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Fight Like Apes - Jenny Kelly (Single Review)

Thursday, 31 March 2011 Written by Owen Sheppard
Fight Like Apes - Jenny Kelly (Single Review)

Since release of their debut album 'Fight like Apes and the Mystery of the Golden Medallion' a steady buzz has been growing around the alternative indie scene for this Irish quartet who this time have picked up a signing from Model Citizen Records. What's more, Its been almost a year of painstaking writing and recording with Gang of Four's Andy Gill and after all their toil the end product, their second full length release 'Body Of Christ and Legs Like Tina Turner' is only weeks away from its long awaited arrival on the 25th of April. Andy Gill himself has awarded them with praise as great as to name them "the best band I have worked with in years" and as if we weren't excited enough, the band have just dropped this absolute gem of a single 'Jenny Kelly' to stir up interest even more.

This new offering doesn't stray far from the band's familiar style or approach to song writing and fans of their debut album will find plenty to appreciate. Heavy use of droning synth riffs accompany a classic up beat indie punk drum beat that snaps and crackles with playful fills and the chorus is a classic verse to bridge pop explosion. Mary's vocal range is brought on show with the memorable lyrics "Goodbye Jenny Kelly, goodbye my friend" and is artfully entwined with the swirling electro melodies. Mary's voice seems refreshingly reminiscent of old school 70s esque singing styles, a voice that holds charm and a sense of age. It's an unlikely mix that manages to conjure a highly successful winning combination when placed with these layers of sharp synth melodies.

ImageThe lyrics themselves evoke the tale of Jenny Kelly, the character of a young girl who featured as a character from an obscure 90s Australian sci-fi movie 'The Girl from Tomorrow'. Exactly the kind of wackiness that Fight like Apes couldn't help but be inspired by for this promising single. Lets face it, the Aussies aren't renowned for their booming film industry, Steve Irwin remains their biggest television icon and it was apparently the quirkiness of the film's cliché low budget special effects that the band claim to have been interested in. Even if their opinion of it was that the effects made 'Blake's 7' look like 'The Fifth Element' it's a theme that they couldn't help but embrace and pay tribute to.

None the less it makes for a more than decent first offering for the promotion of a promising second album. 'The Body Of Christ and Legs Like Tina Turner' has already charted at number 1 on the iTunes charts, and number 3 in the Irish international charts as well as being short listed for the Irish equivalent of the Mercury Prize: the Choice Music Prize. All in all a proud moment for the band as well as producer Andy Gill and mixer Chris Potter (The Verve, I am Kloot) that is worthy of flying the flag of Ireland through the tides of the ever growing Indie scene.

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