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SHY & DRS Feat. Nazareth - I've Got (Enough Love) (Single Review)

Monday, 10 June 2013 Written by Helen Marie Grant

Don't tell anyone, but I think we have a kick-ass tune for summer on our hands. In fact, it may be kick-ass classic. The third single from hip hop duo SHY & DRS features 1970s rock giants Nazareth, and it's a powerful 'rap ballad' that, to put it bluntly, is awesome.

Think dance floor ammunition, bathroom escapism or bedroom hedonism. Think two fingered salute to regret. 'I've Got (Enough Love)', is a catchy collaboration between two dedicated Scottish acts, at opposing ends of their careers.

Rappers SHY & DRS are an unlikely pairing with Nazareth, an act so popular in their prime with hits like Love Hurts and Hair of the Dog. But hell, it works. This is without doubt the rappers' best offering to date and possibly one to catapult Nazareth back into the charts after a long drought, prior to a forthcoming album release and tour of the US, Canada and Europe.

After four decades in the business, Dan McCafferty wastes no time in getting to work, striking immediately after the opening strings with a chorus that allows the rappers to shine. "It's been a long road travelled on, it's been a long road home," he roars. It is perhaps the most apt opening line in the band's history.

Then come brisk lyrics with a confidence that flows, documenting the pain and bittersweet joy of lost love, pride, regret and survival. The standout aspect of the track is the effortless balance between balladry, which is so addictive it should be illegal, and layered strings, thundering drums and heart-swelling observations: “When you left you stole that piece of me/I did everything not to let you win/From the word go we were up against the wind/I still remember the days it was you and me.” 

Banging feel-good club track, breakfast on the patio chill-tune or heartbreak tonic, take your pick. I've Got (Enough Love) is versatile and touches on themes like failure to deliver on promises, regret at not fighting hard enough, pride at how far you've come, and the power that love has to heal.

Drawing from a diverse pool of musical influences - from Wu-Tang Clan and Eminem to Kanye West, Tinie Tempah and Professor Green - SHY & DRS are on their way to nailing a style that distils rap's essence. They bring equal parts charm and vulnerability, nimble flow, vast, contemporary vocabulary and a dash of controversy, delivered with the precision of swordsmen. Being Scottish adds to the package because, well, let's face it, how many Scottish rappers have you heard of?

If you need proof of the twins' ability to branch in different lyrical directions, have a gander at debut album 'Before Too Long', a gutsy, heart-felt collection of 13 tracks featuring other unlikely collaborations that work. I've Got (Enough Love) shines like a diamond and is proof that there's a vulnerable heart among antagonistic ruminations about instant gratification, drink, sex, clubs and other geezers' birds.

For brothers who admit to constantly trying to outdo each other as wordsmiths, there is no evidence of this as performers. On stage, they rap in harmony, their roots evident in their easy-going manner and wit. If they continue to enrich fans by keeping it raw and real, and utilise that competitiveness for what it's worth, they have the potential to propel themselves to lofty heights.

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