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Chris Carrabba And co. Step Down And Change Band Name Following Twin Falls Battle

Friday, 29 March 2013 Written by Elliott Batte
Chris Carrabba And co. Step Down And Change Band Name Following Twin Falls Battle

Dashboard Confessional star Chris Carrabba and his new band have decided to change their name, following on from the recent news that they’d become embroiled in a war of emails with Luke Stidson, who has been using their previous name Twin Falls for the past for five years.

ImageCarrabba had recently announced that he’d be starting a new side project, and he apparently had the moniker Twin Falls in mind for it - a name that Somerset lad Luke Stidson has been using for his electronic folk band since 2008.

Despite Stidson clearly having the stronger claim to the name, he began receiving messages from Rich Egan of Hard8 Management’ (who represent Carrabba), who told him that a lawyer would be in touch in regards to the legal ownership of the name.

After a series of messages between a lawyer and Egan himself, it was determined that neither party could trademark Twin Falls, as it was a locational name - but Stidson still believed that he would be taken to court, with the musician saying that the ‘person who has the most money and therefore the resource to fight their case to the bitter end, will win’.

Stidson then wrote about the ordeal on his blog - which you can check out here - accusing Carrabba of 'stealing' his 'identity', sparking what could have been an extremely bitter row between the two parties.

But, after the story surfaced and came to public attention, Chris Carrabba and his new band have now stepped down, and announced that they’ll be changing their name to Twin Forks - even starting a new Facebook page.

As well as announcing the change, the band even took time to tweet us after finding out about our coverage of the story. Check it out below.

Although it may have been a bit of a blow for Carrabba and co. when they found out their management’s actions had been publicised, it’s nice to see that they’ve valiantly stepped down and changed their name - it wouldn’t have been surprising to see a big name band use their money to blow away their competition. What do you think of the story? Let us know in the comment box below.

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