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Haters Roast

'Nothing is off limits': Trinity 'The Tuck' Taylor Talks UK Haters Roast - The Shady Tour

Trinity 'The Tuck' Taylor is an Alabama-born, Florida-based drag queen, well known for jointly winning the fourth season of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars with Monet X Change in 2018, having placed in the final four of season nine just the year before. During the confessional accompanying her intro look for the latter, Trinity promised us she, “can do anything from beautiful to way outside the box”, and she’s stayed true to that ever since.

Written by: Laura Johnson | Date: Thursday, 23 March 2023

Black Honey

Underneath the Mask: Inside Black Honey's 'A Fistful of Peaches'

Photo: Jamie Noise Off the back of their triumphant third album ‘A Fistful Of Peaches’, which unleashes a widescreen barrage of cinematic indie sleaze anthems, it’s tempting to reclassify Brighton’s Black Honey as more movement than band. Hell bent on giving a sense of belonging to every outlier in search of connection, it’s a communal and unflinchingly truthful record that looks set to further strengthen the  bond between the group and their devout followers.

Written by: Simon Ramsay | Date: Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Lamb Of God

The 10 Songs We NEED to Hear on Lamb Of God's State Of Unrest Tour

It's been a long time coming, but Lamb Of God are back in the UK for their State Of Unrest tour, which was originally booked for 2021. Of course we all know what's happened over the past three years, and while the Richmond, VA five-piece kept things ticking over with global live streamed shows, nothing quite compares to being in the room with their brand of ferocious and politically-charged metal.

Written by: Jack Terry | Date: Tuesday, 07 March 2023

Meet Me At The Altar

Why Couldn't It Be Us?: Meet Me @ the Altar On 'Past // Present // Future' and World Domination

Photo: Jonathan Weiner Téa Campbell can’t help but smile when recalling Meet Me @ the Altar’s stratospheric 2022. “There were so many moments where it was like, ‘Are we awake or are we dreaming?’ When we were kids idolising all these people and listening to this music, we didn’t know that one day it would become such a huge part of our lives,” the multi-instrumentalist says. “It’s insane to think about. We opened for Green Day—who the hell gets to do that?”

Written by: Maddy Howell | Date: Monday, 06 March 2023

Death Pill

'We Are The Voice For Everyone Who Can't Shout So Loud': Introducing Death Pill

Death Pill vocalist and guitarist Mariana Navrotskaya is feeling subdued. She’s based in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, and on the day of our interview, there’s just been another deadly Russian missile strike. Attacks like these, she says, cast a shadow over her entire day. Midway through the conversation, her shaky internet connection falters, but she returns when she’s been able to get a signal and find a light source.

Written by: Emma Wilkes | Date: Tuesday, 28 February 2023

The Slow Readers Club

Building Back Brighter: The Slow Readers Club Rebound With 'Knowledge Freedom Power'

Photo: Trust A Fox Photography Contrary to fantastical teenage dreams about forming a band and achieving life-changing fame and fortune, for most musicians the reality of their profession is a constant, unglamorous struggle. But even by past tribulations, the last few years have been especially hard on artists operating at a certain level without a financial safety net. Yet, if you had to put your money on one act to battle through such a tumultuous period, The Slow Readers Club would represent a pretty safe wager.

Written by: Simon Ramsay | Date: Thursday, 23 February 2023

Dream Theater

Reaching the Highest Level: John Petrucci on Dream Theater's Crowning Glory

Photo: Rayon Richards It doesn’t matter what you’re striving to achieve in this life, or which particular brand of music floats your boat, everyone can learn something from Dream Theater’s remarkable story. Whether it’s matching undoubted talent with a phenomenal work ethic, fighting outside perceptions or navigating crushing setbacks, the prog-metal legends have embodied everything that’s required to triumph with integrity over seemingly unbeatable odds.

Written by: Simon Ramsay | Date: Friday, 17 February 2023

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

Darker Shades: Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Talk New Album 'Land Of Sleeper'

What do you do to make an impact when the majority of your output is already renowned for melting faces? That’s the question Newcastle noise-smiths Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs were forced to ponder while writing their fourth album, ‘Land Of Sleeper’. The answer they summoned from the void delivers the usual strain of unabashed Sabbath-esque heaviness, but here it’s juxtaposed against more atmospheric, experimental and contemplative moments.

Written by: Laura Johnson | Date: Thursday, 16 February 2023

The Subways

Billy Lunn on Myth-Busting With The Subways' 'Uncertain Joys'

Photo: Laura Lewis Rock ‘n’ roll’s outrageous lifestyle has always been something of a dream destination for disenfranchised loners and wannabe rebels. Often seen as the ultimate emancipation from society, idealised perceptions of ‘live fast, die young’ and bullshit notions of eternal youth are seductive for  eager souls who, without even knowing it, are often seeking an escape from a troubled existence. As such, when reality crashes into fantasy, the results can be disastrous.

Written by: Simon Ramsay | Date: Tuesday, 14 February 2023

Enter Shikari

The 10 Songs We NEED to Hear on Enter Shikari's Upcoming Tour

​ Photo: Jamie Waters Enter Shikari are back! The St Albans quartet recently announced their seventh studio album A Kiss For The Whole World (out April 21 via So Recordings / Ambush Reality) as well as a set of monthly residencies across the UK. So, ahead of their dates in London, Manchester, Wolverhampton, Bristol and Glasgow between February and April, we sifted through their six studio albums, three compilations, two remix albums and stack of singles to choose the 10 songs we NEED to hear them play.

