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Stereoboard Talk About Touring, Inflatables And Honey Badgers With Pure Love (Interview)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013 Written by Alec Chillingworth
Stereoboard Talk About Touring, Inflatables And Honey Badgers With Pure Love (Interview)

So there I was, sat on the sofa at the Bodega Social Club in Nottingham. I felt somewhat out of place. Then again, I was the only person in the room wearing a Pikachu onesie. Next to me was my mate, suited and booted in a Stitch onesie. After telling us that we looked like Teletubbies, Frank Carter and Jim Carroll of Pure Love lead us downstairs to pick their brains. Obviously, things had to go awry at some point, and they did; there was a titanic technology failure that we only noticed after the interview. This resulted in us spending an hour and a half sat on the cold streets of Nottingham, frantically trying to transcribe this interview. Try to enjoy it.

ImageWhen people talk about Pure Love, thereís still a sort of stigma attached due to Frank being the ex-vocalist for Gallows. Do you think this stigmaís died down or faded away?

Frank: Well youíre still asking about it! (laughs) I think that, at the end of the day, itís a different band; thatís all I can say. I will always be the first singer from Gallows, and thatís gonna be with me for the rest of my life. Like I will always have red hair. Thatís just the way it is. But hopefully in the future, as well as that, I will be Frank from Pure Love, maybe to more people than I was Frank from Gallows. And thatís all that I can hope for, that this band goes better than anything Iíve done in the past. You always want your latest project to succeed. So hopefully that stigma will begin to change; I think itís already beginning to change now, they [the fans] kind of get what weíre trying to do, but a lot of itís up to the journalists too. When they stop talking about it, [Gallows], then thatíll enable us to just focus on Pure Love, and people can be introduced to us as just Pure Love. Obviously, our history counts towards what happens in our future. But the thing is, this year we have an album out, and hopefully people will judge us on that instead of what we did before. That was the problem and thatís why it took so long; we didnít have an album out. Obviously we had a few songs out, but thereís a certain depth to the music that you canít really get from two or three singles. So hopefully, with the album out this year, thatíll put everything to rest and we can just crack on with being Pure LoveÖ Frank Love and Jim Love. (laughs)

Does the audience demographic tend to differ from the ones you had for your previous bands?

Frank: I think itís completely different.
Jim: I mean, obviously we get fans from our previous bands that come and say how much theyíre enjoying this, but I think for the most part itís brand new fans. Which is great! Thatís what we wanted! If we have old fans come in and enjoy this then thatís great, and if not then thatís fine too. But we have tons of new people coming in, fresh blood. Itís been fun, in a way. Everyoneís been really energetic and excited about it, so we donít really have a reason to complain.

Is there any explanation behind encouraging the audience to bring along their inflatables to your shows?

Frank: Fun. Purely fun. Like, fuck it, you know? At the end of the day, rock and roll, to me, is when the people watching are as involved if not more involved than the band. Obviously, as a band, we get up there and play our songs with the maximum output we can give. But when youíve got a bunch of people there, theyíre amped up and ready to go, it gives them something to climb on... Something to cushion the blow when they fall off (laughs). Itís just purely fun. I mean, when have you been around inflatables and ever had a bad time? Weíve got the rock show, weíve got the inflatables; all we need now is a pool!
Jim: Well, weíve still got a few shows left... (laughs)

Whatís next for Pure Love? Have you got any plans for the remainder of the year?

Frank: Yeah, but I donít know how many weíre allowed to talk about... June and July will mostly just be European Festivals and stuff like that. Weíre playing the Pirate Satellite Festival in Germany this April, and thatís fucking great for us. So yeah, just that, and start writing a new album, I guess. Weíve already started writing, itís just a matter of getting into a rehearsal space for a month or so, just to hone it and, yíknow, get it down.

I went to Twitter and Facebook for some questions. Unfortunately, most of them just seemed to ask about food and animals.

Jim: Thatís fine. I love food.
Frank: And I love animals.

Charlotte asks: Will you marry me?

Frank: No. (Holds up his hand and flashes his wedding ring)
Jim: ErmÖ No.

Janie asks: Frank, whatís made you change so much? You look so happy now, instead of being so angry like you were in Gallows.

Frank: (Holds up his ring finger again) I got married. Not to Jim (laughs).
Jim: Although that is legal in my country, so we could do it if we wanted to...
Frank: We wrote a great rock record, and thatís enabled us to do what we want to do. I think weíre the puzzle pieces for what the other needed. Like, the way he [Jim] writes music just sets off loads of interesting ideas in my head, and it allows me to have that thought process without having to explore what I want to write for a song. And I think likewise, Jim gets to really focus on the music and just write great rock songs. So yeah, thatís great, I got married and that was fucking great, and lifeís great. Iím just walking around feeling like a boss. (Looks at Jim) Not the boss of him... Weíre both the boss.

You donít want to de-boss him...

Frank: No, Iíd never de-boss him!

Jack asks: Koalas or Pandas?

Frank: I held a Koala once and it shit on me...
Jim: I didnít, I went to the zoo and they were all asleep. Apparently they sleep all day, then just wake up and stay really mad for 3 hours.
Frank: Iíd say Pandas. I like that video of the Mother Panda sneezing, I like that. Theyíve never pooed on me. I think Jim just likes both.
Jim: Yeah, I like both. Hopefully they can both live together in peaceful harmony.

Bridget asks: What was your first musical memory?

Jim: Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel... just a shit-load of the oldies. Like The Beatles.
Frank: I remember getting ĎThrillerí by Michael Jackson on cassette, which was the first time that I thought ĎWow, I love musicí. That, and my Dad always used to play Madness around the house. So there I was, about 6 years old, skanking around the house. Without even knowing what skanking actually was (laughs). Obviously I donít skank anymore.

Michael asks: What do you think of the new Gallows music?

Frank: Iím not answering that. Put that in your article.

John asks: Pound for pound, is the Honey Badger the hardest animal on the planet?

Frank: Theyíre pretty tough. Have you seen that video? But pound for pound... Iíd say the Great White Shark; they can get up to some nasty shit.
Jim: Can a Honey Badger even swim?
Frank: Iím sure they can swim, but the Shark canít really get onto the land... I donít know, Iím not sure. Isnít there an Ant that can, pound for pound, fuck shit up thatís like 100 times its weight? Surely on just what it can lift, thatíd win...
Jim: But then again, what about the Cockroach? I mean, it can survive nuclear wars; you can chop off its head and it spends days just crawling about. I mean, sure, you can stamp on it. But itís still pretty impressive. So yeah, Iím going with the Cockroach.
Frank: Fuck your Honey Badger!

Pure Love released 'Anthems' on 4th February on Mercury Records. Pure Love continue their UK tour tonight in Southampton.

Pure Love UK & Ireland Tour Dates are as follows:

Tue February 19th 2013 - Joiners, Southampton
Wed February 20th 2013 - Le Pub, Newport
Thu February 21st 2013 - The Croft, Bristol
Fri February 22nd 2013 - Temple Rooms, Birmingham
Sat February 23rd 2013 - Esquires, Bedford

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