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The 1975

The 1975 - Green Door Store, Brighton - 8th February 2013 (Live Review)

With the expected talk of the resurgence in British guitar music cropping up at the beginning of yet another year, it is no surprise to see The 1975 on a lot of peoples lists. However annoying and predictable these chats about who will be the saviours of British guitar music during any given year are, the Manchester four-piece put their case forward to a packed Green Door Store in Brighton.

Written by: Ryan Crittenden | Date: Monday, 11 February 2013

We The Kings

We The Kings - O2 Academy, Birmingham - 29th January 2013 (Live Review)

Pop-punk: a scene where twenty-something bands lament sixteen-year-olds’ problems, it also makes complete sense that it’s also a scene where anxious parents pace back and forth at the entrance of venues, waiting for their son or daughter to emerge following a loud, noisy, in your face kind of show.

Written by: James Goodall | Date: Friday, 08 February 2013

High On Fire

High On Fire - NQ Live, Manchester - 3rd February (Live Review)

It’s been too long since High on Fire last hit these shores for a full on UK tour and, judging from the ever swelling crowd inside NQ Live tonight I cannot be the only one holding that opinion. Of course the Sleep reunion tour rolled through the country last year, but since then Matt Pike (the frontman of both acts, for those uninitiated in stoner rock lore) has had a spell in rehab and, as a result, High on Fire’s superb 2012 album 'De Vermis Mysteriis' has received little in the way of promotion on the road.

Written by: Ben Bland | Date: Thursday, 07 February 2013

Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club - Great Hall, Cardiff University - 31st January 2013 (Live Review)

After seeing Two Door Cinema Club destroy Reading Festival this summer and sell out Cardiff Great Hall in a matter of days, it was only fair for my expectations to be sky high. Two Door Cinema Club's rise to fame has signalled to other bands that 'making it' in an overcrowded indie scene can still be done. All of the bands had something quirky and different to offer, and it's safe to say that none of the bands disappointed either.

Written by: Matt Turner | Date: Wednesday, 06 February 2013

Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari - Converse Gig, 100 Club, London - 28th January 2012 (Live Review)

This was going to be one hell of a special night; a money can’t buy, Converse gig at the legendary 100 Club, for the lucky winners of free balloted tickets. A shame then, that we fans and guests alike, were left outside queuing round the block, for the first hour of the evening due to rumoured capacity issues. Both drum and bass party starter DJPdex and electronic math-core, dub-step master and Frenchman, The Algorithm, (aka Remi Gallego) played, unheard, so close, yet so far underneath our feet on Oxford Street. Quel dommage we cry! Monsieur Gallego’s recent album 'Polymorphic Code' has created quite a stir for those who appreciate computational elements within heavy riffing, hard trance music magic! I am, therefore, only sorry that I cannot include The Algorithm’s promising set in this review. C’est la vie.

Written by: Anna Ghislena | Date: Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Cult Of Luna

Cult Of Luna - The Garage, London - 22nd January 2013 (Live Review)

Sometimes a bill really does make you sit up and take notice, and the London date of this Cult of Luna UK tour really hits the spot in that fashion. No disrespect to the wonderful Her Name is Calla (who supported on the rest of this brief UK jaunt), but Amenra being roped in to support the Swedish legends at their first London show for nearly five years makes for a pretty jaw dropping evening of sublime post-metal.

Written by: Ben Bland | Date: Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Slaves - Relentless Garage, London - 11th January 2013 (Live Review)

Chants of “Girl Fight! Girl Fight! Girl Fight!” reverberates around the area, and no this was not a scene from outside of an Oceana nightclub, it was the top floor of the Relentless Garage in Islington as punk duo Slaves come to the end of their blistering good set.

Written by: Ryan Crittenden | Date: Monday, 14 January 2013

Heavens Basement

Heaven's Basement - Barfly, London - 18th December 2012 (Live Review)

“Evening London! It’s good to be home!”

Written by: Anna Ghislena | Date: Monday, 24 December 2012

Cradle Of Filth

Cradle Of Filth, God Seed, Rotting Christ, Blynd - Forum, London - 19th December 2012 (Live Review)

The HMV Forum lies just a few minutes from the Kentish Town tube station. It’s also next door to a church. I find this pretty damn funny, because as far as Wednesdays go, this could easily take the title of ‘Most Evil Wednesday Ever’. Tonight’s bloated bill boasts a plethora of gritty metal music from across the globe; Blynd hail from Cyprus, Rotting Christ from Greece, God Seed from Norway and, of course, Cradle of Filth from rain-sodden England. The pure nastiness of this gathering seems to have somewhat angered the Gods; rain pours down on us as we wait in the queue like a horde of freezing, leather-clad lambs lining up for the slaughter. It is perilously chilly this evening; I’ve let a girl borrow my coat and she’s disappeared to Mcdonald’s. I’m fine with this, except for the fact that £70 and my toothbrush are nestled comfortably within the confines of my coat pocket. I really do hope that she comes back.

