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Gouge Away Offer Exciting Glimpse Of New Album 'Burnt Sugar' With Video For Only Friend

Wednesday, 01 August 2018 Written by Huw Baines

Photo: David Burns

This is what you call a murderers’ row: a young, exciting hardcore band with a couple of feral early releases in the bank, a production team with previous for twisting the genre into cool new shapes, and a label that has become a byword for quality.

Gouge Away will release ‘Burnt Sugar’ on September 28 through Deathwish and the LP will pick up the baton from last year’s Swallow b​/​w Sweat 7”, which pushed them towards more considered territory after the straight up assault of their debut ‘, Dies’.

‘Burnt Sugar’ was recorded with Touché Amoré frontman Jeremy Bolm, who served as producer, and Jack Shirley, who mixed and mastered the record after recently reuniting with long-time collaborators Deafheaven to help them along with their latest left turn on ‘Ordinary Corrupt Human Love’.

Bolm is a hardcore dictionary who has a couple of modern classics in his locker already with Touché Amoré, while selections from Shirley’s discography whet the appetite further for his work with Gouge Away: Punch’s incredible sign off ‘They Don't Have to Believe’, Loma Prieta’s ‘Self Portrait’, Frameworks’ ‘Loom’, and his own bands, Comadre and Everybody Row.

The first glimpse of the team in action is a new song called Only Friend, which has a grinding, gritty energy propelled by vocalist Christina Michelle’s paint-stripping yell. The guitars work as a sort of coagulant, holding everything together and even injecting a ringing sense of melody in the chorus. Check it out below.

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