting towards more of a rock-influenced sound, compared with his previous offerings.

Written by: Rob Sleigh | Date: Saturday, 24 July 2010


Annuals - Count The Rings (CD Review)

'Count the Rings' is Annuals' first European release since the 2006 debut 'Be Me He' which induced much critical acclaim and lead to tours supporting the likes of The Flaming Lips, Bloc Party, Calexico and Minus the Bear. It is a compelling record which magnificently melds southern blues-pop charm with beautifully-layered, psychedelic soundscapes, the result of which is an eclectic collection of infectious pop songs, each of them swimming majestically with sonic depth and coloured brightly with clever songcraft.

Written by: Jacob Mier | Date: Thursday, 22 July 2010


Dogs - We Are The Dogs (EP Review)

London based Indie 5 piece, Dogs, released their limited edition EP on the 31st May and it is a cracker. Since originally forming in 2004, Dogs were signed to Island Records and released 2 albums under the label, which each received critical acclaim. Now with a couple of line up changes and without a label to fund their activities, Dogs bring a very DIY spirit to their music and take great pride in this, which duly shows in the quality of the 'We Are The Dogs' EP.

Written by: Adam Simpson | Date: Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Coral

The Coral - Butterfly House (Album Review)

Merseyside folk rockers, The Coral return with Butterfly House, their latest album, which was released on the 12th July 2010. This, their 5th album to date follows the success of 2002’s Mercury Prize nominated debut album and a UK number one in the albums chart with 2003’s Magic and Medicine. This new album, Butterfly House is possibly as good as any of its predecessors. It may now be the group's 5th album, but it sounds as fresh and vibrant as any debut release. Beautiful acoustic instruments, psychedelic guitar melodies, brilliant drumming and warm, gentle vocals make this a definite summer sound track and must certainly place it on the short list for the best albums of the year so far.

Written by: Adam Simpson | Date: Thursday, 15 July 2010


Orbital - Don't Stop Me/The Gun Is Good. (Single Review)

Double A-Side single, Don’t Stop Me/The Gun Is Good is the first new material to come from electronic duo Orbital, since 2004. Paul and Phil Hartnoll, only reformed the legendary group last year and since then have headlined Coachella and Miami, closed the Other Stage at this year’s Glastonbury, headlined the Second Stage at the Isle Of Wight Festival and have being named Best Live Act, 2009 by DJ Magazine. The group are also set to headline Guilfest in Surrey on the 16th July.

Written by: Adam Simpson | Date: Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Recluse - Anhedonia - (EP REVIEW)

Recluse are an unsigned Cardiff based three piece alternative rock band. Their latest EP Anhedonia is available for download now. They formed in July '08 and have been interestingly described as sounding like 'Queens of the Stone Age getting molested by Smashing Pumpkins' and 'Early Nirvana kissing Kyuss whilst secretly thinking about Pearl Jam'. The group are well known on the Welsh gig circuit and have headlined Barfly Cardiff, le Pub Newport as well as several other smaller UK festivals and Recluse are currently finalising a tour with Cardiff band Eject Pilot Eject.

Written by: Adam Simpson | Date: Monday, 12 July 2010


Air – London HMV Forum – Saturday 10th July 2010

Despite recently releasing their fifth album, French duo Air are probably most remembered for their 1998 debut ‘Moon Safari’, which included the hit singles ‘Sexy Boy’ and ‘Kelly Watch the Stars’ and has become known as one of the greatest ever chill-out albums. Although their later releases have not quite reached the dizzying heights of that impressive first record, the Versailles-based group have continued to delight fans. Air’s twelve-year career has seen their sound evolve within the boundaries of electronic music and, while some of their songs can only be enjoyed whilst wandering around B&Q, they have managed to produce some praiseworthy examples on several occasions.

Written by: Rob Sleigh | Date: Monday, 12 July 2010

The Cubicle

Dead Young Club II Compilation EP - (EP REVIEW)

On the 17th May, Dead Young Records released a 4 track compilation EP named Dead Young Club II. The EP is available as a limited edition 10” vinyl or by digital download. Dead Young Records are a Leeds based label currently working with a selection of new up and coming bands, having already released an LP from The Cubical.

