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Nicole Scherzinger - 'Don't Hold Your Breath' (Single Review)

Friday, 25 February 2011 Written by Kiran Johal
Nicole Scherzinger - 'Don't Hold Your Breath (Single Review)

With no sign of her album being released, Nicole Scherzinger has revealed her second single 'Donít Hold Your Breath.' It follows 'Poison' which managed to reach number three on the Official UK Singles Chart.

So far we have seen two very different versions of Nicole. Her portrayal in the first single was very confident and in control; in the second single she comes across as depressed and angry. Although this does build up some curiosity regarding her album, it also leaves you confused as to what her Ďstyleí actually is. There doesnít seem to be a set direction that Nicole is aiming for.

ImageNow you may find that the song sounds a little familiar. This is because it was released just over a year ago by Timbaland and Keri Hilson. When looking at Nicoleís version it is, in my opinion, better than 'Poison', however, the single will struggle with being compared to the original. Keri Hilsonís version is definitely more in the R & B genre whereas, Nicoleís has more of a pop feel.

Considering that the song, 'Donít Hold Your Breath', is quite melancholy it is surprisingly uptempo. Basically the lyrics have just been put over an electro-pop beat. This appears to be an attempt to ensure maximum radio airtime. The lyrics donít really fit this change and to be honest itís quite a disappointing track. I would have preferred to have seen more of the ďrealĒ Nicole with one of her own songs, rather than a cover of a fairly recent song.

This track belongs on the album in its own right but I donít think its at the right level to have been a second single. The video turned out really well. Itís just a shame that the actual song doesnít do it justice.

I canít see this song being number one in the charts but atleast we have something from Nicole while we settle in for the long wait to the release of her album. With all the postponements it seems a little ironic that the second single is called 'Donít Hold Your Breath.' I hope this isnít a warning regarding the album.

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