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The Body Rampant - Midnight Mayfair (Album Review)

Tuesday, 25 June 2013 Written by Yasmin La Ronde

After the success of their 'Transient Years’ EP in 2011, the Body Rampant have pulled another one out of the bag with ‘Midnight Mayfair’, a concept album focused death and the afterlife.

It isn’t just the theme flowing throughout the album that sets this band apart from everyone else, but also the horrifying masks that are a hallmark of their style. Who said alternative indie and masked goblins wouldn’t work? 

The Body Rampant are like the younger cousins of Slipknot, less aggressive and threatening but still holding onto those masks. These 10 tracks are bursting with passion and energy, harking back to an era when Fall Out Boy, Finch and the Used ruled the world.

Opener ‘Dirtnap’ erupts as death’s first embrace, explosive, unexpected and dark. It sets pace for the rest of the album, a journey into an unknown realm that explodes into light.

The addictive riffs throughout ‘Storm Bandage’ grab you instantly and they are chiefly what pulls the band out of the punk category and into the alternative indie scene. This is a band with a story to tell, but the message is mixed in with hell-raising lyrics and riffs. 'Midnight Mayfair' catapults from the speakers and demands to be kept on repeat.

It’s a fast-paced album that moves gallantly through the themes of darkness and death. ‘Underachiever’ packs lead singer J.M Lopez’s vocals and some mind-blowing riffs into such a tight combination that you can’t help but wonder why this band hasn’t been spotted before.

‘Midnight Mayfair’ is one of those albums that you’ll remember for a long time, and it is set to be the start of a successful career for the Los Angeles-based quintet. They’re doing something different, even if it is dressing up as haggard goblins to gain attention.

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