Things We Love This Week: LCD Soundsystem, Bully, Liam Gallagher

School’s out for summer! Maybe I should’ve gone into teaching for my share of those sweet, sweet six week holidays. Instead, I’ve gathered a list of things that I think you’ll love as much as I have, and will bask in the glory of the weekend.

Side thought: how awful is that new Muse track? Awkward.

LCD Soundsystem – ‘American Dream’ Remixes

‘American Dream’ came out last September after a five year hiatus from the New York group. It was awesome. The album reached #1 on many Albums of the Year lists, had loads of critical acclaim and even won a Grammy. It was also just really fucking good.

James Murphy and co. have now announced that they’ll be sharing some remixes as 12″ vinyl singles on August 10, with re-works from Dixon and Lovefingers.

While we wait, have a listen to this banger.

Bully – Guess There

Look at this video! It’s a little snail going about his day! Making coffee, going for a walk (?), playing video games, riding a skateboard, having dinner, then chilling with his whole snail family. All the usual things snails do. It’s so cute and I love it. Have a watch.

Liam Gallagher’s Use of Grammar and Punctuation in his Tweets

His spelling really is the BeZarist thing I’ve ever seen. 

As you were x

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Things We Love This Week: Snail Mail, Mourn, Tunng, Bully

It feels like summer. I bought new sunglasses and wore shorts for the first time all year this week. My jeans aren’t making another appearance until September. Feel just as summery as me with some great, shiny new tracks.

Snail Mail – Let’s Find An Out

This is the second time Snail Mail has featured in an edition of this column, and are we surprised? Not at all. Lindsey Jordan, the 18-year-old (!) singer-songwriter-fabulous-guitarist has released the third cut from her upcoming album, ‘Lush’. And it’s the best so far.

This track reels you in straight off with a brilliant guitar pattern that you’ll immediately want to learn to play yourself (how do you think I’m spending the weekend?). Although it’s pretty short, this song has an unusual structure, with no chorus as such, and more of a rolling verse carried on top of that mesmerising picking. It ends with an imperfect cadence, which is a little technique that I’ve always loved. Makes you wanna hear more, right? Right.

‘Lush’ is due on June 8 via Matador, and Snail Mail tours the UK next week. See you at the Bristol show, fans.

Mourn – Fun at the Geysers

Aren’t you glad we caught this single in the press inbox! Despite June seeing the release of their third LP, the Catalan punk band Mourn aren’t a band I’ve come across before.

Their new single, Fun at the Geysers, is about having fun, surprisingly, at the geysers – hot springs that intermittently spout water, like a more benign, tiny volcano. It all started with their trip to Reykjavík to play at the Iceland Airwaves festival in 2015, and the that which stopped them from touring for over a year and a half.

Having spent about 11 hours without eating, the band stated:

“The people from the label that came with us [to Reykjavik] were telling us that through the years we’d learn how to endure being hungry. They didn’t really care about us at that point. We arrived to the city, ate something and went to sleep right away. The next day we woke up and found ourselves alone in Reykjavík without money or food. The people from the record label had taken a taxi to visit the geysers without telling us. We found out because one of them posted a photo on Instagram. They payed for their excursion with the money the festival was paying us, as usual, counting it as ‘expenses’.”

Brutal! So, taking suitably punk revenge, Mourn went off on a day trip to play in the hot springs. They documented an awesome record of their experiences in the form of the song’s accompanying video. Super fun and a great track.

Tunng – ABOP

Honesty alert: I actually only heard of this band because of the recent LUMP project, created by Tunng’s co-founder and producer Mike Lindsay and the ineffable Laura Marling. Colour me intrigued. A quick Internet scroll reveals they’ve had loads of albums, are relatively big, and began back in 2003. Now I feel a fool – but I was eight at the time of their formation. What’s your excuse?

Not my usual approach when discovering new music, but I decided to start with their brand new single. ABOP begins with an electro-pop feel, and a simple vocal sample “Oh, it felt so marvellous!”, which is pretty much on the money with this track.

