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Steel Panther - Balls Out (Album Review)

Tuesday, 01 November 2011 Written by Jon Stickler

Returning to slap the tits off all but Metal, Steel Panther are back with the release of their brand new studio album 'Balls Out'. Pushing boundaries and stretching spandex the band unleashed 'Balls Out' yesterday, 31st October, or Cocktober as the group prefer to call it.

For those unacquainted with Steel Panther, you should know that 'Balls Out' is not for the easily offended. Those who are familiar with the LA four-piece can probably guess that this album is rammed full of perverted, sexist, degrading but equally fantastic songs. The album is so over-the-top it champions Glam Rock in all it's sleazy glory. "Bitchin'" perhaps the best word to sum it up.

'Balls Out' follows on from where 2009's 'Feel The Steel' left off. With a track-listing that includes songs such as '17 Girls In A Row', 'It Wont Suck Itself' (featuring a surprising appearance from Nickelback's Chad Kroeger), 'Gold-Digging Whore' and 'I Like Drugs', the band are definitely not heading towards any Ivor Novello Awards here. It's also pretty clear to see the Sunset Strip rockers are still firmly rooted to being a parody band, however, this is certainly no excuse to dismiss the album.

Looking into the tornado of hairspray and high-kicks, Steel Panther epitomises the Glam Rock era and are a band that have improved on a technical level ten-fold. Riffing duties are once again expertly executed by the man they call Satchel while the rhythm section is as beautiful as bassist Lexxi Foxx's make-up. While the album is not as “special” as their 2009 second offering, I say special in the sense that nobody really knew what to expect with 'Feel The Steel', the musicianship, that stuff behind the torrent of “fucks”, “tits”, “pussys” and “hell yeahs”, is fantastic. As tight as the spandex they wear, high-tempo, driving and infectious.

Beyond the strange cyber-voice introduction setting the scene for first track 'Supersonic Sex Machine', that's right you heard me 'Supersonic Sex Machine', Satchel rips into a lick that sets the tone for the entire album. Throughout the album Steel Panther rarely lift off the gas until final song and album ballad 'Weenie Ride'.

Riddled with screaming vocals, power chords and thunderous drums. 'Balls Out' highlights have to include the Def Leppard homage of 'If You Really Really Love Me', the lead single from the album, as well as the Motley Crue-esque 'Tomorrow Night'. Saying that though, there isn’t a song on this album that doesn’t scream glorious 80's hair metal.

Fans of the aforementioned bands will be thrilled with 'Balls Out'. Don't expect intelligent lyrics and moody ballads, this is "balls out", sleazed-up, riff-infested LA Heavy Metal fused together with enough sexual innuendo to make Glenn Quagmire blush. The album cover has to be a future classic too right?

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