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2013: The Year Of The Comeback? (Big Reunion, David Bowie, Destiny's Child, Fall Out Boy Feature)

Friday, 01 March 2013 Written by Heather McDaid
2013: The Year Of The Comeback? (Big Reunion, David Bowie, Destiny's Child, Fall Out Boy Feature)

Every year seems to have the potential of being the year of the comebacks, with icons deciding they've had enough time out of the limelight, to long-lost bands reforming in the hope of restarting their career - Hey, Steps. Perhaps one of these years will even be the one that the rumour of the Smiths reforming is actually true, but that - for now - remains unlikely.

ImageTake, for example, the Big Reunion Tour currently making its way around our shores. These bands are, admittedly, rather second rate. The likes of Atomic Kitten's Kerry Katona has been in the limelight for many a year since their split, but not for her music. Blue are one of the biggest names on the reunion bill, but even they seem to be a little bit of old news. The point being, even a list of bands such as the bill of this particular tour will have their fans, but more people seem to be going for nostalgia's sake, and the opportunity of seeing what they thought they'd never see again live.

2013 is a mere two months old, yet it already seems to be taking a serious stab at the title for the biggest and best returns, second rate girl/boy bands aside. While many years have been packed with reformations of our guilty pleasure groups, this year is packing big names, and their returns seem to drop from nowhere.

The prime example: Mr. David Bowie. You go to sleep one night, wake up the next morning and turn on the news and everyone's flapping because he's released a nostalgic new single out of nowhere. That, alone, was a surprise. But he'll have a new album out too? Okay, we'll graciously accept.

Next: Destiny's Child. Far from the chuckles of the likes of S Club giving things a second go, or the Spice Girls reuniting for the Olympic Opening ceremony, this return sees a true musical legend do something few thought would happen. Since the band's end back in 2006, Beyonce has gone on to become one of the most famed and acclaimed solo musicians in the world, so much so it seemed a bit of a crazy idea rejoin Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, both of whom had their own careers, but paled in comparison. Yet it happened for this year's Superbowl performance.

And still, 2013 is the year that keeps on giving. One of the most anticipated comebacks came with a countdown, yet no one really minded the minute wait, since it was years overdue. Remember the dark day when Justin Timberlake hung up his musical shoes and opted down the film route? Sure, he was successful and we all still loved him, but there was always that call for him to come back for more. Maybe buying over Myspace and revamping it for musicians got the beats pumping through his blood again; then again, maybe not.

He announced an announcement. It was - by all accounts - very exciting as announcements of nothing in particular go. But the announcement that he announced a countdown to... Well, March will see his third record 'The 20/20 Experience' drop before he embarks on a tour alongside Jay Z, with festival performances in the pipeline too.

And there, you think, is someone who know how to do a comeback. Much like Bowie, he sprung work out of nowhere - a grand unveiling of secret studio time that will be released imminently. Surely that's how all comebacks should be done?

Well, sort of. If all comebacks were along these lines, it would be great. But there remains one act who really blew all others out the water: Fall Out Boy. Love them or hate them (or currently wearing an 'I survived the hiatus' T-Shirt), this was a master class in how to brew excitement from your return. And we're talking genuine excitement - not anticipation and speculation; hard facts, this-is-what-is-happening, go-forth-and-be-psyched type excitement.

Despite their comeback being prematurely unveiled by Property Of Zack (though, with so many reunion rumours, there was many an e-debate over its facts), few could anticipate what lay within the announcement. First up: Yes, they were back together. Excited seal clapping was appropriate. Next: they had a new single and video to release - 'My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)'. Great. And, naturally, with a single comes an album it was lovingly plucked from - 'Save Rock and Roll' is due for release in May - even better!

Here in lies the quality precedent that Bowie set with his January announcement, but Fall Out Boy took it that notch further. Upon announcing their comeback, they confirmed on radio that they would be embarking on a minute club run, starting that night. (Cue fans in Chicago going mental to get to that venue first). More so, it wasn't exclusive to the US. London got a one-off date at the teeny-tiny Underworld in the midst of a rather lengthy club run that's taking them all over, with festival slots aplenty too.

And it's this instantaneous explosion of Fall Out Boy (main pic) that is the real success story of the 2013 comebacks, even so early on. Fans worldwide didn't have time to eagerly await their first shows back, because as soon as the announcement happened, the wait was essentially over. The band gave fans the opportunity to return to that age old excitement of new songs, new live videos - more so, they did it in the tiniest venues you're likely to see Fall Out Boy in for some years to come. And that opportunity came a handful of hours after they were technically still on hiatus.

2013 sees many artists 'return' to the fold, but most use the anticipation between announcement to actually releasing things to guarantee some hype. As proven by Fall Out Boy, there's plenty to be gained from just going balls to the wall with your announcements. It's only two months into 2013; perhaps the next ten will keep the comeback momentum going. What else could 2013 hold?

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