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Sennen - Lost Harmony (Album Review)

Tuesday, 08 May 2012 Written by Jonny Rimmer
Sennen - Lost Harmony (Album Review)

Considering their status as perennial outsiders, Sennen have been in the game for a while, pushing forth their trenchant brand of dreamy indie rock for a decade now. Based on their latest offering, I would imagine that any hopes of a breakthrough would only be clutched as firmly as straws. There is not a lot wrong with 'Lost Harmony' per se; rather, there is a not a lot full stop.

ImageThe production is undoubtedly superb. Every part is well accounted for in the mix as guitars chime over nicely settled grooves, and the melodic instrumentals are clear and crisp. The approach is unquestionably lovely, if perhaps more pedestrian than enchanting. Things could have worked out slightly better though. Opening track 'Colder' poses as a mood-setter with its self-reflective melancholia and seductive guitar lines. Laurence Holmes croons that having “been here for a little
while”, “he's a little older” and a “little colder”. Admittedly, my hopes were raised for a more pensive set of tracks that showcased the band's coming of age (or something of the sort).

There isn't any of that I'm afraid. 'Learn to Love the Dark' dismisses such conceptions with its laid-back vocal harmonies and easy-to-listen-to mirage. Sennen seem reasonably capable when it comes to exploring sonic depths, but by and large, these songs are forgettable. 'Not Coming Back', 'I Got Nothing', 'St Jude'; too much here just flies by. Whilst I don't doubt the band's authenticity, you just feel that with a few more occasional bouts of intensity, they would rival more crescendo-orientated shoegaze bands like Amusement Parks on Fire, and that's no bad thing necessarily.

'Vultures' sees the band come out of their shell, with a more direct rhythm pushing along proceedings. Generally speaking, however, Lost Harmony is seated firmly in its comfort zone – the vocals are quite pretty, and I certainly don't wish to turn it off while it is playing, but such a faceless plan of attack is bound to leave Sennen in the dark a while longer.

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