Written by: Jack Terry | Date: Monday, 13 February 2023

Narrow Head

Step Into The Light: Narrow Head On Finding Hope Within 'Moments Of Clarity'

Photo: Nate Kahn Time is a funny thing. Sometimes it can pass us by unknowingly, but there are other times when its effects are much more discernible: situations that once felt unsettled can regain clarity, and wounds that once felt raw can begin to heal. This is something that Narrow Head frontman Jacob Duarte came to realise over the past few years.

Written by: Maddy Howell | Date: Thursday, 09 February 2023

You Me At Six

Fearless Again: You Me At Six Redefine Their Future By Looking To The Past On 'Truth Decay'

​ There’s a lot to be said for a reset, just ask You Me At Six. When the five-piece hopped on a plane to Thailand in late 2019 to work on their seventh album  ‘SUCKAPUNCH’, frontman Josh Franceschi believed it could be their last. However, over the course of just a few weeks, a lot changed.

Written by: Maddy Howell | Date: Monday, 06 February 2023

White Reaper

Very Us: White Reaper on Sticking to Their Guns with 'Asking For a Ride'

Photo: Jimmy Fontaine We all know cherished cult bands who, after experiencing a little success, immediately abandon their roots. Such acts strive to capitalise on their newfound recognition by heading further down a commercial path that feels all kinds of wrong. Thankfully, White Reaper won’t be joining those misguided souls anytime soon.

Written by: Simon Ramsay | Date: Tuesday, 31 January 2023


Nice Things: Stereoboard's 2023 Gig Guide

​​   It’s all been a bit up and down the last few years (translated: an absolute bloody nightmare), but if all of these exciting shows aren’t evidence that live music is well and truly back, we don’t know what is. Now that things are seemingly a little more stable, it’s been a bit of a mad scramble for everyone and their dog to announce events that have hung in Covid-controlled limbo for some time, so you’d be forgiven for finding it all a bit overwhelming. But take a deep breath and count to three, as we’re here to help with the live events side of your diaries, with a full round-up of the biggest shows for the rest of the year. Can’t help with the excuse for getting out of your mate’s baby shower/cousin’s wedding/nan’s bingo night though, you’re on your own there.

Written by: Sophie Pengelly | Date: Monday, 30 January 2023

The Darkness

Adding to the Rock Lexicon: Looking Back and to the Future With The Darkness

Ever since they illuminated the beige, post-millennium guitar scene with a fashion-be-damned explosion of vintage glam metal, Carry On-esque humour and Liberace-styled attire, premature obituaries have circled The Darkness. They appeared to be primed for a trip to the printers after the four piece came, saw, conquered and spectacularly imploded, but since reforming over a decade ago they have steadily amassed a catalogue of fine albums that have kept the doom-mongers at bay.

Written by: Simon Ramsay | Date: Wednesday, 25 January 2023

Meet Me At The Altar

Now And Next: Stereoboard's Ones To Watch For 2023

A new year always brings with it the chance to find something fresh that says something about where you are in your life right now, or where you'd like to be a little way down the line. Here are Stereoboard's picks for the most exciting artists to keep an eye on as 2023 rolls on.

Written by: Maddy Howell and Emma Wilkes | Date: Wednesday, 11 January 2023

Ville Valo

'It Has To Feel Like An Adventure': Ville Valo On Life After HIM And His Solo Debut 'Neon Noir'

Photo: Juha Mustonen All good things must come to an end. At Helsinki’s storied rock club Tavastia in 2017, Finnish love-metal pioneers HIM took their final bow at their traditional New Year’s Eve hometown show, sealing their fate with a bloody kiss as their fans celebrated a quarter of a century filled with peculiar shadows and majestic darkness.

Written by: Maddy Howell | Date: Tuesday, 10 January 2023

Circa Waves

Release and Resilience: Circa Waves Pull Together With 'Never Going Under'

Photo: Lewis Vorne A new year might mean a fresh start, but let’s not kid ourselves. Without wanting to break your optimistic spell faster than most of us abandon those overly ambitious annual resolutions, all the world’s ills won’t be solved by a simple change of date.

Written by: Simon Ramsay | Date: Monday, 09 January 2023


The List: Stereoboard's Top Tickets Of 2022

td#right {display:none !important;} The impact of COVID-19 is still being felt throughout the music industry, but this year's numbers make it clear that the appetite for live events is as voracious as ever, with a gobsmacking 39, 128, 765 searches for tour dates over the past 12 months via Stereoboard, up from 16, 790, 678 in 2021. 

Written by: Laura Johnson | Date: Tuesday, 20 December 2022


It's All Connected: Volbeat's Rob Caggiano on Doing Something That Feels Important

The American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once claimed, “Music is the universal language of mankind.” If we take that aphorism as gospel, then New York native Rob Caggiano is a very fluent linguist indeed. Supremely accomplished in the fine art of rock ‘n’ roll guitar, and able to switch between genres with dexterous ease, his six-string work with Anthrax, The Damned Things and Volbeat has connected with audiences all over the globe.

Written by: Simon Ramsay | Date: Wednesday, 14 December 2022

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