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Cars 2 - Original Soundtrack (Album Review)

Wednesday, 06 July 2011 Written by Craig Willis
Cars 2 - Original Soundtrack (Album Review)

Often the best thing about a soundtrack is the variation it gives you. Different artists with different styles but all following a similar theme, that theme being the film. Of course there is such a thing as too much variation.

ImageLets get down to the content. 26 tracks in just over an hours worth of CD, with only the first five tracks being artist driven and the rest are all scores from the movie.

The opening track is 'You Might Think' by Weezer. A pop/rock tune that plods happily along but seems to lack any kind of va va voom. Disappointing as this is probably supposed to be the hook for the rest of the CD.

Next is the oddest collaboration since Susan Boyle and Peter Kay. Country Legend Brad Paisley and Take That star Robbie Williams have come together and recorded a song titled 'Collision of Worlds'. Unfortunately it's a collision that no one really needed to hear. It's pretty much a list of different English and American things, sung one after the other. The two vocal styles don't sound great together, in fact they seem to clash more than anything. One good thing about the song is that all the music and production comes from Paisley's side and Mr Williams' only contribution is the vocal, which someone like Gary Barlow would be better suited to. Brad Paisley also appears again later with a song on his own, 'Nobody's fool', which is much more reminiscent of the kind of music found on the first Cars soundtrack.

The CD also features Benabar with their track 'Mon Coeur fait vroum (My heart goes vroom)'. A traditional sounding French song which is actually one of the highlights of the whole soundtrack. The last of the artist tracks is 'Polyrhythm' by Perfume. A modern Japanese dance track that seemed totally out of place and actually had me asking that old man cliché – has the CD got stuck?!

The rest of the CD is all musical score from the movie. It's actually a really great score, a kind of country music meets the beach boys meets James Bond. Which, if you watch the movie, will all make sense.

The whole idea of the different kinds of music is to match the fact that in the film, race car Lighting McQueen is competing in the World Grand Prix. So obviously the soundtrack reflects the diverse sounds and music from the locations the film is set in. Sadly the downside of that is none of the songs really flow together well.

All in all the movie has a great score and probably would have been better without the first five songs thrown on top.

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