Written by: Adam Simpson | Date: Sunday, 11 July 2010


Deportivo - Girl Next Door (Single Review)

London based 5 piece Deportivo release their debut single Girl Next Door, as part of a three track compilation, available on the 12th of July. The group who have been likened to a male Kate Nash, due to their down to earth and relevant lyrics and catchy urban sound, also draw a likeness to Blur, The Streets and 80’s pop acts such as Squeeze and XTC.

Written by: Adam Simpson | Date: Friday, 09 July 2010

The Black Keys

LIVE: The Black Keys - Colston Hall, Bristol - 7th July 2010

I can count on two hands the amount of times Ive seen some real, stripped down, raw guitar music, and make no mistake The Black Keys are probably one of the best in the business for it at the moment.

Written by: Jon Stickler | Date: Friday, 09 July 2010

Will And The People

Will And The People - Morning Sun (ALBUM REVIEW)

The Brixton group, Will And The People have had a busy year so far, UK and European touring, Glastonbury, Stadium shows with Pop Princess’s Girls Aloud and a debut album, Morning Sun due for release on the 19th July. The sound is something for everyone; it touches on reggae, ska, pop, indie and folk. There are touches of The Police, Paulo Nutini, and The Specials. It is upbeat, warm and happy. A sound for the summer.

Written by: Adam Simpson | Date: Tuesday, 06 July 2010


Aeroplane Soar with New Track ‘We Can’t Fly’ (SINGLE REVIEW)

'We Can't Fly', the new single from synth-heavy, alt-dance duo Aeroplane, is easily one of the best tracks out this month. It starts off ambiguously, with a pounding drum beat which could easily take any direction. Thank God it follows the one it does. After some African style drum effects and childlike vocals (which are, unfortunately, slightly reminiscent of the introduction to Mika's 'Lollipop') the song gradually builds into one of the most addictive songs I've heard this summer.

Written by: Ginny Bullmore | Date: Tuesday, 06 July 2010


Ash - York Duchess - Sunday July 4th 2010 (LIVE)

Ash have been on the music scene now since 1992, the grunge band who rode the Brit Pop wave and gave us hit after hit during the 90’s with their heavy sound and ability to produce fantastic anthems will not go away as they continue to produce records and tour for their adoring fans. The Northern Ireland band have been back to a three piece since Charlotte Hatherley left the group in 2006. The remaining and original members, Tim Wheeler, Mark Hamilton and Rick McMurray have however recruited Bloc Party’s Russell Lissack, for their 2010 gigs, while Bloc Party are having some time out.

Written by: Adam Simpson | Date: Monday, 05 July 2010

The Agitator

THE AGITATOR - 'Get Ready/Let's Start Marching' - Review

The Agitator is Derek Meins, one very angry guy with a lot to rant about and Robert Dylan Thomas on the drums, formally the drummer with The Maccabees. Get Ready/Let’s Start Marching is a 2 track release, due out on the 5th July. It is a raw stripped back sound, used to put across protesting lyrics about the world we live in are quite punk in their ideals, but far from punk in sound. In sound it is almost Chico meets hip hop and that can never be good. Poppy and thought provoking the tracks may be but ultimately they are lacking in quality or depth. The music is poor with the simplest of hip hop beats, not heard since New Kids On The Block, even Robert’s pounding of his drum skins does nothing to lift the quality.

Written by: Adam Simpson | Date: Saturday, 03 July 2010

Ray Dar Vees

Ray Dar Vees - Heart Attack - (Single Review)

Ray Dar Vees are a South London 3 piece group, who are sure to impress with their classic indie infused sound, poignant lyrics and wonderful vocals. The group’s debut single 'Heart Attack', which was released on the 24th May, is a wonderful track, boasting a fantastic, deep bass line from Fred Marray, who also plays keyboards and belts out the vocals; lovely hooks and gentle riffs from Matt Gwyer , the groups guitarist who also plays keys and a wonderful quick tempo drum beat from Gary Southwell.

Written by: Adam Simpson | Date: Monday, 28 June 2010


Esteban - Jump Ship (Single Review)

Esteban, release their new single tomorrow, Jump Ship, following the groups success with their last, She Goes Out. The group love touring, having already played with the likes of Dizzee Rascal, The Zutons and Friendly Fires and the Derbyshire based group who have been on the scene now since 2002 are currently embarking on a massive tour all over the UK. The groups sound is an eclectic mix of Latin rock and indie. It’s unusual and catchy with pop hooks, samba beats and melodic riffs.

Written by: Adam Simpson | Date: Sunday, 27 June 2010

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