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Dawn Kinnard - Wrong Side Of The Dream (Album Review)

Friday, 10 September 2010 Written by Adam Simpson
Dawn Kinnard - Wrong Side Of The Dream (Album Review)

Wrong Side Of The Dream, released on the 13th of September is singer/songwriter Dawn Kinnardís second album, following on from her debut. 2008ís, The Courtesy Fall.

Released on her new label, DK Records, in partnership with Damian Montagu, who produced the album, Wrong Side Of The Dream is a disappointing and depressing record which surely cannot receive the same critical acclaim that her debut received.

Sombre and ploddy throughout, the blues inspired, moody album is too depressing and too down beat to stimulate much emotion, instead the album falls into the background noise, neither drawing you in as a listener or turning you off either, itís just there and I think that is the problem.

Dawn has a very unique, smoky voice, the voice you would expect from a 60 year old land lady after too many Benson and Hedges. That does not make it a bad voice, but neither does it make Dawnís voice particularly great. Her lyrics are witty and in fact they are very clever, yet they deliver tales of sorrow and emotion without the feeling required to make them work.

ImageWrong Side Of The Dream, is a lazy album, not a good album, not a bad album, just a ploddy, half hearted collection of tracks that do not really do anything. It does not excite, it does not offend, it does not do anything really.

Comparing Dawn Kinnard to the many other female singer/songwriterís on the scene today and you have to say that Dawnís work is severely lacking. There is no doubt the girl can write a good song, no doubt either that she has a unique voice, but come on, letís have some effort please Dawn.

Wrong Side Of The Dream, has lots of potential, yet it does not deliver anywhere near the heights that it should. The execution is poor and the good factors on show are unfortunately not good enough to make up for this.

Stereoboard Rating 3/10.

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