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Between Two Worlds: Alcest Discuss The Psychic Crisis of 'Spiritual Instinct'

“I had some flashes and visions of a place that didn’t look anywhere close to something real. I have no idea why I had this, or where it came from. It was somewhere very magical—the most beautiful thing you could ever think about. I don’t know what to call it, I don’t know what it is. I just know it has transformed me.”

Written by: Matt Mills | Date: Monday, 14 October 2019

Heavy Lungs

'We Just Want To Be Bigger Than Oasis': Heavy Lungs Talk Self-Worth And New EP 'Measure'

Thanks to their explosive live set, storming singles and kinship with Idles, things are as exciting for Bristol-based band Heavy Lungs as they are for the noise-driven post-punk scene that’s thriving across the UK at the moment: very.

Written by: Helen Payne | Date: Wednesday, 09 October 2019

Art Alexakis

'It's What You Do Going Forward': Everclear's Art Alexakis is Singing in the Sun on His Solo Debut

In many ways, Everclear frontman Art Alexakis is the walking, talking, rock ‘n’ roll-loving embodiment of the American Dream. The idea that success and prosperity can be attained by anyone, regardless of their background, is certainly a wonderful ideal. But it can only be achieved through serious hard graft, a fierce sense of determination and the ability to get back up and keep fighting. 

Written by: Simon Ramsay | Date: Wednesday, 09 October 2019

We Lost The Sea

Days of Misfortune: We Lost The Sea Discuss The Pressure and Depression Behind 'Triumph & Disaster'

On their new album, ‘Triumph & Disaster’, Sydney post-rockers We Lost The Sea tell the story of a world past the brink of collapse. The six-piece use their emotive, ever-building and ultimately climactic compositions to illustrate dystopian landscapes, where climate change and depleting natural resources have finally caught up with us, rendering humanity’s days numbered.

Written by: Matt Mills | Date: Friday, 27 September 2019

Laurence Jones Band

Risk and Reward: Laurence Jones Talks Musical Evolution and Defying the Blues Police

Photo: Rob Blackham It’s well known that if certain sharks stop moving they’ll swiftly meet their maker. Laurence Jones’s desire to continually improve and expand his musical game suggests he feels much the same way about his career. Now 27, and with over a decade’s experience under his belt, the calibre of the guitar prodigy’s material has grown stronger, and stylistically more bold, with each record he’s released. His excellent new album hasn’t bucked that particular trend.

Written by: Simon Ramsay | Date: Thursday, 26 September 2019


Rock 'n' Roll is Philosophy and This is Ours: Introducing Dreamers

Let’s say you’re in the market for a new favourite band and have your checklist at the ready. You want to hear a group who effortlessly incorporate classic rock ‘n’ roll, grunge, electronica, psychedelia, hip hop and power-pop into a shimmering skyline of modern delights. A collective that boast hooks the size of asteroids, indie dancefloor grooves and lyrics that offer a little more intellectual depth than your average pop clone. If that’s the case, Dreamers may be the band you’re looking for. 

Written by: Simon Ramsay | Date: Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Camp Cope

Wet Plate Portraits: Camp Cope At Clwb Ifor Bach

td#right {display:none !important;} Photo: Gareth Jarvis As Camp Cope rattle towards the end of The Opener, the capper to their set at a packed Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff, vocalist and guitarist Georgia “Maq” McDonald yells into the mic: “Yeah, tell me again how there just aren’t that many girls in the music scene!”

Written by: Laura Johnson | Date: Friday, 20 September 2019

Ferris and Sylvester

A Very British Sort of Americana: Introducing Ferris & Sylvester

Home-grown, organic. Find something stamped with words as wholesome as these and watch as it quickly leaves the shelves. By British standards, blues-folk duo Ferris & Sylvester could wear this label very comfortably.

Written by: Anna Ghislena | Date: Thursday, 19 September 2019

Liam Gallagher

Rock 'n' Roll Star: Liam Gallagher's Commitment To Being Liam Gallagher

There’s a line in the film version of High Fidelity, delivered by John Cusack’s sad sack music nerd/primo arsehole Rob Gordon about one of his many exes: “Some people never got over Vietnam or the night their band opened for Nirvana. I guess I never got over Charlie.”

Written by: Huw Baines | Date: Thursday, 19 September 2019


This Is Just The Start: Spielbergs Talk 'Running All The Way Home' And Life On The Road

Regrets, like inches around your gut or degrees of despair behind your eyes, tend to stack up as you get older. That Frank Sinatra’s full of shit, man.

