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Wonderland - Wonderland (EP Review)

Sunday, 10 April 2011 Written by Sophie Monk
Wonderland - Wonderland (EP Review)

Well this is a strange review for me to be writing. I don't usually dedicate my time to listen to new, stereotypical girl bands who I just happened to hear on the radio late one night. But I decided I'd do something a bit different, and I'm actually very much glad that I did.

'Not a love song' is your typical, harmonious, cutesy love song about a complicated relationship, etc, etc. But what's different about this one from most other current girl band releases, such as The Saturdays 'Higher' or Parade's 'Louder', is that this one actually sounds genuinely well made and... not auto tuned! In this track you will find no annoying, screechy, electronic noises which accompany the so-obviously edited vocals, no embarrassingly awful lyrics, and what's more, the girls actually harmonize, which I would have thought was the whole point of a 'girl band.'

ImageBut enough with the comparing... these five Irish girls deserve all of the listens and mentions that they can get. I would gladly sit here and listen to their lovely 'Nothing Moves Me' all night. On first listen, yes, it might sound like a dreary, boring, break up song which you'd probably rather not hear on a cold, dark, British 'Spring' night, but you cannot deny that these girls have got amazing voices, and that they know how to make a good, raw, acoustic number.

The five Irish stars were introduced back in 2008 by Irish X Factor judge Louis Walsh and Westlife singer Kian Egan, when they held auditions for a new band which they would both co-manage. And from then on, the girls have been touring and promoting the songs from their EP, which was only released on the 4th March. These songs being; their first ever single 'Not a Love Song', 'Not a Love Song (acoustic)', a beautiful acoustic cover of Lady Antebellum's 'Need You Now' and the hauntingly honest 'Nothing Moves Me', which is also a beautiful acoustic track.

Although this EP is quite calm, slow, maybe even mellow... I'm expecting some more upbeat, lively tunes from these girls once their self titled debut album 'Wonderland' is released on the 6th June of this year.

I'm not a usual fan of these kind of stereotypical, skinny, gorgeous, some-what talented girl bands (because of the reasons I have just mentioned)... but I'm already a huge fan of 'Wonderland', so you know that they must be worth a listen!

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