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Das Fluff - Happy People/Hey You! (Double A-Side Single Review)

Friday, 25 March 2011 Written by James Ball
Das Fluff - Happy People/Hey You! (Double A-Side Single Review)

Ooh. Now this is dirrrrty.

The first half of this debut offering from Shoreditch stalwarts Das Fluff is a scintillating slice of dance floor genius. Touching on a series of different genres from 80s synth-pop to trance (and even a slice of the Casualty theme tune even appears to get a slight look in) the melodies and beats mould and melt around each other with no part of what’s going on having to fight for supremacy.

The whole thing just works.Of course, you could quite easily get onto losing your mind to the beats on offer here, but the real eye-opener is front woman Dawn Lantern’s vision of a woman hurt. You can’t help but feel the “Happy People” are almost the antagonists of the piece as Lantern spends all three minutes chasing them, “needing” them. Woe betides them when they’re caught…

'Hey You' wasn’t, disappointingly, a post-punk reimagining of the Pink Floyd classic, however, unlike the dance-friendly beats of 'Happy People', this one gets right underneath your skin. Far, far underneath. The pulsing beats and guitar rip through you like Sub Zeros fatality as for nearly five minutes you’re wrung through the wringer. That’s just the music. It’s the lyrics that really get you. The anger spat out about being followed around on the internet, an interesting view on the uses some people have for a whole range of social media sites, almost sends shivers to places that feel outright uncomfortable. You feel accused and uneasy as she snarls atop the relentless melodies, stalking you through your screen.

Das Fluff are not a band to be taken lightly. Get on the wrong side and they’ll finish you with a crushing blow. But it’s this brand of emotion pouring from two very different tracks that makes them fascinating to listen to, leaving you wanting more punishment. Which is just as well as their album’s due in May. Glorious. 

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