It’s refreshing to hear an English accent, having spent much of today listening to American singers, furthered when Lindsay’s vocals creep in. It’s neat, precise, and addictive. The only thing that annoys me is that I can’t find out what ABOP stands for.

Their sixth album, ‘Songs You Make At Night’ is due for release on the August 24.


We saw Bully on their current UK tour on Sunday. They were ACE, despite us having to lug around bellies full to the brim of pre-gig cocktails and Caribbean food. Alicia Bognanno, frontwoman, took over with her searing, raspy vocals as they stormed through songs from ‘Losing’ and ‘Feels Like’, including highlights Kills To Be Resistant and I Remember.

Tune in next time for more waffling from me.

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Staff Picks: Laura ‘Riot Goth’ Johnson

I’ve survived another year! In the process I’ve gained a few pounds and new friends, lost my voice after screeching along at numerous gigs and a shedload of money by spending way more than I should on fantastic records and merch.

It may be a sombre subject, but I didn’t feel I could reflect on the year without commenting on how I’ve been inspired by the strength of the victims who have stood up against their abusers within the music industry, and elsewhere, throughout this year, and many more prior. It is heartbreaking that we cannot go a day on Twitter without another instance surfacing, but I am glad that the true extent of the problem is finally beginning to be seen and challenged.

That being said, I refuse to let those awful humans detract from what has been an otherwise great year for new music. Check out what caused my ears to prick and heart to swell, Grinch-like, below.


Alex Lahey – ‘I Love You Like A Brother’

Beth Ditto – ‘Fake Sugar’

Bully – ‘Losing’

Diet Cig – ‘I Swear I’m Good At This’

Downtown Boys – ‘Cost Of Living’

Idles – ‘Brutalism’

Japandroids – ‘Near To The Wild Heart Of Life’

Kamikaze Girls – ‘Seafoam’

Sacred Paws – ‘Strike A Match’

Weaves – ‘Wide Open’

Worriers – ‘Survival Pop’


Beach Slang – The Exchange, Bristol – January 20

Petrol Girls – Le Pub, Newport – March 16

Idles – Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff – April 5

Meat Wave – Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff – April 24 (pictured at the top of the page)

Japandroids – O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London – May 6

Kamikaze Girls (supporting Gnarwolves) – Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff – May 17

HCBP (debut headline show) – The Moon, Cardiff – June 1

Sad13 – The Big Top, Cardiff – June 25

Ho99o9 (ArcTanGent Set) – Fernhill Farm, Compton Martin – August 18

HCBP (ArcTanGent Set) – Fernhill Farm, Compton Martin – August 19

Asphalt (Japan) – Le Public Space, Newport – August 28

Dead Arms/Twisted Ankle/ Eva Bartok/ Salt Bath – The Moon, Cardiff – September 15

Sacred Paws – Transport Club, Cardiff – September 22

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Bournemouth International Centre – September 24

Baby In Vain – The Moon, Cardiff – October 13

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – O2 Academy Bristol – December 1

Marilyn Manson – Newport Centre, Newport (Wales) – December 8

DIY Cardiff’s Third Birthday feat Apologies, I Have None/Kamikaze Girls/The Doublecross/Masts/Esuna- Cathays Community Centre, Cardiff – December 16


Yes Lad

Elephant Stone

Evil Triplet

Mr Irish Bastard

Bum Freak In Egypt

Exactly Violent Style

Rat In  A Bucket

Spunk Volcano and the Eruptors

Hello Moth

The Buttery Trio



Cocaine Piss

Mexican Chili Funeral Party

Drug Honky

Prosthetic Cunt

Corpsefucking Art


Henry Metal

Soul Enema

Terror Pigeon

Glory Hole Guillotine

Spiritual Bat

Teen Mortgage

Dildo’s Panda Fight

Bed Wettin Bad Boys


Torso Murder

Septic Flesh

Pile Of Priests

Cyanide Sundae

Infected Syren



Foetal Juice




SONG: First Aid Kit – You Are The Problem Here

TV: Big Mouth

PODCAST: My Brother, My Brother And Me – I don’t listen to nearly enough podcasts so feel free to send me recommendations!

