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Papa Roach - The Connection (Album Review)

Monday, 01 October 2012 Written by Heather McDaid
Papa Roach - The Connection (Album Review)

Papa Roach are one of those bands who have consciously developed their sound throughout their career while maintaining a cores essence of self in its midst. As their latest offering 'The Connection' sees them dabbling in a more electronic field, one thing is still clear: This is Papa Roach, and they won't compromise.

ImageAdmittedly, it could take some getting into. As with other rock bands, additional electronics might not sit well with everyone. But, as someone partial to a little electro layering here and there, this proved surprisingly great. 'Still Swinging' has that Papa Roach swagger and returns to Jacoby's famed rap stylings of albums past. The chorus soars, it lures you in. This is banging rock music, and this is what they do best.

As the album progresses, the evident swagger in their deep rooted riffs is unrelenting. There's an emotion, an aggression conveyed in the music that mirrors Jacoby's vocals. Lyrically, it's personal and that translates in his vocal capabilities; that raw power seems to have reached a new layer. Having said that he was releasing his pain into the music, as you listen - with this knowledge - you can pick certain vocal flaunts that seem rammed with this therapy. And that's why Papa Roach are loved - that honesty, that commitment to their music in that they give themselves to it entirely, no matter how bad things go.

Electronically, Papa Roach took a more technical approach than, say, Korn, who indulged their sound fully in dubstep. This is straight up rock, etched with new layers. 'Silence Is The Enemy' is a massive tune, and it utilises these new sounds to create a soaring element. Without that element, there'd be something that felt lacking. With it, the track is simply mammoth.

It's not all big tunes though, they've utilised this technology to aid in the emotional and restrained elements too. 'Before I Die' appears to use electronic arpeggios to underlay Jacoby's heartfelt calls, at no point feeling overbearing or out of place. The chorus, again, soars, yet the electronics play a big part of that.

It feels almost artistic in their approach. So often bands have slapped a sound or effect onto their track and lost themselves in experimentation, but this has taken intricate tailoring and balancing to get it just right. Papa Roach will never lose that rock edge to them, but this progression has definitely proved interesting, even more so when you compare it with the personal struggles that seem to shape the album's themes.

Ultimately, this will not please everyone and that's understandable. This is a leap of faith from Papa Roach in terms of their style and, personally, it's fantastic. They've teetered on the electronic lines without falling right over and there's something new rearing its head with every listen. Some tracks will take time to grow on the listener, but others immediately grab you by the throat and refuse to let you forget them.

Papa Roach’s sixth studio album ‘The Connection’ is out today, Monday 1st October 2012 on Eleven Seven Music. Papa Roach perform in London, with Stone Sour, in December.

Papa Roach UK & Ireland Tour Dates are as follows:

Mon December 10th 2012 - O2 Academy Brixton, London
Tue December 11th 2012 - O2 Academy Brixton, London

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