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Angus Stone Goes Solo For New Album

Thursday, 17 May 2012 Written by Helen Grant
Angus Stone Goes Solo For New Album

Just weeks after hinting that he is ready to hit the road with a backpack and a bunch of mates, Angus Stone has jumped ship personally and professionally, abandoning the brother-sister duo that has served him well for 7 years and absconding from the Byron Bay digs he shared with Transformers actress Isabel Lucas, a relationship that blossomed in 2010 when they travelled through Redwood National Park together.

After gushing haemorrhoidal sludge about Lucas for months, and crediting her as the inspiration behind his upcoming second solo album 'Broken Brights', scheduled for release July 13th, the singer-songwriter has reportedly moved to a nearby residence in the northern NSW beach town.

Short-sighted cynics might argue that the timing is carefully plotted, with the split coming a week after the release of the singer's second solo single 'Bird On The Buffalo', but Stone is living in a single zone at the moment.

If you think Angus with Julia is the most interesting folksy bro-sis collaboration in the biz, that might be because you haven't heard the swirling soundscape that is Angus without Julia. This new album, produced by himself, is a voyage of discovery, shining a light on cobwebbed corners of his beguilingly bewitching repertoire with milky touch.

Before you guffaw with cynicism, suspend your commentary to get an earful of title track 'Broken Brights'; a snapshot of youth described as "Fragile and beautiful" by Uncut magazine, and chill in the knowledge that little bro hasn't acquired complete independence just yet, at least not musically.

Speaking about recording without his older sister, a musical pairing that has sold close to a million records in Australia and the UK since their debut EP in 2005, the shaggy-haired boy from Sydney's northern beaches is vague but firm in his conviction that it is unlikely the sibling performers will go their separate ways permanently.

“Recording this album was a different experience for me, an opportunity to be a little more loose and have a bit more fun," Angus explains of 'Broken Brights', the follow up album to his debut solo effort 'Smoking Gun', "Recording with Julia is cool but this is my most personal work to date.”

Their careers may be taking them in different directions, but the Angus & Julia show is far from over, a little messed up possibly, but the fat lady is still singing. This is a story with several themes running through it, the primary one being growth. The characters will grow with the story, and our perceptions of them will grow as we learn more about them.

'Broken Brights' will be released on CD, deluxe CD and digital formats, each including exclusive tracks, as well as on vinyl.

Julia Stone's solo album 'By The Horns' will be released in the UK on May 28th.

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