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Lucy Love - Thunder (Single Review)

Thursday, 18 August 2011 Written by Jonny Rimmer
Lucy Love - Thunder (Single Review)

The spicy electro-pop from songstress Lucy Love produces on ‘Thunder’ is hardly straight forward. There’s the occasional techno bursts and throbbing basslines, that sound contemporary enough in the British dubstep/grime climate. And there are soulful enough verses that are melodic and enjoyable, albeit they take long enough to present themselves (the full song is 6 minutes and 20 seconds).

However other elements are plain bizarre and just don’t work. The hip-hop vibe just comes across as unwelcome, no matter how ‘respected’ an MC she is in her adopted nation of Denmark. The almost dissonant introduction is also irritating and goes on far too long, and Love’s syllabic delivery of the opening sequence drags through painfully. Once the song gets past that, and the embarrassingly out-of-place rap section, the chorus is a little better, but it’s brushed past as if it’s just a necessary element.

ImageWhilst the main mix of ‘Thunder’ is painfully boring, some of the variations are better. There’s a well-done trance remix by Lydby, and a few passable house versions. Perhaps the saddest thing is that the most enticing thing on the whole disc is the Dubstep-by-numbers on the Dirtysnaps remix. Memo to the label by the way – seven remixes of the same song is a bit much when the song itself isn’t very good.

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