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Introducing: Tyler Jacob Releases ’Face II Face’ EP - Listen Now

Monday, 13 May 2013 Written by Jaspreet Kaur Takhi

If there’s one thing I like doing it’s listening to brand new music from artists I have no prior knowledge of hoping they will bring a breath of fresh air from some of the earache inducing fodder that is littering the music landscape today. On that note I was really pleased when I was introduced to the sound of young Tyler Jacob. Like many aspiring musicians Tyler has his own YouTube channel notching up an impressive seven thousand subscribers and over a million hits covering songs by the likes of Adele and Bruno Mars. However unlike many aspiring musicians Tyler Jacob has the added endorsement of some of the industry heavyweights such as Grammy Award winner Brandy Norwood, producer and writer Donell Jones of 'U Know What’s Up' fame and Koko, who you may remember as a third of the 90’s R&B sensation SWV - so clearly he is making waves among the choppy waters of the music industry.

With his boyish good looks, chocolate smooth voice and self-penned tunes Tyler Jacob has been gigging extensively around the States acquiring an ever flowing cascade of female admirers on the way and is, basically, in my eyes, the perfect pop pin up.

Jacob’s live covers are very impressive as he has the unique skill of taking a hit song and putting his own stamp on it rather than rehashing the track and just trying to replicate the original which, in my opinion shows no creativity. He also sings the songs acapella and in one take (and I still couldn’t find any flaws!) I actually listened to the covers from start to finish as although we all know the songs I felt compelled to listen to his dulcet tones until the very end! Tyler’s own LP 'Face II Face' is a stellar effort; crystal clear sounds and a fresh and thumping beat to which you can’t help but to bop your head to just as I am doing now as I type this sentence.

To my surprise there is not much difference between his live covers and his recording voice, perhaps the best compliment you can give to any singer really! Recently signed to Kempire Records, Tyler Jacob has a lot of real and honest talent that needs to be shared. In a world of “Beliebers” and “Directioners” I am pretty sure there will be another opening soon that will be filled in the way of Tyler Jacob (catchy truncated name is yet to be confirmed!)

Find out more about Tyler Jacob and download the 'Face II Face' EP here.

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