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Stereoboard Talks About Heavy Metal, Horror Movies And Chuck Norris With Wednesday 13 (Interview)

Tuesday, 12 March 2013 Written by Alec Chillingworth
Stereoboard Talks About Heavy Metal, Horror Movies And Chuck Norris With Wednesday 13 (Interview)

It was cold, it was rainy, and it was just damn miserable. It was a Saturday evening in Nottingham, and whilst Wednesday 13ís devoted fans stood outside Rock City looking like a gaggle of lost, leathery sheep, I sat down with the man himself. In a suitably warm dressing room, I might add.

ImageYouíre back in the UK. Itís horrible, disgusting and filth-ridden; we canít seem to get rid of you! What makes you keep coming back?
Itís been my place where I pretty much started. I mean, I did start out here, as far as Murderdolls came out, which is pretty much when people heard who I was anyway. That all started in 2002, and the UK was a place that embraced the band most, and first. Ever since then, itís always been, like, the home away from home. Yíknow, the fans over here have always embraced what I do, and when I left Murderdolls and did my solo stuff, I still had a ton of fans over here. Iíve been very fortunate to have the UK, and I love it here. Itís awesome; I think Iíve been here more than Iíve been home lately, and I love it. What can I say? Iím loviní it. McDonaldís.

Because you love us so much, would there be any possibility of a UK festival appearance in the pipeline this year?
Yíknow, the festival thing I would love to do. Iíd love to be on all the festivals, but financially, for what we get offered to do it, itís kind of impossible to do. Iím not on a label this time round, and the last time I was on Roadrunner, and they definitely helped out with all that. And thereís just so many bands and youíre always trying to fight for the top slot; unless youíre one of the top three headliners then you just have to fall in line with it, and unfortunately we couldnít make it work financially. But, yíknow, itíll happen eventually. I was hoping this year, butÖ Weíll get Ďem next year, kids!

Your new album, ĎThe Dixie Deadí, has been hailed as your best since ĎTransylvania 90210í. It seems a lot heavier than most of your other work; what inspired this heavier approach?
Oh yeah, I mean what I listen to now compared to what I listened to when I did the ĎTransylvaniaí record has changed completely. I listen to so much stuff now; I was so closed-minded before, and I only used to really listen to glam and punk rock. And I would judge bands! Yíknow, if I saw a bunch of guys with beards, Iíd be like ďPffft, I ainít listening to those guys. They donít look cool.Ē But itís weird, now I listen to more bearded bands than un-bearded bands. But yíknow, itís just the way I was. It was the same with the bearded guys; they looked at the glam rock guys and were like ďHey, they suck!Ē But now, I listen to Slayer as much as I listen to, yíknow, Ziggy Stardust or something. But for this record I listened to a lot of heavier stuff, and I just always go back to writing heavier riffs; it just seems like a more natural thing for me. Thatís the sort of stuff Iíve been listening to lately, so the next record is probably going to take a further step into that realm as well.

Do you have a favourite song off the new album, and if so, why?
We were talking about this last night, and I donít think I have a favourite! Yíknow, this was one of those records when everyone was saying ďWhat are you gonna play? Whatís gonna be the single?Ē and I was just like, ďUmÖ I donít really care. I kinda like all the songs.Ē But. Yíknow, I guess that ĎHail Mingí is one of my favourites and is fun to play live. But all the ones weíre playing live tonight... I dunno, I canít pick one.

Youíve basically ruled out possibilities of a new Murderdolls album. Could we possibly hope for a one-off reunion show at some point in the future?
You can hope! (laughs) I mean, it was unfortunate... That band is the reason why I have a career, and Iíll never take that away from them. It was awesome with all the times we had with it, but itís just every time we did it... Yíknow, with the first record, we had this momentum going and then it just had to come to a stop because Slipknot had to get going again. And the same thing happened with the last one; we made this great record and were doing all these cool tours, and then the Slipknot thing came up again. So yíknow, I was just constantly working so hard and then getting knocked back down again. So for me, Iím getting older now and want to focus on my Wednesday 13 stuff, but again, I donít know. I donít want to build peopleís hopes up and say that itís gonna happen, but I donít see it happening any time soon. People are just gonna have to live with what we did, and I feel that we went out on a high note. It was fun and I wouldnít change anything, but I donít think itíll be coming back from the grave.

