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The Overtones - Gambling Man (Single Review)

Monday, 13 June 2011 Written by Chris Norman
The Overtones - Gambling Man (Single Review)

Gambling is a potent theme that developed through blues and folk music of the former half of the 20th century, a theme associated with the unwanted and ne’er do wells of society. And yet once confronted with The Overtones and their sugary continuation of this theme, these terms take on a whole new meaning.

The “vintage pop” outfit are billed as five painters and decorators picked up by big time record execs while on a tea break. Even if this is the case, the group still come across as formulaic. This formula produces what can best be described as Boyzone if they were styled and produced by Mark Ronson and his sickly faux-60’s horn laden gloop.

The single 'Gambling Man' is undoubtedly tight, and the lyrics are a simple but satisfying play on the theme of gambling and love. But it seems polished in the same way as the winning team of a musical edition of The Apprentice would be. Yet sharp, tight-fit tailoring, a variety of haircuts and plenty of finger clicking may well be enough to catch the public’s imagination these days. It’s a wonder they weren't actually discovered through Britain’s Got Talent.

While promoting the new single on This Morning (of all places) the Stephen Gately counterpart of The Overtones described their music as “toe taping happy fun” and it’s a fair description; this single is catchy, and Do-wop can never be described as anything but good honest fun. It’s just a shame the single wasn’t re-released in time for Mother’s Day.

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