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Sucioperro - Stereo, York - 26th October 2012 (Live Review)

Wednesday, 31 October 2012 Written by Ben Bland
Sucioperro - Stereo, York - 26th October 2012 (Live Review)

For some of the best British bands in recent memory, a lack of success has led to their demise, but not so for Sucioperro. Despite the success of their compatriots and friends in Biffy Clyro, this other Ayrshire alt-rock force has remained firmly below the mainstream radar. Last yearís 'The Heart String and How to Pull It' was an exercise in brilliantly simple, but effective, pop rock songwriting, and this year they have proved their diversity with the heavy stoner punk bombardment that is fourth album 'Fused'.

ImageYet, the 150 capacity Stereo is far from packed out for the band. York may have a music scene that is on life support at best (and Dry the River and Arcane Roots may be playing at Fibbers the same night) but the low turnout here is pretty inexcusable considering the quality on offer. Before the headliners, Leeds alt-metal quartet Hawk Eyes are on top form. Tracks from this yearís ďIdeasĒ are so toxic they should be turning Stereo into some kind of mad pit of frenzy...but this is York and the muted attendees mostly fail even to bang their head in appreciation. Frontman Paul Astick makes a commendable attempt to goad some into action by heading into the crowd for the last song, but the bandís surprisingly brutal excellence essentially continues to fall on deaf ears.

As such, the signs are not looking good for Sucioperro pulling off a victory when they arrive on stage. However, persistence is the route to success and, because of this, Sucioperro are a minor triumph this evening. Frontman J. P. ĎDragoní Reid may be losing his voice but the furious riffs of the new record are pretty much unstoppable and this five-piece incarnation of the band are set on battering as many brains as they can in the circumstances. Of particular note is a thrilling rendition of back catalogue cut 'Hate Filters', which hinted at many of the developments made on the most recent record, and is stretched into a mammoth prog metal behemoth tonight. What is most surprising about the lack of fame Sucioperro have accrued is how irresistible some of their best tracks are. Although tonight the band mostly steer towards heavier new material, the likes of 'Donít Change (What You Canít Understand)' and 'Grace and Out of Me' are such wonderfully accessible slices of alt-rock that they capture the hearts of a few new converts tonight. Frankly, isnít that what live shows are about? Their passion means that, no matter how little difference it may make in the grander scheme of things, Sucioperro are going to keep building their loyal fanbase.

So, even if there are not many people watching Sucioperro tonight, the extent to which they care about what they do means they give it their all despite the situation. When guitarist Stewart Chown thanks the audience towards the end of the set there is no bitterness in his voice, there is genuine gratitude. Against the odds this band are going to keep ploughing their furrow. If it eventually reaps rewards then such rewards will be long overdue but, more than ever, the feeling in the air is that whatever happens the band will stick at it, and for that we should all be grateful.

'Fused' is out now via Medals for Everyone, the bandís own record label. Visit www.sucioperro.com for more details.

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