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Matt Cardle Talks About A New Chapter In His Career And New Single 'Anyone Else' (Interview)

Friday, 23 November 2012 Written by Katie Territt
Matt Cardle Talks About A New Chapter In His Career And New Single 'Anyone Else' (Interview)

Cast your mind back two years ago, and the 2010 X Factor series was nearing its finale, with contestant Matt Cardle a firm favourite to win. Fast forward to the present day, and Matt not only has the X Factor crown under his belt, but two album releases in a year both hitting the top 10 chart. Not a bad pedigree for a star of today.

ImageIn preparation for the release of his new single, ‘Anyone Else’, Stereoboard caught up with a poorly Matt to chat about this new chapter of his career and what fans can expect from the new single. “It's probably the poppiest track we've got on the album. It's still very band based, band led. I wrote the song in Los Angeles, it's about promiscuity and not wanting to, kind of, sleep around. Not that I have been, but you know. To be with that one person that really means something to you. It's funky, it's upbeat, and it’s got a bit of a message to it.”

“It's honest, and kind of raw. As I said, it's the poppiest track on the album. The rest of the album is still very upbeat, still very positive and happy, but in a much less poppy kind of way. It sends out a statement about the vibe of the album. Anyone Else is way more pop, it's hooky, it's funky, it's a little more colourful, you know?”

‘Anyone Else’ is taken from Matt’s second album ‘The Fire’ which reached Number 8 in the UK album charts at the beginning of November. “I was absolutely over the moon, I couldn't believe it. It's the second top 10 album in a year which is an achievement for anyone, especially off the back of how hard we've worked after leaving Sony and finding a new deal. After writing and producing the album myself, to get a chart position like that is absolutely incredible.”

When Matt’s debut album ‘Letters’ was released, Matt had spent quite some time in the public eye after X Factor. Without the show behind him this time, was there a concern that ‘The Fire’ wouldn’t have similar success? “I wasn't really worried about that. You can't worry about that. The thing with the show, with X Factor, is that you're in people's lounges every weekend for 3 months nearly, and no one would panic at the over-exposure. People say, 'oh I don't see you as much anymore' and it's like, of course you don't, I'm not on X Factor anymore. You've just got to keep working hard and writing great songs and it's as simple as that. I've managed to cling onto a great fan base and we're slowly trying to expand that.”

Earlier this year, Matt announced that he had left Sony and his record deal with Columbia, his prize for winning X Factor. The change in label and direction in his career clearly didn’t have an impact on the process of recording the new album. “I was heartbroken and devastated when I was writing the album, so that was the driving force of the content lyrically and emotionally. As far as writing and recording it goes, I did the majority of the instruments myself; I produced the album myself and wrote all the songs, with other songwriters at times. I got complete control over it which was a great experience from start to finish. For want of a better way of putting it, it is very "me", this album.”

The legendary Abbey Road was the venue for some of the album’s production. “We did some work over there; it's an incredible place to be. Just to have your record involved in that place is amazing. You can't help but think about the people that have recorded there, and you see all the memorabilia and all that kind of stuff.”

During the boot camp stage of X Factor, Matt’s cover of ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’ was a huge highlight, as was his repeat performance during the live shows. Matt’s finally included a newly recorded version of the song on ‘The Fire’. “It didn't feel like the right thing to do at the time with 'Letters' but I still get people coming up to me in the street all the time saying they love that version of the song, so it was just my way of giving it to the people that wanted it.”

On the subject of X Factor, it’s been reported recently that Matt has been “banned” from ever performing on the show, despite the regular appearance of ex-contestants. “Well "banned" is probably not the right word, but they haven't invited me, put it that way. I don't think they will to be honest. It's just one of those things you know. I don't know the in's and out's to be fair.” Clearly a bit of a sore subject there!

As reality show contestants go, it can sometimes be hard to distance yourself from that label you gain during the experience. “I don't know if I've shaken it off. I was in no rush to shake it off. I'm very grateful to the show and for the opportunities that I've been given through it. I do hope people will eventually take me as my own artist, but only time will tell with that.”

So now that Matt has moved onto his second album and is establishing himself as one of the UK’s talented singer/songwriters, what’s next? “I've always said I'd love to do some work with Chris Martin, I think he's a genius. I haven't really thought much past that. Obviously duets and stuff is something I'll be looking to do next year, and maybe some collaborations. But I think Chris is amazing. We've been too busy up to this point to be honest, but we'll be putting some feelers out as of now.”

“We're looking to push the album internationally next year so that will impact on how much we can do live wise over here. We'll definitely be playing some shows, we've got some lined up and we'll be announcing them soon. That's where I like to be, I like to be singing and performing. Being on tour allows me to do that every night.”

Matt Cardle has already proved his talent throughout X Factor, but it’s now that he’s beginning to move away from the show and highlight to his fans and beyond, just how much his song writing and musical ability can stand up its own right without the backing of the show. ‘The Fire’ is a fantastic second album, and two Top Ten albums in a year just goes to show the amazing support that Matt has from his fans. Something he was keen to recognise at the end of our chat; “I just want to thank the fans, you know? For going out and supporting me post-X Factor. I just want to thank you all so much.”

‘Anyone Else’ is released on 31st December 2012 and ‘The Fire’ is out to buy and download now.

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