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Hudson Mohawke - Lantern (Album Review)

Thursday, 18 June 2015 Written by Huw Baines

Hudson Mohawke is in a strange, if exciting, place. On one hand he’s a producer to the stars, trap provocateur and co-conspirator of Kanye West, on the other he’s a whip-smart artist in his own right and remains signed to that bastion of electronic taste, Warp. ‘Lantern’ is his second record under his own steam and displays his aptitude for pop experiments as much as his willingness to play with form and expectation.

At its most playful - Very First Breath or Ryderz - you can see precisely why this Scottish producer has become collaborator of choice for so many. They appear instantly gratifying, but retain a further edge of intrigue. The latter, as it moulds, tears apart and remakes its sample over restless beats, is particularly adept at it.

After the expansive, sweeping Kettles, Scud Books pulls off much the same trick while also catering a little more closely to the esoteric end of the spectrum. The trick, though, is the poise with which the shifts are orchestrated. This isn’t a record designed to show off some expensive wares, rather a whole stitched almost seamlessly from disparate beginnings.

Seldom does ‘Lantern’ miss a beat and even then - on the slightly directionless Indian Steps, for example - the result is far from disastrous as the idea of ‘the album’ is at the forefront of the conversation. Even as Miguel and Jhené Aiko​ pop up midway through the running order - for Deepspace and Resistance - the glare from their stars doesn’t overpower the compositions.

The reverse of that is that ‘Lantern’ is pretty low-key for much of its running time. It’s an album to live with, rather than one to take you by the scruff of the neck. That might prove irksome to those after a short, sharp shock, but Hudson Mohawke quite simply isn’t in that frame of mind.

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