M83 - Reunion (Single Review)

Friday, 15 June 2012 Written by Emma Dodds
M83 - Reunion (Single Review)

So M83 came to prominence last year when the song 'Midnight City' was used as the theme music for Made In Chelsea. That in itself is a good song; slightly odd, but without a doubt worth a listen.

M83 was formed by French musician Anthony Gonzalez. Taking the name from a spiral galaxy, Messier 83. This is actually very fitting, as a lot of (his? their? the? who knows!) music is a little bit spacey. It's incredibly reminiscent of 1980's pop actually, with the use of synths highly prominent, and sort of obvious motifs repeated throughout each song. However, it is brought back to the present with the use of guitars twanging, a popular trait for instrument-playing bands through this decade so far.

The album that this song is from is called 'Hurry Up, We're Dreaming'. It's quite bemusing in all honesty. There's about 20 tracks on there, and half of those are what one might call "album breaks", a breather if you will, a rest break, like how a comma is used to give you somewhere to breathe whilst you're reading aloud. Anyway, like I said it's quite bemusing, but very interesting. This song was definitely one of the stand out tracks from the album.

This song starts off with the aforementioned synth-y, guitar twangy type thing that sounds as though it is questioning something. (Yes, a chord can be questioning.) Most of the time it is the first and third chords of a progression that will have the most power and have the most effect, but in this song that has been turned on it's head and the second and fourth chords come to the forefront. These guitar-twang-type-things are then left to resonate, with a backing of syncopated, simple drum beats, giving the whole song a very open sound. Quite refreshing.

The main singer, I'm presuming, is Anthony Gonzalez, founding member of M83. He has a habit of kind of screeching the notes when he comes across a high interval. I know I've made that sound quite vile, but listen to the song and you'll understand what I'm talking about; it sounds really good. And he doesn't overdo it, which is always a plus. I do find it quite difficult to interpret what he's saying, although I guess he is singing in a foreign language, so he could be forgiven.

The chorus is introduced by a simple drum beat. The chorus itself just consists of some nice, simple drumming, twangy guitars and the singer just "oh-ohh"ing throughout, with a bit of words after that, but nothing else is needed. The next chorus is then very similar to the previous one, and the following chorus obviously exactly the same.

After this, we are treated to a verse or two of rather seductive talking by a female, Morgan Kibby, also a keyboardist in the band. It's very unusual, but it fits right in to this song, and a couple of others on the album.

The lyrics of this song are actually quite lovely as well, as the main vocalist sings to his love of how their being together was quite spontaneous, but how they're perfect for each other. The lyrics also convey a sense of passion and lust, "Flaming my every cell", in the third line of the song.

It's a song that, hopefully, most people will be able to relate to. All in all, a very nice and happy love song I think.

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