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Dub Pistols - The Globe, Cardiff - 15th October 2010 (Live Review)

Friday, 22 October 2010 Written by Andy Droid
Dub Pistols - The Globe, Cardiff - 15th October 2010 (Live Review)

Walking in to The Globe for the first time I was struck by how different their approach to live music seems to be – from the incense burning in the entranceway and stairwell to the lack of stereotype “Eye-Candy” girls and boys manning the tickets, etc it was obvious that they had a very original approach.

After some initial confusion, it was straight upstairs to the venue and wow! What a room...! Narrower than I was expecting and with one wall comprising of just the stage, it felt really small with just 4 tables set up across the bar and no other seating in view.  Up the far wall was a flight of stairs that later, proved somewhat of a surprise, but you’ll see why in a minute..!  Drinks were reasonably priced, especially for Cardiff, and the atmosphere was extremely relaxed and friendly – just what you want at a live show. Standing at the bar I was able to see the audience arriving for the gig, and what an assortment - from first year students to (I’m guessing) 50-somethings, the crowd covered most styles, attitudes (except bad!) and ages.

By the time the band arrived on stage, a strong sense of anticipation could be felt throughout the crowd, although it seemed quiet.  Then on they came, the one and only Dub Pistols and the room just exploded. It turned out that upstairs was a second seating area and there were loads of people waiting up there! As the band filed onstage there was an exodus from the gallery to the front of the stage and the place was suddenly rammed to the rafters with people cheering them on.  And then the mayhem began...

Now, I won’t lie, I’ve been a fan since the first single but I’ve never had a chance to catch the Pistols live and, as you’ll see, it was worth waiting for! For a start I wasn’t expecting 6 of them to walk on and I wasn’t expecting so much of the “live” aspect that they have when they play out.  With Barry Ashworth more than adequately stage managing the show from, alternately, behind his laptop and front of stage whilst ably assisted by Marcel toasting front of house, the band found their feet in seconds and just ran with the vibe – the crowd wanted to party and so did they!

ImageWatching these guys live is a treat as they blend live ska with electronic backing, samples and a massive dose of crowd interaction creating a sonic storm that those at the front go wild for.  Working their way through various tracks from the last three albums doesn’t feel like a task that it does with some bands as they deftly joke with each other while switching between styles lending the night an almost jam-like feel. But there was one tune I wanted to hear more than anything – their first single 'There’s Gonna Be A Riot' and I wasn’t disappointed.  A little bird told me it was going to be their last tune so, when it played, I had to look at my watch – it didn’t seem like they’d been on for any time at all. However, they’d been playing for over an hour and a half!  The opening bassline kicked in and the crowd went manic – bouncing, dancing and cheering as the band themselves went crazy on stage with Barry and Marcel centre stage having just as much fun.

However...It wasn’t the last track and, as the opening strains filtered through the assembled throng, a cheer went up.  One last tune.  The dancefloor area was, by this time, absolutely packed and was increasingly moving in unison rather than individually – everybody swept up in the euphoria of the moment.

The Dub Pistols left the stage to resounding cheers, leaving a happy crowd with no other option than to dissect the gig outside. Out we went and a few minutes later we were joined by the band themselves mingling with people on the pavement and proving, once and for all, that just because you’re famous doesn’t have to make you inaccessible!

Stereoboard Gig Rating: 10/10

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