Written by: Alec Chillingworth | Date: Sunday, 23 December 2012

Devin Townsend Project

Devin Townsend Project & Fear Factory - HMV Ritz, Manchester - 15th December 2012 (Live Review)

Devin Townsend seemingly can’t stop touring. Every time another mammoth trek around the world is done, the man just heads straight back out on the road again but maybe that’s just the price he has to pay for the newfound success of the Devin Townsend Project. As someone who keenly remembers the release of 'Ki' and 'Addicted!' back in 2009, to a polite ripple of applause and interest, the launching of 'Epicloud' this year as one of the biggest metal albums of 2012 felt a bit strange to say the least. The fact that Townsend is now on tour heading a bill that includes industrial death metal legends Fear Factory as a support act speaks volumes of this increased presence in the metal world. Whether the Strapping Young Lad fans at the back of the room like it or not, Devin Townsend is a bona fide metal superstar now.

Written by: Ben Bland | Date: Thursday, 20 December 2012

Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari & Cancer Bats - The Roundhouse, London - 17th December 2012 (Live Review)

The Roundhouse in Chalk Farm is teeming with teens. Most of them have been surreptitiously drinking outside the venue from cans concealed in carrier bags, before attempting to order at the bar. Interested by the fact that metal core quartet, Enter Shikari, come from my neck of the woods and by the fact that they won Kerrang’s award for Best Live Band this year, I am getting a second taste of their live show. So, I am not surprised by the tender ages of their fans, just resigned to enjoy the enthusiasm they ooze. “I woke up this morning and thought – YES!” exclaimed one overly excited fan, (face showing no sign whatsoever of any emerging stubble). I watch the young chap bustle his way through the throng, already tightly shoulder to shoulder, knowing that he and all his kin live by the rule – No Stubble. No Fear.

Written by: Anna Ghislena | Date: Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Hives

The Hives - Camden Roundhouse, London - 14th December 2012 (Live Review)

It wouldn't be difficult for Swedish punk rockers The Hives to rule the world; they already have their self-proclaimed law that demands nothing but complete obedience. Elegantly dressed in top hats, tuxedos and tails and surrounded by six foot high stark white letters that spell HIVES, this could be Broadway or a night at the opera. It could be, except that the last unnerving Ninja roadie has scurried from the stage and the rather disturbing image of the demented puppeteer overlooking the audience, indicates a night ahead of masochistic pleasure in the form of total submission - to the masters.

Written by: Anna Ghislena | Date: Monday, 17 December 2012

Joe Volk

Boris & Joe Volk - The Brudenell Social Club, Leeds - 8th December 2012 (Live Review)

Their recent split record may have proved that Boris and Joe Volk can stand toe to toe at the forefront of contemporary atmospheric psychedelia, but the placing of contrasting musical styles next to each other on the live circuit can still create problems for many an artist and fan. The juxtaposition between differing approaches to live performance can create quandaries in which it is difficult to judge a show, but bizarrely in this case the opposite seems to be the case.

Written by: Ben Bland | Date: Friday, 14 December 2012

Mumford And Sons

Mumford & Sons & Dawes - Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff - 13th December 2012 (Live Review)

It’s been a strange few years for Mumford & Sons. After bursting onto the scene as media darlings with the release of their huge debut album ‘Sigh No More’ their gruelling touring schedule saw them seemingly play every festival and small venue across the UK for the following two years while their singles were staples on every radio station you tuned in to. The effect of this was a ‘Coldplay effect’ for some people, where it seemed to become cool to dislike them. After a break while they worked equally hard at breaking North America (with a fair amount of success) and a well received new album, ‘Babel’, they’re back for their first full arena tour.

Written by: David Ball | Date: Friday, 14 December 2012


Skindred - The Duchess, York - 12th December 2012 (Live Review)

This venue is next to a Jobcentre. I don’t mean that it’s just near a Jobcentre; it’s actually attached to it. Odd geography aside, this seems like the perfect setting for a rock show. It’s small, it’s cramped, and there’s a kebab shop strategically located less than a minute away. Not bad, chaps.

