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Darren Hayes - Talk Talk Talk (Single Review)

Thursday, 23 June 2011 Written by Victoria O'Hagan
Darren Hayes - Talk Talk Talk (Single Review)

What do Bob Hoskins, Darren Hayes and The Samaritans all have in common? Well, they all seem to have this crazy notion that talking to your loved ones is a good idea.

ImageConsidering Darren’s four year silence, this seems a bit rich, but he’s finally regained his power of the verbals with new single ‘Talk Talk Talk’ taken from upcoming album ‘Secret Codes and Battleships’.

Upon hearing the name ‘Darren Hayes’, my first instinct is to imagine an aesthetically flawless Ken Doll standing on a mountain or bathing in the sea – but ‘Talk Talk Talk’ is a buzzing poppy synthy dance track that has more in common with Madonna’s ‘Get Together’ than the ballads of Savage Garden or the eclectic mix of Darren’s solo output. Darren has commented that he feels a bit insecure about the new direction he’s currently taking his music, but the musical landscape has changed in the last four years and Darren seems to be making an attempt to move with the times. Perhaps this is why the single was co-written with Carl Falk, the co-producer of Nicole Sherzinger’s recent hit ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’.

‘Talk Talk Talk’ may not be an unforgettable song, but it’s likeable and memorable in its carefully constructed catchiness – it’s the type of song that you can second-guess and hum along to after one listen. Hayes claims that this song was inspired by the divorces, betrayals and affairs that have plagued his personal life but if this is the case then his vocal delivery should sound a little more like an emotional response. Instead, the synthetic quality of the track undermines the sincerity of his message, so fans who prefer Darren to be emotional and expressive might be advised to give this single a miss.

At times 'Talk Talk Talk' comes across as self-consciously modern, and Darren’s breathy, gentle vocals are lost on the chorus which could do with more passion than Darren is able to deliver , however, if the desired effect of this song is to encourage communication between people then I think Darren may have pulled it off. Dancing is a kind of communication after all, and dancing is what this song will make you do. It won’t touch your heart in any meaningful way, it won’t be used in any BT adverts, it won’t make you cry, however after a couple of vodka’s you’ll want to hit the dance floor and find someone willing!

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