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David Cassidy - HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London - 12th April 2011 (Live Review)

Thursday, 28 April 2011 Written by Margaret Morley
David Cassidy - HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London - 12th April 2011 (Live Review)

This concert followed an evening which gave fans the opportunity to meet David Cassidy for a birthday party celebration on the evening before his birthday. He was presented with a guitar shaped birthday cake, which was the actual size of a guitar.

The night of the concert was also an enchanting evening, with David clearly full of love for his devoted fans, their devotion was reciprocated. The American singer, who was born and brought up in New York, has been coming over to the UK every ten years and holds his concerts in Hammersmith, London.   The night opened with, the track introduction from, 'Heartbeat', followed by 'Come On Get Happy', a song which he sang in the 1970s series, 'The Partridge Family,' which he starred in.

 David sang songs, some of which were well known, from a repertoire of literally four hundred songs to choose from.  These included, 'I Woke Up In Love', 'Daydreamer', 'Ain’t No Sunshine', 'I Think I Love You' and 'Cherish'.  The heart-throb pin-up has sold five million copies world-wide of 'I Think I Love You' and has sold over 25 millions records in total. His well known songs also include, 'Rock Me Baby', 'Could It Be Forever', 'I Am A Clown' and 'How Can I Be Sure?' His dreamy presence and light airy voice continue to woo his fans.

A brilliant band supported him through these songs.  It was heard with sadness that David has had operations on both eyes two weeks before the concert, and has had six operations on his eyes in total. He is wished good health and a return to the UK is more than welcomed.   He dedicated the song, 'Cry' especially for his fans, who have supported him for forty years. This song is one which his father had brought to his attention. The concert programme for the evening, included the words and music of many of the songs that he sang.

Before the half time interval David’s twenty year old son, Beau Devin Cassidy, sang three songs with his Rock Pop band The Fates.  They performed, 'Jump!', 'Crazy' and 'Atmosphere'.  Their music has a great strong beat and rhythm.  Beau has rhythm that comes from within, he used the stage well, moving so as to be nearer some of the corners, where some of the audience were, and demonstrated a good rapport and understanding of them, which was evidenced in his talks with them.  His band have an EP coming out on Amazon and ITunes on June 1st 2011, entitled, 'Drama Dropout'. 

Beau told me after the show “We all write the songs together but I generally come up with the initial melodic ideas and lyrics and the rest of the band arranges the song….We met in Boston as college students and became best friends before we even started to play together. The guitar player and I have been best friends since we were 11 years old in Florida, way before any of us picked up the instrument.”  The band magnificently combined Rock and Pop.  

The birthday show programme had the audience rockin’ and swaying.  Some in the front row shook hands with David and many managed to get good quality photographs of him. David creates a unique link between the UK and America with his strong UK fan base.

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