LSD - LSD (Album Review)

Monday, 29 April 2019 Written by Milly McMahon

Ending up as a conflicted power struggle between vocalists Sia and Labrinth, and producer Diplo, LSD is one of the most unwieldy supergroup outings yet. Comprising wannabe anthemic pop songs that channel off-kilter sounds and melodies, their eponymous debut LP feels like a lazy attempt to cash in on each artist's following.

Removed from the apparent rigours of their independent work, this brash, disposable approach to making music together feels lazy. Genius, featuring Lil Wayne, is dull and patronising, capitalising on the relentless drone of unimaginative earworms. Similarly, Takes Time attempts to rouse us with a loud, garish choir of repetitive vocals.

The potential to create something intelligent and unique is squandered from minute one on ‘LSD’. Instead, what resonates most strongly is the sense of a lost opportunity to command the listener's attention with something authentic, challenging and audacious.

In its place we have delusions of grandeur and one dimensional production tricks rolled out together, dated and begging to be retired.

Angel In Your Eyes typifies the problems, stacking up as the weakest moment on the album thanks to its monotonous gaming beats and auto-tune washing out any depth to the music. ‘LSD’ is a painful and unnecessary aside from three brilliant artists who should know better.

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