Written by: Alec Chillingworth | Date: Thursday, 13 December 2012

Stone Sour

Stone Sour - Brixton Academy, London - 10th December 2012 (Live Review)

Stone Sour are a force unto themselves. Finally hitting the road to promote their new record 'House of Gold and Bones Part 1', the first instalment of their double concept record, the band thought they'd make their London shows that extra bit special - why not throw Sacramento rap-rock kings Papa Roach in as support?

Written by: Heather McDaid | Date: Thursday, 13 December 2012

Miss May I

Miss May I - Cardiff University - 7th December 2012 (Live Review)

With Cardiff being the last show on the UK stretch of Miss May I's 'At Heart' tour, it was rather apt that it also had the best pre-sale, as this metal showcase got the send off it well and truly deserved.

Written by: Matt Turner | Date: Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Squeeze - Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone - 27th November 2012 (Live Review)

The ‘Pop Up Shop Tour’ marks a return for the legendary band who have once again packed-out venues across the country including this evening for their show at Folkestone’s Leas Cliff Hall. New and mainly old fans are crammed in to watch the old-timers at work.

Written by: Ryan Crittenden | Date: Monday, 10 December 2012


Converge - Academy, Manchester - 29th November 2012 (Live Review)

There’s more than one reason Converge are always worth seeing when they come over to the UK on tour. Not only do they remain the best metalcore band of all time, but the Massachusetts quartet also have a well-deserved reputation for bringing many a fine band with them to these shores when they turn up. This particular tour, supporting excellent new release 'All We Love We Leave Behind', quickly proves to be no exception.

Written by: Ben Bland | Date: Thursday, 06 December 2012

Rizzle Kicks

Rizzle Kicks - O2 Academy, Newcastle - 1st December (Live Review)

It's been an outstanding 12 months for Rizzle Kicks. They have released countless hits from their debut album 'Stereo Typical' and have performed all over the UK. Now Jordan and Harley have embarked on their debut tour and tonight the show rolled into Newcastle.

Written by: Lara Rainsforth | Date: Wednesday, 05 December 2012


Hornet - Borderline, London - 29th November 2012 (Live Review)

How does a young band get noticed these days? Battling against the flood of self-promotion on the internet, their music must speak louder than words alone. Written in black and yellow and armed with a sting, Hornet, tonight, is proof of that.

Written by: Anna Ghislena | Date: Monday, 03 December 2012

Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie And Marilyn Manson - O2 Arena, London - 26th November 2012 (Live Review)

Before I use up every single superlative imaginable later on in this review, I feel like I should explain the foul mood looming over me as I entered the lavishly corporate O2 Arena last night. I was feeling a bit poorly and everything was annoying me. My train had been delayed by over an hour due to flooding. I didn’t actually have my tickets for the show; I assume that my postman had pocketed them at some point (I always knew there was something shifty about him). To add insult to injury, the O2 wouldn’t let me collect my duplicate tickets until twenty-five minutes before doors opened, so the prospect of a mile-long queue just made me very, very grumpy indeed. Basically, this gig needed to be brilliant.

Written by: Alec Chillingworth | Date: Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Frank Turner

Frank Turner - O2 Academy, Newcastle - 17th November 2012 (Live Review)

Seven months ago, Frank Turner completed the feat of a lifetime. Having secured himself a, well-deserved, reputation as one of the hardest working men in the business due to his constant touring, he sold out Wembley Arena. No mean feat for an ex post-hardcore frontman that, just four years ago, was playing many venues that make the word ‘dive’ look like an overly generous descriptor.

Written by: Ben Bland | Date: Friday, 23 November 2012

The Milk

The Milk - Thekla, Bristol - 16th November 2012 (Live Review)

When you find an interview with an upcoming band faced with a typical question like “what kind of music are you guys influenced by?” the most common answers are usually something unknowingly disingenuous like:

Written by: Owen Sheppard | Date: Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Marshall Ultimate Band Contest

Marshall Ultimate Band Contest Final - Marshall Theatre, Milton Keynes - 17th Nov 2012 (Live Review)

When Jesse Hughes, singer of Eagles of Death Metal and Boots Electric, walks onto the stage armed with a clipboard and reading glasses and asks “Are you ready for rock and roll?” you know that judging this competition is a serious business. Alongside Jesse, the panel of judges are British record producer, Steve Levine; Andy Copping from Download/Live Nation; Kerrang’s Listing Editor, Jen Walker and Paul Marshall. The pressure is on!

