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Stereoboard Talk To David Coverdale About Whitesnake's Forthcoming May UK Arena Tour (Interview)

Monday, 18 February 2013 Written by Jon Stickler
Stereoboard Talk To David Coverdale About Whitesnake's Forthcoming May UK Arena Tour (Interview)

Whitesnake and Journey, along with special guests Thunder, are set to appear onstage together for the first time ever in May, taking in nine dates across the UK. Stereoboard caught up with the charismatic Whitesnake frontman, David Coverdale, who teases “We all wanted the last tour to continue as we got closer to the end... After a year in the studio we're ready to rock on stage again... We’re coming back for more..."

'Forevermore' is packed full of Whitesnake's bluesy rocking sound, even more so than its predecessor 'Good to Be Bad'. Where is the influence and inspiration coming from these days?
Life...love...fun... all the necessary inspirations... and of course, blistering musicians who can play anything and everything with balls and passion and feeling.

You worked with guitarist Doug Aldrich again on the new record, what did Doug bring to the table in terms of writing and producing?
Doug is a perfect partner for me, multi-talented, musically gifted and technology aware. Mark my words, he’ll be a big shot producer one of these days. Oh, there’s a good title for song!

Not only do we get on wonderfully as friends, we create very naturally together, minimum effort. We are both fans of each other and insist on getting the best out of each other and the team around us, so, we take everything into consideration, from the drums up. All quite effortlessly.

It’s incredibly rewarding working with Doug in the writing department and in the studio.

In addition to the band's new line-up, what was different in recording this album to past Whitesnake albums?
As with ‘Good To Be Bad’, we took our time on ‘Forevermore’ in the writing and the recording. Resisting any outside pressure, time restrictions. If you want a new Whitesnake studio record, be prepared for us to take a year off from touring. It is necessary.

Really, it’s the only way I’m prepared to work nowadays. Artistically we pressure ourselves enough without outside influences interfering. I feel we also captured the band very well on that album. It’s a deliciously balanced Whitesnake record.

It really is a constant learning process and more and more rewarding every time.

Whitesnake obviously have a lot of material to choose from to play live. Which songs are you looking most forward to airing live on this new UK tour?
With Tommy Aldridge coming back into the band, I want to get the dust of some of the ‘Good To Be Bad’ songs, as they were originally arranged for him. All good chest beating, meat and potatoes stuff, I promise, with some sweet candlelight moments for the romantics in the crowd.

You've performed in countries all over the world, How do crowds differ around the world?
They all want to have a good time. There is so much pressure on people today, economic, emotional, that a good Snake show - if you aren’t getting any luck in the mutual physical exchange department, a Whitesnake show is the next best thing - is a great place to safely let off steam, release yourself, sing your hearts out and bang thy head ‘til the cows come home. In other words... have FUN!

Any touring experiences that really stick out?
Steady on... that could be taken the wrong way! Yes, band bellies if we’re not too careful. They do tend to feed us well out there.

What do you love the most about coming back home and touring in the UK?
Are you kidding? I can’t bloody wait, mate! I feel directly connected to my birth country, the energy, the history. I also feel immediately at home once I’ve cleared customs and immigration.

What can UK fans expect from this new Whitesnake tour?
Excuse me repeating myself. Are you kidding?? Journey, Whitesnake, Thunder? A cracking night out, I’d say. Songs for days? The Whitesnake Choir? Sore throats for all and sundry... Sing, you bastards!!

I’m guessing Whitesnake, Journey and Thunder can swap a lot of stories from the past. What are you looking forward to most about touring with those two bands?
We’re all mates, all professionals. Gonna be smooth as a bouncing babies bottom.

You've notched up a large amount of live dates over the years, how do you keep your voice in top form these days?
I try to be more and more respectful to staying in shape, physically and vocally. Unfortunately, that means backing off on one of my greatest pleasures, the drink! Rest and hydrate, baby. Rest and hydrate. I am sooo up for this tour I cannae tell you.

After decades touring the world, leaving an irrepressible impact on rock history, how come you're not resting up on your laurels?
Four decades, mate. 40 years this year since I joined the fab Deeps. Not that I ever set out to make ‘history’, I just wanted to write, sing and play my music. I thank God every day for the blessings in my life and I simply have no "rest on my laurels" energy about me.

I know who I am, what I’ve achieved and what I intend to do.

You've been touring 'Forevermore' for a while now, will there be further dates after this May UK tour or are you guys planning to have a bit of a break.
I must say, it feels appropriate to be touring still under the ‘Forevermore’ project, as all the ‘live’ material we have ready for you lot was from the the 2011 World Tour.

We also have so much studio stuff that needs attending too, so, we will be touring, recording and perhaps touring a little more. Not sure yet but our dance card for 2013 appears to be filling up nicely.

The release of 'Forevermore' was huge. Critics have hailed it as one of the best Whitesnake records in a while... is there enough in the Whitesnake tank to top that?
Sure. Always. As I said, there ain’t a case of us sitting back and taking it easy. If the creative juices are flowing, accept the gift and run with it. I like a good challenge too.

Doug and I were sharing a couple of new ideas recently and we are so fucking solid with song ideas it’s laughable, including a cracking Christmas song, yes, you heard that right. Next Chrimble, Boys and Girls!

That said, we are both leaning toward some different, interesting new approaches, still Snake but different. Fresh.

ImageWhat does the future hold for Whitesnake? Here's hoping another new record!
Very likely new material in the pipeline but we’re already promoting the new DVD/CD 'Made In Japan' and also juggling with mixing another new double ‘live’ CD for release later this year and of course, preparing for rehearsals.

We tend to do as much preparation work as we can before we get to rehearsals so that we know the songs inside out... then we have fun messing with them.

Doug and I will probably have a few days at my place before we start the rehearsals proper, to work on some alternative arrangements to some of our songs. A fresh coat of paint, as they say.

You know, there’s always something going on in the wonderful, wacky world of Whitesnake. Believe me... there’s no one sitting around waiting for grapes to be dropped in our mouths by accommodating hand maidens. No... wait... that’s exactly what we’re doing. RIGHT NOW!

Frontiers Records releases 'Whitesnake: Made In Japan' on deluxe 2CD/DVD, Blu-ray and DVD on Monday April 22nd. Don’t miss Journey and Whitesnake with very special guests Thunder on tour in the UK during May 2013.

Whitesnake UK & Ireland Tour Dates are as follows:

Thu May 16th 2013 - Odyssey Arena, Belfast
Sat May 18th 2013 - SECC, Glasgow
Mon May 20th 2013 - Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield
Wed May 22nd 2013 - Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle
Thu May 23rd 2013 - Arena, Manchester
Sat May 25th 2013 - Capital FM Arena, Nottingham
Sun May 26th 2013 - Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff
Tue May 28th 2013 - LG Arena, Birmingham
Wed May 29th 2013 - Wembley Arena, London

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