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Cher Death Hoax Sparked By #Nowthatcherisdead Twitter Hashtag

Monday, 08 April 2013 Written by Elliott Batte
Cher Death Hoax Sparked By #Nowthatcherisdead Hashtag

The death of the Iron Lady herself, former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, has resulted in many a different reaction today - there are parties being organised in the town of Merthyr Tydfil, while David Cameron and co. are all paying their respects to their fallen idol. One thing no-one expected it to result in, however, was a Cher death hoax!

ImageIn what is the second major hashtag cock-up of recent times (who can forget ‘Su’s Anal Bum Party’ (#Susanalbumparty)!?), the news that Cher has died has been flying across the internet today, even trending on Twitter.

What people don’t realise is that Cher is still alive and well and that people had just been misreading the ‘now Thatcher is dead’ hashtag - #nowthatcherisdead - as ‘now that Cher is dead’. Well, let us reassure you Cher fans that it is in fact Margaret Thatcher that has died, and not Cher.

Yes, that’s right, Cher is alive and we suspect there’s still good times ahead for the singer. In fact, we hope it’ll be awhile before she’s having tea with Mussolini (and Thatcher, for that matter!)

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