Written by: Anna Ghislena | Date: Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Soft Bullets

Soft Bullets - Nice N Sleazy's, Glasgow - 13th November 2012 (Live Review)

9pm. Last Tuesday. I was sat in the bottom of Nice ‘N’ Sleazy’s, steam slowly rising off me (cheers again to the driver who splashed us thinking the rain wasn’t quite enough to get us soaked), holding a mystery pint (support band 'Toi' rocked out too gosh darn hard to order the correct drink to) but feeling surprisingly cheerful. This was mainly due to the excellent band Soft Bullets. Coming courtesy of Chris Wall (keys and lead vocals) and Dan Capaldi (drums and backing) their set filled the room with rich piano sounds, glitch pop drums and chilling singing worthy of Thom Yorke or Matt Bellamy. Soft Bullets describe themselves as a "transatlantic musical venture" and though this would normally set alarm bells ringing they manage to avoid the art school, 'we all play synth' vibe instead coming off a lot more like two guys who really enjoy making music together.

Written by: Luke Bailey | Date: Monday, 19 November 2012


Sabaton - Corporation, Sheffield - 11th November 2012 (Live Review)

There’s something romantically ironic about Sabaton playing in Sheffield tonight; the fact that a band who’ve written seven albums about war are performing on Remembrance Day could seem like a somewhat distasteful choice by some. To the rest of us, however, it’s an illustrious celebration of all things cheesy.

Written by: Alec Chillingworth | Date: Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Gojira - Academy 2, Manchester - 7th November 2012 (Live Review)

With the evenings drawing ever further in and the air getting ever colder, it makes perfect sense that Gojira have returned to our shores for another little jaunt. The Bayonne band are masters of technical metal efficiency, and few acts could be as competent at dispelling the ever depressing onset of the British winter. There are also few bands with as much buzz about them in the metal world today, as demonstrated by the fact that the venues they are playing are rapidly increasing in size, to the point that Academy 2 is already busy by the time the support acts arrive.

Written by: Ben Bland | Date: Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Empire Empire

Empire! Empire! & The Reptilian - 13th Note, Glasgow - 7th November 2012 (Live Review)

To throw five bands on one bill is always a fairly ambitious move, but to start said show at around half eight is preposterous. With respect to the organisers of this DIY 13th Note show, who undoubtedly deserve credit for their efforts, they need to sharpen their timekeeping. You can particularly understand my apprehension when the last train home is at quarter to twelve! Whatever the intention was, journalists are always going to struggle to gage how good a band was when they're on and off in a blink of an eye, even if several of the bands in question are emo/hardcore.

Written by: Jonny Rimmer | Date: Monday, 12 November 2012

The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers - City Hall, Newcastle - 9th November 2012 (Live Review)

It has been a while since I was last at a gig at the City Hall and it is hard to forget how much of a small venue it is. I’m more of an R&B fan myself so I arrived with a completely open mind about seeing The Proclaimers live.

Written by: Lara Rainsforth | Date: Monday, 12 November 2012


Evanescence - Manchester Arena - 6th November 2012 (Live Review)

Evanescence has come a long way since it was comprised of two best friends jamming in bookstores and coffee shops around Little Rock, Arkansas in the mid-nineties. Today, they have sold a whopping 23 million albums despite numerous line-up changes and the departure of a founding member. This is 100% due to the fact that without lead vocalist, performer, song writer and classically trained pianist Amy Lee, Evanescence would undoubtedly be just another rock band, gigging and fervently refuting their Christian roots. Keeping her shining brightly at the core of the band is utterly crucial; her band know this, her label knows this, she knows this.

Written by: Sadie Walton | Date: Thursday, 08 November 2012

Every Time I Die

Every Time I Die - Cardiff University - 28th October 2012 (Live Review)

It was November 2011 that Every Time I Die led the annual Rock Sound Riot Tour with support from Trash Talk, Defeater and Spycatcher and played this very same venue. The Buffalo, NY five piece have since released 'Ex Lives' their sixth and most metal orientated album to date. A release that has seen them debuting at major festivals like Reading and Leeds and will inevitably earn top spots on “albums of the year” lists. What a difference a year makes you would assume, but disappointingly not quite so.

