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Chroma Announce New Single ’Intermission’/’Knock Knock’

Wednesday, 01 May 2013 Written by Elliott Batte

The dark world of drum and bass has seen a number of name changes and team-ups recently, from the much-loved Mute becoming Villem, to the likes of Stray, Sabre, and Halogenix teaming up to become Ivy Lab. Now, we’ve been treated to some new music from the likes of Newcastle collective Chroma - consisting of Phobia, Sato, and Tyrone.

Formed in 2011, the trio have already put out tunes through the likes of Critical, Renegade Hardware, Program, Ingredients, and Symmetry, and this month they return with a release via Total Science’s C.I.A Recordings label - and it doesn’t disappoint.

Phobia and Sato are known for their capabilities in the studio, having produced some of drum and bass’s murkiest rollers - Phobia’s remix of Sato’s ‘Detroit Lies Bleeding’ is one of my all time favourite tunes. With theirs and Tyrone’s new single ‘Intermission’ - backed with ‘Knock Knock’ - they’re back in similar fashion, with extra jungle juice added for good measure.

‘Intermission’ is a wonderfully crafted jungle beat featuring a sick dread-bass style bassline, and classic, old skool drums. This tune undoubtedly causes danger when it’s dropped in a dance, and is one that the older heads can appreciate as much as the younger generation that have taken over the dnb scene in recent years.

Keeping with the old skool flavours, it’s flip ‘Knock Knock’ is another tune that’ll have 170-lovers of any age nodding their heads. It’s clean break is accompanied by evil synth stabs and chugging subs, while it’s catchy bongo slaps keep the tune running at full pace. This single has found the equilibrium between 90s jungle and modern day deep dnb.

Out May 20th, this one is definitely worth checking out - you can pre-order and hear previews here.

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