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Stereoboard Speak To The Bled About Their Recent Break-Up Announcement (Interview)

Thursday, 18 August 2011 Written by Kimberley Martinez-Meakins
The Bled Interview

Jeremy Talley is one of the original members from The Bled, after their break up late last week he has granted this first interview. He talks about what lead to their break up and his future. This is what he had to say.

In a recent interview, you stated that you were working on your new album. After 10 years together you have called it a day. It seems fairly sudden, what triggered it?

There wasn't really a single thing that triggered the break up. James took some time off from the band to perform a play which kind of had us stranded at home for a few months. We lost a little of our touring momentum and ever since then I started feeling like everyoneís overall drive to write another record and go back out on tour was slowly draining. I felt like it was time to move on and do something new with people who were maybe a little closer to being on the same page as to we wanted out of a band.

When you released your break-up statement all your fans got in touch with you via Facebook and Twitter wishing you the best, sending their love and telling you how gutted their were. You have such a hardcore fan base, how did this make you feel?

Our fans have always been very supportive to us. Some have gone so far as to get tattoos. It's a very rewarding feeling to know that something we dedicated our lives to for ten years has had an emotional connection with so many different people.

The Bled have been inspired by many bands however you have inspired so many bands and people. What do you think made you different from everyone else?

I'm not really sure other than I know we never really tried to keep up with any trends. We have plenty of influences and have been inspired by great bands and people but it was always about writing something that genuinely felt good to play in the practice space. One our greatest strengths as songwriters was being able to feel out what was and wasn't working. We only kept what we felt like we could generate an emotional experience with in a live atmosphere.

Have you got any regrets? Both personal and professional.

Everything we've been through has made us who we are and has brought us to this moment. And that's just life in general. I embrace the good and the bad times of this band and try to learn as I go.

What The Bled lyric would you get tattooed on you and why?

It's tough for me to dissect my lyrics and try to think of a sentence or a even a sentence fragment that means more to me than the rest of the song. If I had to get a Bled tattoo I would probably be something visual. Maybe the triangle Icon or the fish wearing the sharkfin from the cover of found in the flood.

What has been your highlight and proudest moment both in the band and out?

Denis Lyxzen from Refused telling me he liked my band was pretty surreal. They were always one of my favourite bands and that meant a lot. Playing in front of 13000 people in Manchester at give it a name fest was amazing. I have that show on DVD and it's overwhelming to watch. There have been a lot of proud moments in this band. A lot of great memories.

Can you envisage getting back together if the right time and right circumstances happened?

We didn't end the band on any negative terms with each other. I can't imagine us ever getting back together but maybe a reunion show for fun someday. Who knows? It would have to be right place and right time.

In your time together you must have done crazy stuff and got up to all kinds of trouble! Are there any stories you want to share with your fans?

ImageThe most intense story that always stands out to me is when our airplane almost exploded on a flight to New York. As we were taking off a tire blew out and pieces of it went into the engine which then caught on fire. The cabin filled with smoke and it was one of the few times I genuinely thought I was going to die. The pilot shut the engine down and we landed safely but it definitely shook us up a little bit.

All your albums are very different; you have grown, matured and evolved in ways when most bands seem to fail. Is there something specifically that's has inspired each of your albums?

We always try to build off the previous record and make sure we add a new dynamic. We knew we weren't a band like Radiohead who reinvents themselves with each release but we knew didn't want to recycle what we've already done. We wanted to keep the energy and aggression that The Bled us known off and add a few new layers of creativity with each release.

You have your farewell tour coming up in November. How are you feeling about it?

I'm very excited about the farewell tour. I expect the fans to really go off with us and try to create a memorable experience and it's gonna be a very fulfilling way to say goodbye.

Jeremy, you posted on the bands Facebook page last night (August 16th) that you wanted to start a new band. What has brought this on?

I still have a lit of passion and live for songwriting and performing. It's been all I've known for 17 years of my life and it's time for the next chapter in that. I still feel creative. And I feel like I have more music to put out.

What's next, have any of you made plans for after the tour?

I'm just trying to take it all one day at a time. Right now my focus is the tour and putting this new band together. Hoping for the best!

Many bands seem to be breaking up at the moment to take their side projects/new projects further. Why do you think this is?

I can't really speak for any of those people but hopefully it comes down to those people following their heart. I'm sure a lot of times it can come down to money or artistic conflict within in the band.

What are your overall thoughts of the music industry at the moment?

Overall it's pretty messed up as far as labels, especially major labels. It's a great time for artists to be doing as much as they can on their own. Saving money as a band is the key to longevity.

Any famous last words?

I just want to say thank you to everyone that supported or cared about The Bled in anyway. You guys kept us afloat for 10 amazing years and there's no way we can repay you for that.

The Bled will be releasing the dates for their upcoming tour due in November shortly. We look forward to hearing what is next for Jeremy and the rest of the band. With Jeremyís raw talent and beautiful song writing amazing things will come from him.

If you love The Bled, Alex Baker at Kerrang! Radio has a special show purely dedicated to them on Saturday night at 10pm (GMT).

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