Written by: Owen Sheppard | Date: Tuesday, 06 November 2012


Jeff Loomis, Vildhjarta, Monuments - Cathouse, Glasgow - 24th October 2012 (Live Review)

Heavy metal audiences have become so fragmented over the past decade or so, it is difficult to discern where to draw the line on what counts as “real metal”. At least this is the case in the eyes of the purists, who we tend to generalise as those pesky misanthropic internet nerds who yearn for the good old days when nobody was a poser.

Written by: Jonny Rimmer | Date: Monday, 05 November 2012

Damnation Festival

Damnation Festival 2012 - Leeds University - 3rd November 2012 (Live Review)

Another year gone and another awesome line-up chock full of metal rolls into Leeds at the beginning of November. Arriving just as the wind starts to chill and the skies start to darken early, this is always a top quality event. Always reliable curators, the team behind Damnation are consistently good at getting a top selection of the heaviest bands around, and this year quickly proves to be no exception in that regard.

Written by: Ben Bland | Date: Monday, 05 November 2012

Immortal Technique

Immortal Technique – ABC2, Glasgow - 30th October 2012 (Live Review)

Despite it being over ten years since he first dropped 'Revolutionary Vol. 1', New York rapper Immortal Technique remains an absolutely unique proposition in the world of hip hop. You could arguably that to merely label him as an MC is to do him a disservice; activist, pioneer and revolutionary are all applicable. And for all that his detractors might condescend to him for his brash nature and overtly political sentiments, Technique remains implacable in his goals and his mission statement – Viva La Revolucion!

Written by: Jonny Rimmer | Date: Friday, 02 November 2012


Sucioperro - Stereo, York - 26th October 2012 (Live Review)

For some of the best British bands in recent memory, a lack of success has led to their demise, but not so for Sucioperro. Despite the success of their compatriots and friends in Biffy Clyro, this other Ayrshire alt-rock force has remained firmly below the mainstream radar. Last year’s 'The Heart String and How to Pull It' was an exercise in brilliantly simple, but effective, pop rock songwriting, and this year they have proved their diversity with the heavy stoner punk bombardment that is fourth album 'Fused'.

Written by: Ben Bland | Date: Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Rolo Tomassi

Rolo Tomassi - The Cockpit, Leeds - 25th October 2012 (Live Review)

Concerns always follow a band that disappears from regular touring for the best part of two years. After the tour cycle for their last record, 'Cosmology', finished, Rolo Tomassi lost two members and, aside from the occasional show, mostly fell out of the public eye for a time. Anyone who worried the band had lost their way, however, has now clearly been proved wrong. 'Astraea', the band’s return, is about to be unleashed and prove itself as the most comprehensive work the band has produced to date. Furthermore, their return to the hard graft of touring has, of course, been a great success.

Written by: Ben Bland | Date: Monday, 29 October 2012

Swn Festival

Swn Festival 2012 - Cardiff - 18th-21st October 2012 (Live Review)

It’s 2am and for the last eight hours I’ve had my ear drums appeased and pummeled. SWN Festival 2012 is finally here and what an opening day it’s been. Rather than face the prospect of camping in some distant mud infested field, SWN is one of the UK’s biggest urban festivals. Set in Cardiff where 16 of the city’s most notable bars, clubs and music venues host over 150 gigs and DJ sets. Thursday was by most accounts, the smallest of the four days and a bit of a warm up for a frantic weekend; here is how it kicked off.

Written by: Owen Sheppard | Date: Thursday, 25 October 2012

Tall Ships

Tall Ships - Brudenell Social Club, Leeds - 15th October 2012 (Live Review)

It seems like some time since Tall Ships turned up on the scene, but then three years or so is a long time in music. Those who were fortunate enough to encounter the Falmouth trio early on their ascent have been waiting patiently for a full-length album and, last week, 'Everything Touching' delivered in spades. Now, unimportant though it may seem for some, the band is touring the UK and, whisper it, getting big crowds in the like of London’s XOYO and the fabled Brudenell Social Club in Leeds.

Written by: Ben Bland | Date: Monday, 22 October 2012


Cheryl - Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle - 17th October 2012 (Live Review)

It is always emotional when an artist's tour comes to an end, however, for Cheryl it meant she was finally home!

Written by: Lara Rainsforth | Date: Monday, 22 October 2012

We Are Augustines

We Are Augustines - The Arches, Glasgow - 7th October 2012 (Live Review)

We Are Augustines have a few discernible qualities that are immediately going to attract the casual listener – they're undeniably earnest at a time when authenticity is becoming an increasingly valued trait in music again, even if that authenticity is the marketable trait (See Mumford & Sons); and they have obviously listened to a bit of U2 and Springsteen in their time, and they know that any band that aspires to stadium level needs that anthemic reverb-soaked sound to get noticed. Oh, and lead vocalist Billy McCarthy has a gruff voice and a hat.

