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Former Bandmate Bonehead Claims Liam Gallagher Would Reform Oasis 'Tomorrow'

Thursday, 04 October 2012 Written by Elliott Batte
Former Bandmate Bonehead Claims Liam Gallagher Would Reform Oasis 'Tomorrow'

Beady Eye rocker Liam Gallagher would reform Oasis ‘tomorrow’ if he didn’t have a faltering relationship with high High Flying brother Noel, according to former Oasis guitarist Bonehead.

Like a lot of band’s in recent years, Oasis have been speculation to rumours of a reunion since their split back in 2009, with their legions of fans hoping that they’ll get to see their favourites once again in the near future. But, while Liam and Noel have a very volatile ‘friendship’, Liam would apparently hop straight back into the Oasis bus... it’s just a shame that Noel doesn’t feel the same way.

Speaking to NME, Bonehead said: “I'm sure Liam would do it in a shot tomorrow. But you've got to listen to what Noel says. He's not up for it, why does he need to? He's flying around the world, isn't he? He's doing well, so why would he need to? Like he said the other day: 'Biggest band in the world? Been there, done that'. He doesn't need the money, so I can't see it.”

So, with Noel literally flying high with his new band, and Liam not enjoying a similar amount of success, can you see Oasis reforming any time soon? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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