Written by: Huw Baines | Date: Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Less Than Jake

Less Than Jake: Ska-Punk Greats Still Fired Up After All These Years

Take it from Garth Algar: we fear change. We all do. It’s something that makes the longevity of a band like Less Than Jake deeply comforting. For almost 30 years the Gainesville outfit have been racking up the miles playing ska-punk tunes that have ricocheted from the heart of the zeitgeist to the outer rim of cultural relevance—and they don’t give a shit how anyone sees them.

Written by: Huw Baines | Date: Tuesday, 03 September 2019

Gender Roles

Politely Taking Over The World: Gender Roles Talk Debut Album 'Prang' And Living For Live Shows

Most bands don’t set out with a grand plan in mind, and Brighton’s Gender Roles were no different. “We’ve never had a mission,” guitarist and vocalist Tom Bennett says. “We just wanted to start playing music, and we really wanted to play shows because all our mates were doing it. 

Written by: Laura Johnson | Date: Thursday, 29 August 2019

The Futureheads

What's Your First Line Going To Be? The Futureheads Discuss Their Long-Awaited Return With 'Powers'

The stars of mid-2000s indie discos are frozen in time in the memories of a lot of people—their music might as well be an advert for sticky floors and test tube shots. And that’s where the Futureheads, who had a couple of songs that were students’ union staples, might still reside in the eyes of some.

Written by: Huw Baines | Date: Tuesday, 27 August 2019


If You Know, You Know: ArcTanGent Festival Proves Bigger Isn't Always Better

Photo: Coheed and Cambria by Sam Lees We’ve all had one of those chats over a beer, where we put the world to rights and share plans for our latest pipe dream. The difference between us and Goc O’Callaghan? She actually went out and did it, creating one of the world’s best small festivals for fans of math-rock, post-rock, noise-rock, and all you find in between. 

Written by: Laura Johnson | Date: Thursday, 22 August 2019

The Murder Capital

Everything Considered: The Murder Capital Talk Debut Album 'When I Have Fears'

“It’s about a fear of life and an acceptance of maybe not being able to finish everything you wanted to do. We thought that was a really beautiful statement. It worked with our mentality. So we thought we’d move forward with that and we put that as the pillar for writing songs.”

Written by: Laura Johnson | Date: Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters: How 'There is Nothing Left to Lose' Changed Dave Grohl's Fortunes

The end of any decade is, essentially, meaningless. We attach poignancy to it because we’re all narcissists in some way—we want this decade, our decade, to stand for something. Musically, the ‘90s did a better job than some of its peers in allowing us to think that: young people were swept up by grunge, or the gloss of modern R&B, or punk’s chart explosion, or the battle between the east and west coasts.

Written by: Huw Baines | Date: Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Lana Del Rey

How To Make A Sadcore Hit: A Lana Del Rey Recipe

Lana Del Rey really has nailed her hazy, retro vibe and a nostalgic sense of sadness. Far from the usual feel-good factor of pop hits, the New York vocalist and songwriter has carved a niche for herself in the shimmery, summery genre of luxurious, melancholic songs that we like to call sadcore.

Written by: Helen Payne | Date: Friday, 09 August 2019

Ed Sheeran

Lego House Or Penthouse? What Global Domination Means For Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran makes his own rules. After a decade of working his way up from busking in small towns and playing local pub gigs to now dizzying, chart-topping heights, life for Teddy has reached the point where he’s in the enviable position of creatively being able to do whatever he wants.

Written by: Helen Payne | Date: Tuesday, 06 August 2019

Bears Den

An Ocean of Hours: Bear's Den Delve Into 'So That You Might Hear Me'

“I wanted to make an album that talked openly about issues that I have and am still working through,” Bear’s Den vocalist Andrew Davie says. “The whole theme of ‘So That You Might Hear Me’ is about looking for a sense of connection and often a conversation is where that starts.”

Written by: Milly McMahon | Date: Monday, 05 August 2019

Dude York

Love Letter To Their Youth: Dude York Talk New Album 'Falling'

Exposure to early 2000s emo, nu-metal and pop-punk usually results in one of two reactions: a disgusted sneer, often accompanied by an exasperated sigh, or a knowing smile followed by overly enthusiastic headbanging. Dude York’s members would choose the latter.

Written by: Laura Johnson | Date: Wednesday, 24 July 2019

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