Youíre a notoriously busy artist; youíre always doing something. Recently you mentioned ideas about a film. Would you be able to tell us anything about that?
Well, itís all just an idea now. Early, early stages. I kinda had the idea for a movie and Iím gonna start on it soon and hopefully be done by the end of the year. Itís based on the song ĎThe Dixie Deadí, and if you wanna know what itís gonna be about, you can pretty much read the lyrics to that and get an idea. Itís gonna be like a Southern-fried hillbilly zombie movie, and Iím gonna get back to North Carolina and film it. But weíll see; Iíve never made a movie before. It could be awesome or it could really suckÖ but in a good way. I dunno. Weíll find out! As far as I know itíll be a direct to DVD thing, unless amazingly I pull off some masterpiece and people wanna see it in theatres, but who knows. I never made a movie before, but I never made a record before either, and people got behind that. But, yíknow, as Lemmy says, ĎRun up the flagpole and see who salutes it.í

Youíre quite a niche musician.
What word is that? Niche? Five dollar words, be careful! (Laughs)

Okay... Youíre an acquired taste. How do you find ways to keep reeling in new fans?
Yeah, it happens! The older fans who Iíve seen for ten years are kinda going back towards the bar now and the new, young fans are always up the front. I donít know, I think itís because Iíve never followed a blueprint. Itís like with the new record; you can see how it goes from hard rock songs to metal songs, and then at the end of the record itís almost kinda punk. There are no rules with it, and I think thatís what keeps people coming in, because it is such a mix of styles. I think thatís what keeps it fresh for people; Iím not beating the same dead horse. Well, I do a little bit, but that what keeps it Wednesday. Like, no matter how much I change the music, even if itís super heavy then still have the lyrics to tie it in. Thatís what I think it is. Thatís my guess on it. Thatís my scientific guess.

In the UK, our tabloids and TVs have been bombarded with an annoying American couple. Do you have any idea who Heidi and Spencer actually are?
Uhhhhhh. Refresh my memory. It sounds sorta familiar.

Theyíre from a TV show. I think itís called ĎThe Hillsí?
I donít think I know who they are... Whatís so bad about them?

Theyíre just a bit manipulative and they seem kinda sleazy.
And theyíre in your press? (Puts on gruff, deep voice) YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THEYíRE TAKINí UP YOUR PRESS? (Laughs) I donít know about them, I would love to comment but I just donít know who they are.

Well they went on Celebrity Big Brother and said that every American knows who they are... They lied to us!
Well... If I donít know who they are then they ainít shit. You can print that! (Laughs) I know everything... Iím a know it all! (Laughs) Check out the naaaaametag.

My Dad thinks that the Honey Badger is the hardest animal on the planet. Can you think of another animal, pound for pound, that could beat it in a fight?
Another animal? Chuck Norris... Chuck Norris could kick its ass. Actually, probably not. Someone asked Chuck Norris if he would fight a bear once and he said ďHell noĒ. And thatís true. You can look that up. Even on Pay-per-view, million-dollar price tag. He was just like ďnopeĒ... Howard Stern offered it to him. True story. But anyway, I donít know any animal that could beat a Honey Badger other than maybe a Crocodile? That could give it a run for its money. They do the death roll. The death rollís exactly what it sounds like. (Laughs) So thatís my guess. Crocodile, Alligator. Whatever.

Do you have any final words for your fans in Nottingham?
Just thank you. Thank you for the years of support, and Iím sorry that I canít control the weather. But I promise that when they get in, itíll be nice and warm, and Iíll rock their socks off. Wooh!

Check out Stereoboard's recent review of 'The Dixie Dead' here and a live review of Wednesday's Nottingham show here. The UK tour continues tonight in Wolverhampton.

Wednesday 13 UK & Ireland Tour Dates are as follows:

Tue March 12th 2013 - Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton
Wed March 13th 2013 - O2 Academy Islington, London

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