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Peace - In Love (Album Review)

Monday, 25 February 2013 Written by Emma Dodds
Peace - In Love (Album Review)

Birmingham has taken a real bashing recently, with various news outlets saying that itís not a great place, not the prettiest city, even bringing Jane Austen into it by using a quote she wrote in her book, ďEmmaĒ: ďThey came from Birmingham, which is not a place to promise much, you know, Mr Weston. One has no great hopes of Birmingham. I always say there is something direful in the sound." This quote has been used against the city since 1816 when then book was published.

ImageWell, this Brummy band are gonna bring the name up a bit, let me tell you.

Having listened through the album a few times, I would normally have got to the point where I would skip through a couple of tracks that are weaker than the rest, filler material. But to quote Sum 41, this album is ďAll Killer, No FillerĒ. Thereís maybe one that I would be a bit iffy about, but thatís it!

The album kicks off with 'Higher Than The Sun'. Itís got this really decisive guitar and drum intro. The cymbals make it sound a bit like waves crashing really softly in the background. The vocals remind me a bit of Luke Pritchard of The Kooks, really kind of colloquial, not trying to impress anyone but still really good. The chorus comes in like a really forceful sea wave, really hits you. Itís got a really catchy riff throughout; just generally a great first track. Thereís something a bit Oasis-y about them.

Next track is 'Follow Baby', the first song I ever heard by this band and the one that got me liking them in the first place. It was released at the beginning of last year, and itís now been re-vamped to be a single from the album. Thereís something a bit Nirvana about this song. Itís got a really dramatic bassline and really catchy drumwork. This song proves that they know exactly what their sound is and theyíre not scared to go for it. A lot of bands these days are buying into the currently successful commercial dubstep, so itís really quite refreshing to hear some proper music again. I am really reminded of Oasis in this album, and I love their music as I grew up on it, and Iíve missed the fact that bands donít really make this music anymore. Hopefully Peace will help to bring this back.

'Lovesick' is a bit more upbeat. I can imagine this will be a really great track live. Something Iíve noticed with this album, and with their music in general, is that thereís absolutely nothing sloppy about the songwriting, but somehow it doesnít sound forced, it just sounds completely natural. Naturally perfect. 'Float Forever' is next, and starts off with a ukulele sounding guitar (think of a typical Hawaii beach scene where someone is playing one in the background, and youíve got the type of sound that I mean). There are some great harmonies on this track. It reminds me a bit of U2 in their early days. Thereís a lot of feeling in this track, a lot of emotion coming through, and itís got a brilliant little outro.

'Wraith' has been chosen as the first single from the album, and thereís no question as to why. After the serenity of 'Float Forever', this song is once again a bit more upbeat, and you could definitely dance to it. Just in case, like me, you were wondering what a wraith is, itís a ďghost or ghostlike image of someoneĒ. Itís got an awesome riff and a great drum beat in the chorus, so itíd probably be great live as well. It feels really driven as well, like itís going somewhere. Harrison Koisserís vocals sound as though heís just throwing the notes around, but theyíre all perfect.

Peace released an EP last year named after one of the tracks Ė 'Delicious', the next song on this album (if you havenít already checked out the EP, I suggest you do so). Thereís a funny sound to begin with, kind of like a cow bell. Various different layers appear and it kind of sounds like an 80ís track. The vocals creep in, and then itís suddenly the chorus, which is a completely different sound whatsoever. Itís really clever, and really catchy. 'Waste Of Paint' has another great riff to it. Itís quite similar to the other songs but thereís nothing really distinctive about it. Itís still great though.

'Toxic' is the one that I was a bit iffy about. Itís still a good track, and it fits in with their sound, but again thereís just nothing really distinctive about it. 'Sugarstone' makes me think of the music that hippies were listening to, which makes sense as the bandís name is Peace and thatís kind of what they were all about. The last track is 'California Daze', and was also on the EP 'Deliciou'. Itís a great outro track with beautiful harmonies. Itís going to be a big summer track I reckon. All round, a great album. Koisser said this about it: ďIf watching thousands of romantic movies & singing billions of love songs throughout our lives hasnít left us thinking that getting really in love is something we want, need, hate or donít give a f*** about, then maybe ďIn LoveĒ is about to.

ďI guess as an album it feels like an antidote or something. Iím not sure what for but can you really be sure about anything? Itís 2013 and itís time to find outĒ

If you get the chance, I would definitely advise you to go see them live!

Peace release 'In Love' on Monday 25th March. They tour the UK in April.

Peace UK & Ireland Tour Dates are as follows:

Tue April 2nd 2013 - Club Academy, Manchester
Fri April 12th 2013 - Manchester Club Academy, Manchester
Tue April 16th 2013 - The Arches, Glasgow, Glasgow
Wed April 17th 2013 - Electric Circus, Edinburgh
Thu April 18th 2013 - 53 Degrees, Preston
Fri April 19th 2013 - Leadmill, Sheffield
Mon April 22nd 2013 - The Fleece, Bristol
Tue April 23rd 2013 - Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth
Wed April 24th 2013 - Concorde 2, Brighton
Thu April 25th 2013 - Sub89, Reading
Fri April 26th 2013 - O2 Academy Oxford, Oxford
Sat April 27th 2013 - O2 Academy Birmingham, Birmingham

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