Things We Love This Week: The Beatles, Foo Fighters, Kiwi Jr

Brian Eno and David Byrne once wisely said, “You may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile, and you may find yourself in a beautiful house, or you may find yourself at a certain new music blog post on a Friday afternoon.” That’s how it goes right? And you may ask yourself, “Well, how did I get here?” But don’t worry, you’re in safe hands.

The Beatles

‘Abbey Road’ is 50! FIFTY! What an age. To celebrate, the team behind one of the biggest bands in history have put together an adorable video for Here Comes The Sun,  and it’s pretty sweet.

It’s made up of a collection of rare photos and clips of the band, shots of the legendary Studio 2 at Abbey Road, and little animations to bind it all together. Watch below, then listen to an entirely newly mixed edition of the album.

Foo Fighters

Surprise! In a pleasant turn of events, Foo Fighters have released two unexpected EPs. They cover live performances from 2005, old demos, b-sides and bonus tracks from 2007’s  ‘Echoes, Silence, Patience And Grace’. There’s even A COVER OF ARCADE FIRE!

Week. Made. Although pretty similar to the original in terms of both structure and instrumentation, the band’s rendition of Keep The Car Running is certain to cheer up your drizzly Friday. Enjoy!

Kiwi Jr

It was impossible to not look into this band after seeing a description of their new single as “delightful as fuck.” And guess what? That’s exactly right. Kiwi Jr are a Toronto band that features Brian Murphy of Alvvays on guitar, and they’re releasing their debut album in January. ‘Football Money’ is coming through Persona Non Grata Records, who also put out Pip Blom’s debut EP, FYI.

The first track, Salary Man, does have undeniable Alvvays  influence, but with a jangly, 1980s college-rock spin. If this track and its wacky video doesn’t put you in a good mood, you’ll get your money back. (Not really. I can’t control financial exchanges. But I can tell you to have a little listen.)


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