Written by: Jonny Rimmer | Date: Monday, 15 October 2012

Lower Than Atlantis

Lower Than Atlantis - Trinity, Bristol - 3rd October 2012 (Live Review)

Opening times for tonight’s show were barely an hour ago and already the 1000 capacity Bristol Trinity is buzzing with teenage adrenaline and blanketed in empty beer cups. Coinciding with the release of their major label debuting third studio album 'Changing Tune', Lower Than Atlantis have just embarked on the umpteenth tour of their prospering careers in beer guzzling provocative pop punk. Bands who tour as frequently and far and wide as these Watfordians tend to make a few friends on their travels and this time they’ve nailed the support slots and brought the likes of Gnarwolves, Don Broco and The Dangerous Summer along with them.

Written by: Owen Sheppard | Date: Tuesday, 09 October 2012

Maverick Sabre

Maverick Sabre - O2 Academy, Newcastle - 21st September 2012 (Live Review)

It’s been a busy week for Maverick Sabre. Not only has Maverick been nominated for a MOBO Award and confirmed that he will appear on the new remake of the War of the Worlds album, he has also begun his brand new UK tour.

Written by: Lara Rainsforth | Date: Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Bestival - Robin Hill Country Park, Isle Of Wight - 6th-9th September 2012 (Live Review)

Set up in 2004 by DJ/Sunday Best Records founder Rob Da Bank and his wife Josie, Bestival has cemented its position as the festival to end the summer. Despite the poor weather that has engulfed many of the events over the 2012 summer, including a near wash out on the very Isle of Wight where Bestival resides, it is not just the star-studded line up that shines through over the 4-day festival.

Written by: Ryan Crittenden | Date: Friday, 21 September 2012

Festival Number 6

Festival No. 6 - Portmeirion, North Wales - 14th-16th September 2012 (Live Review)

There’s no substitute for location sometimes. If someone put The Horrors on in at the Royal Albert Hall I’d probably think they were the intriguing modern shoegaze icons that everyone else seems to think they are, place them in the distinctly less attractive setting of Islington Academy and I’d opt to drown out my apathy with overpriced lager.

Written by: Ben Bland | Date: Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Jersey Live

Jersey Live - Royal Jersey Showground, Trinity, Jersey - 1st-2nd September 2012 (Live Review)

Returning for its ninth edition, Jersey Live has already cemented its place as one of the events of the year on the Channel Island calendar. With a line-up full of big names, the 2012 event attracted just under 10,000 people who spent the weekend lapping up everything that was on offer at the Royal Jersey Showground.

Written by: Ryan Crittenden | Date: Wednesday, 05 September 2012

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran - iTunes Festival, Roundhouse, London - 2nd September 2012 (Live Review)

With any Ed Sheeran’s performance you know what to expect as they are just plain and simple. Which is a good thing as you don’t have the distractions of dancers or any fireworks on the stage. So for just over two hours - it was Ed Sheeran and a guitar, sounding exceptional.

Written by: Lara Rainsforth | Date: Monday, 03 September 2012


Usher - iTunes Festival, Roundhouse, London - 1st September 2012 (Live Review)

The iTunes Festival has well and truly kicked off thanks to American artist Usher who took to the stage at around 9.00pm on Saturday 1st September to become the first main headline act.

Written by: Lara Rainsforth | Date: Monday, 03 September 2012

Boom Town Fair

Boom Town Fair - Matterley Bowl, Hampshire - 9th-12th August 2012 (Live Review)

There aren’t many festivals in the country that can say they finish with a boom - however Boom Town Fair literally does.

Written by: Adam Holden | Date: Thursday, 23 August 2012

Green Man Festival

Green Man Festival 2012 - Glanusk Park, Brecon - 16th-19th August 2012 (Live Review)

Marking it's tenth anniversary in 2012, this year's Greenman was the biggest yet featuring over 400 acts spread across a variety of stages all in the spectacular surroundings of Glanusk Park in the Brecon Beacons national park. In true Welsh summer fashion it was quite wet and very muddy but that did little to dampen the spirits of the near 20,000 people who made the journey to the foot of Sugar Loaf mountain to the most spectacular festival site in the UK.

Written by: David Ball | Date: Wednesday, 22 August 2012

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