MERCH: Kamikaze Girls’ ‘Nervous Millennials’ t-shirt and ‘I’m not your fucking sweetheart mate’ tote bag.

FOOD: Red’s Devil Wing BBQ Sauce

DRINK: Almond Butter Crunch Shake from Anna Loka in Cardiff

COMEBACK: Me: “Dad, when you die if we cremate you we can put your ashes into a vinyl record of your favourite song if you want? A band called Idles did it recently!”

Dad: “Are you joking? I don’t want to be going around in circles forever!”

**You can find Laura on Twitter and Instagram

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This Week’s New Releases: Bully, Jessie Ware And John Carpenter

The momentum of new releases continues to be relentless. Bully have released their sophomore LP, which was engineered and mixed by vocalist and guitarist Alicia Bognanno, Jessie Ware has finally followed up 2014’s ‘Tough Love’ and John Carpenter has put out a collection of newly recorded versions of his classic movie themes. Tegan and Sara, meanwhile, are celebrating the 10th anniversary of ‘The Con’ by releasing a record featuring 14 artists covering songs from it.

Still not happy? Cast your eye over some other new releases below.

And So I Watch You from Afar – ‘The Endless Shimmering’ (Sargent House)

The Bloody Beetroots – ‘The Great Electronic Swindle’ (SPV/Caroline)

Bully – ‘Losing’ (Sub Pop)

Charlotte Carpenter – ‘Shelter’ (EP) (Let It Go Records)

Cheap Trick – ‘Christmas Christmas’ (Big Machine Records)

Destroyer – ‘Ken’ (Merge Records/Dead Oceans)

Europe – ‘Walk The Earth’ (Hell & Back Recordings)

George Michael – ‘Listen Without Prejudice/ MTV Unplugged’ (Sony)

Gwar – ‘The Blood Of Gods’ (Metal Blade Records)

Jessie Ware – ‘Glasshouse’ (Island)

John Carpenter – ‘Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998’ (Sacred Bones)

Krept & Konan – ‘7 Days’/’7 Nights’ (mixtapes) (Virgin EMI)

Lindstrøm – ‘It’s Alright Between Us As It Is’ (Smalltown Supersound/Feedelity Recordings)

Lucinda Williams – ‘This Sweet Old World’ (Highway 20/Thirty Tigers)

MALKA – ‘Ratatatat’ (Tantrum Records)

Margo Price – ‘All American Made’ (Third Man Records)

Nai Palm – ‘Needle Paw’ (Sony)

Niall Horan – ‘Flicker’ (Virgin EMI)

Rock Candy Funk Party – ‘The Groove Cubed’ (J&R Adventures)

Slipknot – ‘Day Of The Gusano – Live In Mexico’ (Eagle Rock)

The Smiths – ‘The Queen Is Dead’ (Deluxe) (Rhino)

Supersonic Blues Machine – ‘Californisoul’ (Provogue/Mascot)

Tegan and Sara – ‘The Con X: Covers’ (Warner Bros.)

Trivium – ‘The Sin and the Sentence’ (Roadrunner Records)

VUUR – ‘In This Moment We Are Free – Cities’ (Insideoutmusic)

Wild Beasts – ‘Punk Drunk and Trembling’ (Domino)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – ‘Fever To Tell’ (Deluxe Remastered) (UMC)

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Things We Love This Week


This time last week I was in Mexico City, readying myself for a weekend of music, tacos and beer. So, you can imagine how stoked I am to be here, talking to you people again. I jest, of course. Very excited about DimSŵn, actually.

Anyway, it’s Things We Love This Week time again and it’s been another good one. Have a look below at a few things that have tickled our collective fancy at HQ this week.

Chance The Rapper – No Better Blues

“I hate the optimistic smirks on the face of children.”

 Modern Life Is War UK Shows

 This is going to be so, so good. London and Manchester, take note.

Bully – Milkman

Choppy guitars, big hooks…what’s not to like? You can pick up the 7” from Chicken Ranch Records.

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